High Density Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Description


   Standard Data of the Middle Density Firber Cement Board
Standard Size1220X2440mm/1200X2400mmMax Width1250mmMax Length4880mm
Wet Expansion Rate≤0.23% Water Penetration≤25%
Forst Resistance No Layer & no cracks after 25 cycles under freezing and thawing
Incombustibility Incombustible Class A1 Radioactivity Decorative materials Class A
Flexural Strength Air dried Condition ≥18 Water Penetration Back side without water drop after 24 hours
Saturated Condition≥14


        (1)Cavity Wall for Interior Partition

           1.Wet area( restroom,kitchen and basement etc.)

               2.High sound insulation requirements area ( pc room,meeting room and hotel etc.)

          (2) Light Concrete Grouting Wall

          (3) Other Applications

               1. Ceiling board

               2. Perforated board

               3. Aluminum lining boards and insulation barriers for high-speed train

               4. Column Coverage

Production Scale and Equipment

       We introduced international advanced equipment and technologies. From raw materials preparation to board forming stacking and compressing, autoclaving and destacking are all controlled by strict and efficient production craft. The whole process is full automatic, high efficient and quality stable.

Product parameters




Medium density

High density





Water absorption





GB 8624-2006, grade A

wet expansion



Beding strength



Strength grade class III


Strength grade class IV


Saturation with water



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Q:Do I need cement backer board?
Cement board is only 1/2 thick, concrete would be at least 2 ( probably 6 thick) you will know the difference by taping it with a hammer. You can remove the existing tiles and install new tiles onto the existing concrete. If any concrete is broken or damage, you will have to patch the broken concrete, let dry, and install tiles 24 hours later. Wait 24 hours before you grout.
Q:Cement fiberboard dry hanging practice?
Receipt to set up a person responsible for management, to carefully check the specifications of the material, the model is true, and the material is consistent. Found fiber cement pressure plate size, color is inconsistent, to a separate code in order to return to the manufacturers, if cracks, missing edges and corners, to repair and then use, not serious use. But also pay attention to the fiber cement pressure plate stacking site to be flat, pad 10cm × 10cm through the long side of the wood, let it more than 8cm above the ground, the best wood on the top of the rubber bar, so that fiber cement pressure plate by 75 ° vertical Rely on the special steel frame, each fiber cement pressure board between the use of plastic film separated from the tight code to prevent sticky together and tilt.
Q:do you have to tape cement board before tiling?
you dont have to but the idea is to fill and fiberglass tape the seams keeping them ridged so that in years to come the grout doesnt crack out. Yet thats something rather new, you should be fine just filling any of the voids with mastic adhesive as you lay them. A portland cement mix works well on durarock, and the new backer board, though drywall quickset works just as well.
Q:i try to use white cement to cover the crack on my ceiling due to change my spotlight.?
Use spackling putty from the hardware store.
Q:Home studio decoration, do noise wall, is the effect of good gypsum board or cement fiber pressure plate effect is good
Sound insulation generally follow the law of quality that the greater the density of the better sound insulation. 12mm paper gypsum board surface density of about 8.8kg / ㎡, the average volume of 25dB; 9mm fiber cement pressure plate (FC board) surface density of about 6kg / ㎡, the average volume of 30dB; In summary, the cement pressure Board sound insulation effect is higher than the paper gypsum board.
Q:is taping cement board necessary?
its a waste of time to tape the joints. once the substrate is combed with cement its bonded together taped or not.
Q:Drywall and Cement board quantities question?
there is info on how to measure and get the right amount.
Q:Miyan cement board and wood fiber cement board with the advantages of ordinary cement board
VIVA wood cement board, FOREX US rock cement board is produced by Thailand to import a new type of decorative building materials wood wood cement board, the United States rock cement board is made by Portland cement and mineralized plant fiber, plant fiber High pressure and made of high density cement pressure plate. Wooden cement board, the United States rock cement board on the market are the existing plate are all in one: wood cement board, the United States rock cement board with multi-purpose, can be used in the building inside and outside the wall, floor, ceiling, wet light Partition walls, doors, furniture, have a good aesthetic effect,
Q:where can i buy national gypsum perma base cement board?
Lowe's and/or Home Depot Check with both.
Q:Can cement fiber board be attached to fire board?
Can be posted, with a non-stick adhesive paste, no problem. But the cement fiberboard originally belong to a1 grade fireproof material. Can not be posted in the

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