Medium density Fiber Cement Board

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Fiber Cement Board is mainly made of Portland cement and silicate materials as base and cellulose reinforced, forming in Hatschek process and high pressure (7000T press machine for 15 minutes) and fumigation(in autoclave for 24 hours),so it has the advantages of high strength, light weight, anti- freeze, water-resist, fire-proof, damp-proof, sound-absorption , no distortion and no radiation.Used as suspended ceiling, partition, heat insulating board, base plate, billboard, external wall panel, exterior wall cladding, paneling, moving floor, desktop board, fire-resistant air pipe ,back-liners, skirting lines, prefabricated structures, flooring, roofing, door shutters

Application: fire-rated building partition, ceilings, exterior wall cladding, sarking board, light -weight grouted panel, decorative drywall…

Sizes: 1200x2400, 1220x2440, 610x2270, 610x2440, 600x600, 600x1200, 603x603, 595x595…

Thickness: 4.5mm-30mm

Edge: square, bevelled/tapered

Materials: Tobermorite, Portland cement, Quartz sand, wood fiber…

Fire-proof rate: A-class incombustible (GB8624-1997)

Incombustibility: 240 minutes (GB/T9978-1999)

Density: 1.2-1.5g/cm3                                                                                                        

Moisture: <30%

Heat conduction: 0.24W/MK (Jc/t564) Average

Sound-absorption: 45db (GBJ75-84)

Anti-bend strength: >12MPa (GB/T7019-1997)

Moisture movement rate: <0.3% (GB/T7019-1997)

Dry shrinking rate: <0.09% (GB/T7019-1997)

Radiation rate: According with Standard (GB6566-2001)

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Q:can cement board be cut into narrow 6 strips and used to make wall studs?
No, it provides nothing to nail into, which is the purpose of studs and it has very limited strength if in a load bearing wall. And if you mean cutting a whole bunch of pieces and stacking them to get a 6 wide by 3.5 deep (like a 2x4) it would be a huge waste of materials and cutting blades. If you are looking for fireproof, consider metal studs. If you are looking for sound proofing, use offset stud techniques.
Q:is it necessary to use green drywall or cement back board when installing tiles?
That whole area needs to be cement board. There should be NO drywall in the shower area. He took a shortcut to save money. IF you only had a tub that would be fine but with a shower drywall in a NO NO. Make him take out the drywall and install cement board. Even if it was just a tub with no shower he would have had to use green board. Don't let him jack you around with this. It's your bathroom and you want it to last for over 20 years and not just a couple of years. Call your city inspector. Or call the city at 311.
Q:Plaster, portland cement, and bonding to wood. How does it work?
hi we in the building industry use pva glue to coat surfaces for plaster plus adding it to the mix , if you are using finnish coat because of its smooth finnish , if you use a coating plaster it would adhere better but still use pva, cement is different, still use pva but it also crazes if used neat but suggest you use silver sand in the mix it is the smoothest sand and is used by artists in there work it is very fine grained, curing times will be shortened by heat but to much will crack or craze so better to heat a cupboard and store in there and not cook them, hth.
Q:do you have to tape cement board before tiling?
Yes you need to tape the cement board just like drywall to avoid cracking problems later on. If you're gonna do a job, do it right.
Q:what's the best way to remove old school cement board (from a shower)?
hammer and chisel all the tile off first then use a saws-all to cut the wall board into smaller pieces (you need the right blade for the saws-all)
Q:What is the use of fiber cement board
Widely used in the building: inside and outside the wall, ceiling, curtain wall lining, steel structure loft, fire doors, external wall insulation panels, grouting wall panels, light steel villas, fiber cement board, reinforced fiber cement board , FC board, FC perforated sound-absorbing cement board, wood fiber cement board, steel structure LOFT sandwich panel, light steel structure house board, anti-static floor substrate cement board, fiber reinforced calcium silicate board, water color decorative cement board, Cement pressure board, external wall insulation special cement board, industrial asbestos fiber cement board, medium density cement board, fiber reinforced cement insulation overhead bench, fiber reinforced silicate fire board [forming fire resistance 2,3,4 hours fire Partition wall fire duct flue]
Q:Cement concrete pavement thickness of the number of appropriate?
Most of the concrete pavement made of equal thickness section, thick 20 to 25 cm.
Q:Why is the peeling paint on the cement board?
1, bad surface, the surface of oil and oil substances, the foundation clean is not net, conjunctival adhesion is not good. 2, excessive paint dilution, the surface is too smooth, brushing the coating film is too thin, poor adhesion, resulting in cracking peeling phenomenon. 3, in the cement plaster on the end of the brush on the oil on the pieces of putty putty, brush coating will make a large film rolled up. Because the oil is not clear the bottom of the strong oil absorption, putty and layers of paint itself is the bottom of the oil absorption and reduce the coating after the film easily degenerate crisp.
Q:how much does a bag of cement cost in the philippines?
One bag of Cement is 195 pesos. ($4). Cocoa Lumber is P50 per board foot.
Q:How to do the basement of the cement board
Base repair: in the concrete roof and slab clean, the honeycomb and other large defects in the site of the plaster putty filled with steel scraper compaction, horizontal wiping scraping again (the surface can not scratch the top surface). (Concentration 5 = 100: 5 ~ 6: 60. Brush Alkaline aqueous solution: with 5μ degrees of caustic soda solution brush twice, if the use of 10μ "With the brush immediately rinse with water, dry and then under the next process.

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