High Quality Reinforced Fiber Cement Board

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High Quality Reinforced Fiber Cement Board

What is fiber cement board?


Fiber cement board is non-asbestos fiber cement product opposed of Portland cement, cellulose fiber and refined sand. Using a special

manufacturing process called autoclave; fiber cement board acquires the strength, durability of cement and easy workability of wood as well as dimensional stability. A non-combustible multi-purpose application fiber cement flat board, fiber cement board comes with various thicknesses which are suitable for various applications: ceiling, wall and floor. It can be used for both exterior and interior applications. Fiber cement board can perfectly be calibrated and then laminated or coated with other materials, such as wood veneer, painting, and steel cover.



Where can be Fiber Cement Board used for?


Fiber Cement Board is the perfect Choice for building board application such as wall cladding, wall partition and decorative wall. The types of buildings that are suitable for fiber cement board applications are residential, commercial and industrial buildings as well as schools and hospitals, especially where speedy construction, cleanliness and hygiene is of high importance.



High Quality Reinforced Fiber Cement Board

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Q:How to attach a ledger board to a cement block wall?
Your ceiling may very well be no more than the bottom forms for the slab, but you really need to make sure. Attempting to seal the concrete slab from the underside isn't advisable. Concrete draws moisture, so you will always have a seepage problem after you're finished. I'd suggest sealing the slab on the surface and make sure it quit weeping before proceeding with the remainder of your project. Not all concrete blocks are filled. To secure your ledger board I'd suggest using a lag bolt with a lead spread type toggle. Drill into the block and insert to lead, which will hold the lag bolt. Hope this has been some help. Good Luck
Q:Can I cut a relief in Hardibacker cement board?
You can use a rasp or a router with a carbide cutter. best done outside while waring a dust mask.
Q:When building a tile shower. On walls, can I use poly behind cement board and redguard on top?? Too Much??
Tile council of America calls for a vapor barrier behind the cement board ..The red guard your talking about should and must be used on any horizontal surface in a wet area.. There are other agents like red guard but I v used it many times and had great luck w/ it..Making sure the proper pitch is used for the horizontal surface GL
Q:Loft mezzanine floor with good or good cast steel
Good steel structure, the main advantages of steel fire, moisture, water, pest control, anti-ants, sound insulation effect, life expectancy of up to 60 years. Easy to cut, easy construction, load per square meter up to 3 tons, in the emerging LOFT structure is widely used
Q:I'm installing a new bathtub, can I attach the tub to the cement board?
Not directly. Use silicone to seal the bath flanges to the cement board
Q:Do I need cement backer board?
if its backer board, u can cut it with a razor knife, if its Dur-rock( cement board) wet the area of the board first after marking the line with a pencil, and then cut , will cut down on the dust. hint: get a box or floor fan and point it so as to blow the dust away from u! lic. gen. contractor
Q:Gypsum board and cement board decoration room difference
This is a big difference to go, gypsum board is generally used in housing partition decoration, our housing is usually not used to cut off the gypsum board, because the space hole, and not strong, the general office decoration, large room separated into a small room Gypsum board, low cost, fast efficiency; cement board is relatively heavy, moving inconvenient, high cost, home decoration and more use, their place to live more concerned about the quality of good or bad, each has its advantages, focusing on practical use and demand
Q:Are moisture and mold resistance boards used in bathrooms really made of cement M2Tech and Diamond board?
Hydrophobic property make it moisture free.
Q:Cement Board and Green Board?
challenging problem. look at google or bing. this may help!
Q:Cement fiber pressure plate, fiber cement pressure plate (FC board), cement asbestos board, mineral wool decorative plate. Are these all the same? Where are they used?
(Fiber cement pressure board, fiber reinforced cement board, fiber cement board) is a high-quality wood pulp and cement as raw material, by the pulp, forming, cutting, pressing, steaming made of a new building materials, with light, High strength, fireproof, waterproof, anti-corrosion, large format, good processing, etc., are widely used in buildings: inside and outside the wall, ceiling, curtain wall lining, steel floor, decorative wall panels, clear cement decoration and other parts The

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