Medium Density High Quality Fiber Cement Board

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Sanle fiber cement board is made of high-grade cement and modified material, reinforced by natural fiber. Being processed by high pressure and high temperature advanced technologies, Sanle fiber cement board is a new building material with excellent performances.


Fire Proof & Insulation
Class A non-inflammability, no toxic gas, low in perveance, good electric insulation material

Waterproof and Moisture Proof
In semi-outdoor area and under high temperature condition, performance of Sanle boards is stable and will not bend or deform.

Thermal Insulation and Sound Insulation
Low thermal conductivity, good heat insulation, high in density, sound proof

Light weight & High strength
Pressured by 5000-ton hydraulic machine, it is high in strength and light in weight. It is not easy to deform and bend, and good for flooring and roofing.

Easy installation
The installation of boards is dry operation, which is faster. It can be processed with ordinary wood working tool. The board is easy to be processed.

Economical and Good looking
The boards are light in weight. Together with the use of keels, they can save cost of construction and decoration. The painting is uniform, and the surface is smooth, making the exterior of buildings good-looking and attractive.

Safe and Harmless
Test result of Sanle boards is better than national radiation protection standards of building materials. The radiation from Sanle boards is equal to that from the lawn 20 meters away from the building. The lifespan of Sanle boards is very long, and they are resistant to acid and alkali, moisture and insects. The toughness and strength remains the same when time passes by. So they can be used for a long time.

Easy to install and easy to replace
Sanle boards can be drilled, cut, engraved, nailed, painted and covered by tiles or sticker when necessary..

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Q:how to make cement backer board for bathroom wall tiling?
if you really really want to make ik yourself you need a mould with a release agent to prevent it from sticking to the mould,fibreglass mats and a mixture of cement with lots of styropor in it.Next you probably have to experiment how to put the layers together and what would be the best mixture for the cement.I would start with a square foot mould to practise with.BTW there is a fast drying levelling compound that you can mix with lots of water that you can pour into a mould which would be a good place to start.a lot of the backerboards are protected by patents and trade secrets so it would be easier and cheaper to buy them than produce them.
Q:I'm installing 1/4 inch cement board and ceramic tile flooring to my bathroom floor.?
Just finished doing the same job. Home Depot for one sells a riser kit that will raise the toilet flange so it should be nearly even with the level of your new floor. Get the wax ring with the rubber funnel incorporated into the ring. Even if your flange is slightly lower it will seal fine. The most critical part is that the floor is level so that toilet sits firmly.
Q:The roof of the cement board everywhere cracked, how to do
At present, the better choice is the polymer waterproofing membrane: waterproof concrete and waterproof mortar two, this waterproof method is simple, easy construction, ordinary masons according to the general plaster construction method can achieve good quality requirements, and low cost , The same waterproof method under the premise of technical level, the overall cost is much lower than the flexible waterproof material for other waterproof materials 1 / 2-1 / 3, the most important thing is safe non-toxic environmental protection, but if the construction process is not good, Cement mortar is likely to crack, repair will be more trouble.
Q:How to do noise insulation how to deal with wall noise
With the wooden side in the wall to make a grid, the average size of the average, and then cut the sound insulation board placed in them, each grid put away, the outside and then sealed with gypsum board.
Q:Use the cement board to do the bathroom partition, how to do waterproof, with which waterproof material is better
Bathroom directly with cement to do waterproof is not enough.
Q:I have installed cement board ceiling & after painting i found cracks in joints of board.How can i rectify it?
dude you messed up cement board for the ceiling take it down and use sheetrock
Q:I am doing a large free standing mosiac external panel, using blue board, what side do I mosiac blue or cemenT?
Q:Is it ok to pour floor leveling compound over hardibacker cement board?
ive used a liquid leveling compound on it and got great results on cement board though the drying was spotty and needed more than one layer to achieve desired results. it was only on a very small area about 8 x 10
Q:Can cement pressure plates be used for external walls? Oblique wall, can play a waterproof role? Durable?
Cement pressure plate is a fire board, mainly with cement and fiber by high temperature and high pressure
Q:How to do the basement of the cement board
Cement board can not be done directly on the basement membrane, should first put the putty to make the wall flat, and then paste the wallpaper the day before the brush base film, just wiped the concrete wall, can not scratch the putty. Because the water has not been completely dry, put on putty powder will cause cracking.

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