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HPL High Pressure Laminate Wood Grain Color

HPL High Pressure Laminate Wood Grain Color

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HPL Specifications:

Known by another name 'High Pressure Laminate', Formica laminated panel is one kind of building materials. Because of its high performance of anti-fire, water, impact, Formica laminated panel is widely used in many building projects.            


1. Resist cigarette and fire, anti pollution.    

2. Lots of colors for your chosen.

3. Widely used in field of furniture and decoration.

4.Thickness: 0.5mm~20mm

5.Finish: Matt,Texture,Glossy,Brushed,Micro line,Embossment,Wood skin,Leather, etc.

6.Color: Plain color, wood grain color, metallic, marble etc


1.Packing  Wooden case for HPL/ wooden Pallet for Compact Laminate

                   0.5mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 600pcsX14cases=8400PCS

                   WEIGHT: 2.2KGX8400PCS+80kgX14cases=19.60TON

                   0.6mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 500pcsX14cases=7000 PCS

                   WEIGHT: 2.7KGX7000PCS+80kgX14cases=20.02TON

                   0.7mm: LOAD: 14 cases per 20ft container, 450pcsX14cases=6300 PCS

                   WEIGHT: 3.1KGX6300PCS+80kgX14cases=20.65TON

                   0.8mm: LOAD: 14cases per 20ft container, 400pcsX14cases =5600 PCS

                   WEIGHT: 3.6KGX5600PCS+80kgX14cases=21.28TON

2.  Color

Solid/plain color, fantastic color, wood grain color, metal, wooden veneer or customized color

3.Surface finishing

Glossy, matt,texture,and other special surfaces.


1) Can be widely used for decorative materials of interior walls, bathroom, sliding doors, ceilings, kitchens, wardrobe etc.

2) Can be used for the body of furnitures and kitchens.

3) Can be wiedly used for hotel, clubs, bars, restaurant and so on.

4) Can be widly used for box to gift, shoes,wine etc.

5.Delivery time

20days after getting deposit or original LC.

HPL High Pressure Laminate Wood Grain Color

HPL High Pressure Laminate Wood Grain Color

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