Waterproof Fireproof Wear resistant Interior and exterior walls Fiber Cement Board 4X8

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Product Description:

Packaging Details

1.Hold by Wooden Pallet 
2.Covered by PVC and Bonded with plastic belt 
3.Fasten around the corners 
4.Mounted in container to protect your purchasing.



1. Small board: 595*595mm /600*600mm /603*603mm /595*1195mm /600*1200mm 

2. Big board:  1220*2440mm /1220*3050mm 

3. Thickness: 4.5, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 25mm  (4.5-30mm) 


Remark: Other specification is available.



application: Partition wall and ceiling

Fireproof structure: Fire Rating Partition, Ceiling, wall, door,

Exterior Cladding and façade structure

Sound Insulation structure

Usage in wet areas

Other purpose: applied to furniture, interlayer floor, interior substrate


Technical Data







Water contain



Water absorption




Grade A1 incombustible

Bending strength

Oven dry



M pa



M pa




Sound and Weather Resistant:

Karmeen fiber cement boards deliver optimal sound and weather insulation. Noise as well as changing weather conditions such as freeze / thaw, heat and water pose no threat to fiber cement board. The boards retain their shape at all times.

Low Maintenance:

The ability of the boards to resist mold and algae attacks is equally impressive. The result is a long-lived façade that saves you time and effort on inconvenient and costly repairs and repaints. 


The boards are non-combustible, which is your guarantee for a safe building.

Easy Handling:

Karmeen fiber cement boards are flexible and easy to handle. They can be delivered cut to size, ready for installation. All this makes for lower construction costs, shorter construction times, and lower installed costs. 


Board Edge:

Waterproof Fireproof Wear resistant Interior and exterior walls Fiber Cement Board 4X8 


Fumigation wooden pallets+PE cover + corner protector

Waterproof Fireproof Wear resistant Interior and exterior walls Fiber Cement Board 4X8 

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Q:Composite foam cement board fire board grade and fire resistance limit?
ire rating B: B-class refractory grade is a flame retardant material, the general high-end public places are used in the use of this material decoration.
Q:Home studio decoration, do noise wall, is the effect of good gypsum board or cement fiber pressure plate effect is good
Sound insulation generally follow the law of quality that the greater the density of the better sound insulation. 12mm paper gypsum board surface density of about 8.8kg / ㎡, the average volume of 25dB; 9mm fiber cement pressure plate (FC board) surface density of about 6kg / ㎡, the average volume of 30dB; In summary, the cement pressure Board sound insulation effect is higher than the paper gypsum board.
Q:Advantages and Disadvantages of Foaming Cement Thermal Insulation Board
1, the physical foam: the blowing agent through the mechanical equipment prepared into a bubble, and then added to the foam by the cement-based cementitious materials, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water from the slurry, the mixing , Pouring molding, curing from the insulation board. 2, the chemical foam: the foam agent added by the cement-based cementitious materials, aggregates, admixtures, admixtures and water from the slurry, the mixing and mixing, pouring it in the mold through the chemical reaction Leaving the inside of the slurry to produce closed pores, the conservation, cutting insulation board.
Q:do i need to put down cement board on concrete before laying tile?
no just clean and smooth the floor see flash patch .
Q:The scope of application of foam cement
Pipeline backfill. Underground abandoned oil tanks, pipelines (built-in crude oil, chemicals), sewage pipes and other holes easily lead to fire or landslides, the use of foam concrete backfill can solve these troubles, the cost is also less. The density of foam concrete depends on the diameter of the pipe and the groundwater level, usually 600-1100kg / m³ ;.
Q:what does this mean second phase in two phases material ( first phase is binding cement ) ?
First consider the term 'phase' as in 'phase change', such as ice melting. It means a particular state of matter, solid or liquid in the melting of ice. However, in an inhomogenous solid material you can have two or more solid phases. For instance, Transite insulation board was made of portland cement and asbestos [not in use much nowadays]. So what you have is some two phase inhomogenous solid consisting of one phase as binder or cement, and the other phase could be a filler, a fiber, or whatever.
Q:How to do the effect of water
Wood, cement, and mineralized sawdust, with some water and fire resistance. The surface of the irregular lines, which is the most unique material .Compared by the designer's esteem, but the price is high in the 150 / level or so, but compared with other materials is still very unique, of course, can also be used Other cement board to replace, in general, the difference is still great.
Q:I have to remove 500 square foot of ceramic tile that is glued to cement board?
Big difference in marble and ceramic of course. You will have to face difficulty as compared to pasting marbles.
Q:what is the difference between cement boards like hardibacker and wonderboard cemement board..?
For your shower you want a cement board that is all concrete like Durarock. It is 1/2 a inch thick. I believe that may be what hardi backer is. Most of these boards only are cement on the outside with a wood core to save on cost. For the floor any sub floor would work. I have seen many bathrooms with green sheet rock or a sub standard board and they all failed. The only thing I have ever seen hold up is Durarock. So check what they actually are. If they are all cement they will say so and that is what you want. Most of the boards for bathrooms are wood coated with a water proof resin that will fail.
Q:Can Cement Mix be used to coat a wooden board? ?
It might crack on you so why don't you just use some modeling clay and use a trowel and just play with it to look like cement

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