Decorative material top quality fiber cement board price

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Product Description:

Brand Name:CMAX

Density:More than 1.2g/cm3

Application:Ceiling ,Wall panel, Floor, partition


Thickness:6/7/8/9/10/12/18/25 mm

Advantage:Easy-installing, Eco friendly

Incombustibility:GB8624-1997 Grade A1

Bending Strength:12Mpa

Type:Fiber Cement Boards


Supply Ability:10000 Piece/Pieces per Day


Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details

1.Hold by Wooden Pallet 
2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt 
3.Fasten around the corners 
4.Mounted in container to protect your purchasing.


Port:Guangzhou or Foshan Port



1. Small board: 595*595mm /600*600mm /603*603mm /595*1195mm /600*1200mm 

2. Big board:  1220*2440mm /1220*3050mm 

3. Thickness: 4.5, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25mm  (4.5-30mm) 


Remark: Other specification is available.



application: Partition wall and ceiling

Fireproof structure: Fire Rating Partition, Ceiling, wall, door,

Exterior Cladding and façade structure

Sound Insulation structure

Usage in wet areas

Other purpose: applied to furniture, interlayer floor, interior substrate


 Technical Data







Water contain



Water absorption




Grade A1 incombustible

Bending strength

Oven dry



M pa



M pa





Fiber Cement Board With Factory Low Price


Sound and Weather Resistant:

Karmeen fiber cement boards deliver optimal sound and weather insulation. Noise as well as changing weather conditions such as freeze / thaw, heat and water pose no threat to fiber cement board. The boards retain their shape at all times.

Low Maintenance:

The ability of the boards to resist mold and algae attacks is equally impressive. The result is a long-lived façade that saves you time and effort on inconvenient and costly repairs and repaints. 


The boards are non-combustible, which is your guarantee for a safe building.

Easy Handling:

Karmeen fiber cement boards are flexible and easy to handle. They can be delivered cut to size, ready for installation. All this makes for lower construction costs, shorter construction times, and lower installed costs. 


Board Edge:

Decorative material top quality fiber cement board price 



Packaging Details:
Fumigation wooden pallets+PE cover + corner protector

Decorative material top quality fiber cement board price

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Q:What is the best fixation screw in the cement board?
1, the requirements of the construction of the ground and items to be clean without water. 2, the requirements of the ground have a certain degree of flatness, uneven or extremely rough parts of the application of cement mortar and other materials leveling. 3, grass-roots must remove the floating ash, oil, wax, so as not to affect the degree of adhesion. 4, paste the bolt after 5 to 15 minutes do not move to correct.
Q:Backer board over cement floor?
I'm a tiler and a Hardwood installer. Backer board is specifically used for tile. The board is designed to created a strong and rigid bond to the subfloor. There's always movement in a structure and if you skip backerboard then your tile moves with the natural flexing of the house causing cracking in the tile and grout. Viny is flexible so all you need to do is to remove existing flooring and lay right on the subfloor.
Q:Miyan cement board, wood fiber cement board, water board difference?
Clear water board is the water concrete slab, also known as decorative concrete, because of its great decorative effect named. It is a cast molding, do not make any external decoration, direct use of the natural surface effect of cast-in-place concrete as a finishes, so different from the ordinary concrete, the surface smooth, uniform color, angular, no damage and pollution, Coated with one or two layers of transparent protective agent, it is very natural, solemn. Clear water concrete is the most advanced form of concrete materials, it shows a most essential beauty, embodies the "flourishing" taste. Clear water concrete with a simple, natural calm appearance of the charm, born with heavy and elegant is a number of modern building materials can not follow and comparable. The material itself has a soft sense, hard feeling, warm feeling, cold feeling not only on the human senses and the spirit of the impact, but also to express architectural sentiment. So architects believe that this is a noble and simple, seemingly simple, in fact, more brilliant than the artistic effect.
Q:Should I install the bathtub first, or the cement board first?
If you got the standard enamelled metal tub you will see that the top edge may have screw holes already in it. I don't think fiberglass was much different- maybe no holes and you have to drill them yourself as the tub is in place This is screwed to the studs. Can't see studs behind cement board.(Don't care if you have better than 20:20 vision) CB is just a board for tiling onto. Before that was Greenboard basically gypsum board with a waterproof coating. Before that it was just gypsum board. The Tile& grout is the waterproof layer. Many houses were done on gypsum board. Mine has been done that way because neither Greenboard or Cementboard were not invented yet. Mine has been up for 35 years not a problem at all.
Q:I'm installing 1/4 inch cement board and ceramic tile flooring to my bathroom floor.?
New wax ring, rubber flange embedded; sold at probably every hardware store on the planet. An easy fix. Steven Wolf I do it all the time.
Q:How to remove plaster from cement board?
it might be easier to cut the section out and start fresh
Q:The original floor pull up the steel in the layer of cement mortar, safe?
If you are afraid of a problem, do the bottom of the paste carbon fiber, is a better way
Q:What are the drill bits for the cement board?
With the impact of the drill bit, but also to use the impact drill.
Q:Is it possible to sand cement board to make it a little thinner?
Q:Decorative fire board environmental protection? How to choose to buy environmentally friendly decorative fire board?
We have a new type of composite fire environmental protection decorative panels to 100% non-asbestos, A1-level fire-resistant high-density fiber cement board as the substrate

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