Resin P411

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20Ton m.t.
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5000 Ton/Month m.t./month

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Product Description:

Property of Resin P411

• Can be weather resistant when UV inhibitor added.

• Can be fire-retardant when fillers added.

• Lloyd's Registered.

• Complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2420 when properly formulated and cured, for repeated use in food contact materials.


Application of Resin P411

• FRP boats, such as fishing boat, marine/yacht, life boat, etc.

• Tanks, pipes and various glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic products.

• Can be used in filament winding, pultrusion, spray-up and hand lay-up process.


Packing & Storage of Resin P411

• The product should be packed into clean, dry, safe and sealed container, net weight 220 Kg.

• Shelf life: six months below 25℃, stored in cool and well ventilated place.


Performance Index of Resin P411




Colloidal performance

tensile strength (MPa)

tensile elastic modulus (MPa)

elongation (%)

Bending strength (MPa)

Compressive strength (MPa)






Adhesion performance

Steel-steel tensile anti-shear strength (MPa)

steel - steel uneven tear strength (kN / m)

steel – steel adhesion strength (MPa)

pulling adhesion strength along with concrete (MPa)





Non-volatile matter content (solid content) (%)



 Resin P411


 Resin P411



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Q:How much is the resin tile one square meter?
The price is really bad, unified said, you can ask, PVC tile is based on polyvinyl chloride resin (referred to as PVC) as the main raw material
Q:How about the resin strap?
If it is a white resin strap, it is easy to dirty and not easy to clean.But the resin strap is beautiful.As long as you pay attention to cleaning after sweating, you will look good.
Q:What are the differences and uses of resins, plastics, acrylics and PVC?
Plastic is a polymer (macromolecules) that is polymerized from monomers as raw material by polymerization or polycondensation. The main component of plastics is resin, which is one of synthetic resins
Q:How to clean the resin material?
Hydrocarbon cleaning agent has become an important industrial cleaning agent because of its good environmental protection and cleaning capacity. Hydrocarbon cleaning agent common problems, distillation range is wide, complex composition and molecular structure of irregular, toxic aromatic hydrocarbons. The light fraction reduces the flash point of the cleaning agent, while the heavy fraction also makes cleaning and drying worse. Choose 150 to 190 DEG C in distillation fractions solvent, combined with the four major factors causing acidification of solvent in industrial cleaning (air, water, and metal impurities) added metal cleaning agent special stabilizer can prevent the solvent decomposition, in the decomposition of the initial acid neutralization will produce, with super strong resistance, to ensure the cleaning materials from corrosion. It has been widely used in metal, jewelry, watches, electronics, electrical, semiconductor, LCD and other industries, it can effectively remove oil, grease and fluxing resin, polishing wax etc..
Q:What's the difference between resin clay and super light clay? I'm a newbie. I want to make my own hand puppet. That will work better
I usually play super light clay, made out of dolls have a kind of very Q feeling, texture really has a kind of sponge feeling, even if completely dry, also have some flexibility. Lovely ~!
Q:What's the difference between alkyd anticorrosive paint and epoxy resin paint?
The range of application of epoxy is basically in the ground floor (such as pharmaceutical factory, workshop, ground treatment), followed by metal surface corrosion protection
Q:I saw in the supermarket very delicate bowl, the material is resin, resin is not plastic, harmful to the human body?
Resins are made of natural resins and synthetic resins. Natural resin is an amorphous organic matter from the secretions of plants and animals in nature, such as rosin, shellac, amber, etc.. A synthetic resin is a resin product obtained by the chemical synthesis of a simple organic substance or by the chemical reaction of some natural products.Purpose: food grade industrial grade; grade; analysis; nuclear grade resin; double bed; high velocity with mixed bed resin; resin moving bed and covered filter.
Q:What is the concept of BV when dealing with resins?
For example, the flow rate of the solution through the resin column is 2 to 4BV/h, i.e., the volume of the solution through the solution is 2~4 times of that of the resin bed per hour. The processing power of resins is often calculated in terms of BV.
Q:How to improve the strength of epoxy resin concrete?
Epoxy resin concrete construction matters needing attention:1, the number of epoxy resin configuration each time, should be based on construction capacity to determine. Generally do not exceed 1~2kg, and as much as possible with the use of who matches, the use of 1 hours.  2. The general curing temperature of epoxy resin concrete should be 20 or 5 DEG C, the curing time is usually 2 days, and the direct sunlight should be avoided during construction in summer.  3, epoxy materials are mostly volatile, in construction to avoid harmful gases harmful effects on the human body, at the same time pay strict attention to fire prevention.
Q:Use of rosin resins?
Cut the pine tree oil resin after the flow out of the trees. Is a product of physiological activities, mainly by the terpenoids composition. Just out of the colorless transparent oily liquid, exposed to air, with terpene hydrocarbons gradually volatile and thickened, and finally become the solid material - Mao Songxiang white or yellow. The production of rosin and turpentine as raw material.
The company has operated a factory producing resin in Wuxi city at its beginning. It developed into the biggest epoxy resin producer in the nation in the early 1980s. It developed the oil refining sector and formed the product pattern of oil products first and chemical products second, which was renamed as Wuxi Petroleum Chemical Factory in the late 1990s. It became a China National BlurStar member company in 1997 under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

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