Resin P411

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Product Description:

Property of Resin P411

• Can be weather resistant when UV inhibitor added.

• Can be fire-retardant when fillers added.

• Lloyd's Registered.

• Complies with FDA regulation 21 CFR 177.2420 when properly formulated and cured, for repeated use in food contact materials.


Application of Resin P411

• FRP boats, such as fishing boat, marine/yacht, life boat, etc.

• Tanks, pipes and various glass fiber and carbon fiber reinforced plastic products.

• Can be used in filament winding, pultrusion, spray-up and hand lay-up process.


Packing & Storage of Resin P411

• The product should be packed into clean, dry, safe and sealed container, net weight 220 Kg.

• Shelf life: six months below 25℃, stored in cool and well ventilated place.


Performance Index of Resin P411




Colloidal performance

tensile strength (MPa)

tensile elastic modulus (MPa)

elongation (%)

Bending strength (MPa)

Compressive strength (MPa)






Adhesion performance

Steel-steel tensile anti-shear strength (MPa)

steel - steel uneven tear strength (kN / m)

steel – steel adhesion strength (MPa)

pulling adhesion strength along with concrete (MPa)





Non-volatile matter content (solid content) (%)



 Resin P411


 Resin P411



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Resin is a base material for varnish, and varnish added to an oil based paint becomes enamel. It is used to create a high gloss finish.
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I agree that you may be asking too much if there's a lot of water over a long time or stress that could cause breaks in the surface. You can take care of the UV problem though by coating the cured resin with polyurethane that has UV resistance (Varathane is one brand that does). And polyurethanes also have a tougher surface than any resin. You can take care of the water problem (at least to *some* extent) by coating with a polyurethane (probably more than one coat), and if you use a marine or spar version of polyurethane there will be longer resistance to absorbing water. Don't know if saltwater would be worse (but if you're thinking of using the item in an aquarium or any kind, I wouldn't risk the health of the fish). HTH, Diane B.
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Well, there are different kinds of resin, even of clear 2-part resin. The two main kinds (epoxy and polyester) will both be absorbed by porous materials like paper though turning them translucent unless the paper has been sealed first (diluted permanent white glue or something like ModPodge will work, then dry thoroughly). Then you'd probably want to use only an epoxy resin (Envirotex Lite, e.g.), or a tweaked epoxy like Easy Cast which can soften or become more flexible when thin later when exposed to even body heat. HTH
The company has operated a factory producing resin in Wuxi city at its beginning. It developed into the biggest epoxy resin producer in the nation in the early 1980s. It developed the oil refining sector and formed the product pattern of oil products first and chemical products second, which was renamed as Wuxi Petroleum Chemical Factory in the late 1990s. It became a China National BlurStar member company in 1997 under the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council.

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