Reinforced Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

1. Excellent fire-proof performance
2. Excellent damp-proof performance .
3. Durability and long service life
4. CE

With quartz sand ,cement reinforce fiber as main raw mateirals ,cement board is a light board material made throught high temperature and high pressure maintenance , and special treatment .


Major Usage : Internal and external wall materials


Product Advantages:

1. Excellent fire-proof performance

2. Excellent damp-proof performance .

3. Durability and long service life

4. High strength

5. Good heat and sound insulation


Main Product Features:

1. 1220*2440*4-20mm

2. 1200*2400*4-20mm

3. 1220*3050*5-18mm

4. 1220*3660*5-18mm

Other sizes are selectable

Product Specifications:

Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board




Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board

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Q:Is the cement board poisonous?
The general use of cement made of cement concrete slab is not toxic.
Q:Do you have to use backerboard if mortaring thin stone to cement?
No backer needed. I've seen professionals rock right over brick and concrete.
Q:How do you repair cement board aka wonderboard?
Just like with drywall. And since you've already done that, you're in familiar territory. It's only the materials that are a little strange. You could do a little research on patching holes that size in drywall, just substitute wonderboard everywhere it says drywall and be well served. You can cut some patches out of scrap wonderboard to fill the holes you've made, and pin them in place by inserting screws in the gap between original and patch. If you want a little more security, add some lumber in the space of the wall to bridge the gap and attach your patch to the lumber. Then just butter the gap with mortar or grout mix. Sand with a concrete stone, job's done. Let the tiling begin. Good luck with it.
Q:I need to fix a loom board cause one of the pegs broke we don't have superglue but we have vinyl cement can I use that?
No, vinyl cement isn't really a glue. It works by partially dissolving the vinyl. I'm not sure what a loom board is but if it's wood, ordinary white glue will work. If there's not too much stress on the peg, you might be able to do a temporary fix with a paste made of flour and water.
Q:How to brush latex paint on the cement board
Conservation: latex paint brush finished after 4 hours will be dry, but the dry film has not reached a certain hardness, which will care, it is simple, 7-10 days do not have to scrub or any contact with the wall Move can be.
Q:Installing cement board on kitchen walls for tiles, do I just screw it into studs...?
attach with screws or nails.
Q:FC sound-absorbing board is what material
According to the different sandwich layer, can be divided into lightweight concrete, polystyrene foam and honeycomb sandwich and other composite wall panels.
Q:i can land a kickflip in the grass 40% of the time and now i really cant land it on the cement?
Well try practicing on the cement only from now on so you can get used to the motion of the cement. Also just commit. A lot of it is ether fear or just loss of commitment. Grass has no motion in it so you have to get used to the rolling motion of the cement for a while and then keep trying the kickflip but dont do it in grass it will just ruin your ability to do it on the cement. You can do it in the grass again after you land it once on the cement because the grass just really ruins your skills at landing it because you have to be able to land with motion and movement. Not just landing and sticking there.
Q:What is the best thing to do with the top floor of the house?
When dealing with nodes that have been repeatedly leaked for years, you need to be deeper and wider. Fill more dense to be more times, you can ensure that after treatment no longer cracked again. Extra large gushing water plugging. You can apply for plugging partner at the same time, you can adjust to 2-5 seconds quick condensate plugging.
Q:What materials could be used for the base of a platform bed? Already considering cement/cinder blocks & milk crates....?
You can buy a bed frame new for about $50. You can go to the second hand store and get one for about $10.

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