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Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

Ref Price:
$1.00 - 9.00 / kg get latest price
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China Main Port
Payment Terms:
TT or LC
Min Order Qty:
2000kg kg
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Fiberglass can be laminated from the epoxy resin, crafted into glass-reinforced plastic structures, glass wool, or chopped strand mats of randomly arranged short fibers.

Specifications : 




Acid value   mgKOH/g    


 Viscosity   25℃,Pa·s  


Gel time   25℃,min 


Solid content   



 Application :

Medium viscosity, good mechanical properties with excellent water resistance, cost effective.

Best choice for pultrusion process to produce water resistant pultruded FRP products

 Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

Features :

Good balance of chemical resistance, solubility, film strength and thermoplasticity;

FDA approved for food contact applications;

 Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price

Package&Storage : 

Package:200kg or 18kg clean and dry iron drum;

Safety suggestion:Accelerator and curing agent must be separated during the storage and transportation

Skin and eyes should be avoided to contact with resin, and necessary protective equipment and clothing should be worn, prohibit strictly pour into the water. For details

 Resin For Pultrusion Usage liquid Form Good Price


1.What is the delivery time ?

15days after receiving the deposit

2.Are you a trading company or factory.

We are factory,and we have more than 10 years of experience.


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Q:What is the difference between polyester and resin?
Resins are natural substances, while polyesters are synthetic.
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There are really only two types of resin, one is an epoxy, the other is polyester resin. The polyester is much cheaper, not as strong, and uses a catalyst for curing. The epoxy resin is very strong, comparatively expensive, and uses 50/50 mix of part (A) and part (B) to cure. both are anaerobic cures, meaning it is a chemical cure, and both are exothermic, meaning they will give off heat while curing The craft store pricing is because of specialty marketing, and volume of product packaging
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Q:What are the differences in the properties of petroleum resins and rosin resins in adhesive bonding?
We predict that rosin resin will replace petroleum resin more in the next few years. By 2015, the proportion of rosin resin will reach more than 30%, and the demand will exceed 280 thousand tons.Rosin resin is used as a tackifier in adhesive products to increase initial adhesion, improve wettability and plasticity, and promote mixing of fillers and polymers. As mentioned above, compared with petroleum resin, both have their own advantages. Generally speaking, the initial viscosity of rosin resin is good, and the aging resistance of petroleum resin is good. Moreover, in the further development of technology and technology, the performance of rosin resin in the aging resistance is also gradually improved, and compared with the oil resin, the gap is not big.
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No, of course you are not going to die from drinking from the resin cup - although resin is not used in 3D printing - but it may not be a good idea any way because 3D printing is not necessarily water tight because of the layers it is built from and it may hold remains of drink fluid. And it is unlikely to be dishwasher safe since in 3D printing the plastic is melted to apply in (in one kind of 3D printing, the lower cost methods)
Q:Is novolac epoxy resin or epoxy resin?
Phenolic resin has good thermal stability, but it needs to be heated, pressurized and reacted with by-product water during curing. Therefore, there are some disadvantages such as residual air bubbles, solidification volume shrinkage, and poor alkali resistance

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