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I'm just getting back into fishing, which I havn't done since I was a kid. I'm mostly going to be doing some casual fishing of catfish and bass on the lake with my dad. I know that it's best to have different rod/reel setups for different fish and situations, but for now I want to keep things simple. I'm on a budget, but don't want to take awful gear out on the lake. I'm thinking about a 6 foot Medium action Ugly Stik and a Mitchell 300Xe reel. Am I in the right ballpark?
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I been playing ice hockey for 15 years, but I wanted to get a pair of roller hockey skates.Ive had normal inline skates with the rubber stopper but, i heard that some roller hockey skates dont use them because they can effect the crossover.If this is true what type of braking system do these skates use?
Sculpting I'll answer what I can: What are the original models made of? Clay Is there a frame used, if so what kind? Wire How is the mold for a model horse put together, and how many peices is the mold(pictures would be great)? See that website. Usually in two pieces. On average how much does it cost to make a model horse? Depends on if you consider your time as a cost. Most resins in Traditional and Classic scale run from $200-$400 a piece to purchase finished. Then figure a painter will charge $250 and up for paint. How long does it take to make a Resin Model? Not sure. If you are talking about the molding process or sculpting process. What are all the materials I will need to do this in the comforts of my home(start from scratch like you are in an empty room) What do you need? See LafnBear website for some info on this. Anything else an amature would need to know starting out? There are a lot of subjects to cover! Check out the websites referenced. You can also find information on the Model Horse Sales Pages.
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This happen often on the subway and elevated stations. Even in similar cases happens when someone hold the door for someone almost there. What really happens on this situation is that the train gets behind the schedule. For holding the doors, I say you just can get a verbal warning, but not going to jail. You can go to jail for something else serious, example, breaking anything from the train (window) or probably by pulling the emergency brake which is unlawful if it is not an emergency.
I live in a 9 year old track home. The house has 6 smoke alarms. While they all require a 9 volt battery, when the battery gets low it chirps. It is so annoying. Well if I wanted to remove a battery, it chirps even more because its hard wired into the house some how.Is anyone familiar with this smoke alarm set up? How can I shut these alarms off in the event that I'm cooking and I need to quiet the smoke alarm. Also 5 alarms never chipone won't shut up, even though I've changed the battery. I don't even know how to replace it?Any ideas?
under Epoxy Casting, click on *In Permanent Cells* in list at top of page
Do rubber boots specially designed for work with electricity provide enough safety from electrocution in this case, I want to pressure wash my house, but there is electric pole right next to the wall, and there is of course an electric cable that goes into my house and electricity meter. I ll be using a metal ladder. I was thinking of getting a rubber boots and rubber gloves. is that enough for protection?
The resin sold in boat and auto supply stores for fiberglass work and repair will make paper much stiffer and stronger. Practice on something other than your helmet to see results and work in a well ventilated space.
We have a smoke detector in the hall. When the light to the bedroom is turned on sometimes the smoke detector chirps or beeps. It has been doing it for years. But we have no idea why?
max life of Smoke detector is 8-10 years. Smoke detector life could be shorten by High dust, High particulate , Uncovered smoke detector during sanding or finishing of drywall. High humidity, Smoke damage including cigarette or cigar. as it is near the end of its life , if the detector (which consist of a radioactive seeds and the receiver ) is blocked . The smoke detector will keep on beeping every minutes or so. You can either. Vacuum , Blow with air gun the smoke detector and hope it is enough to clean the detector . Or get a new one. I would get a new one. Less work, less time and More safe. A pretty good smoke detector is only about 16 bucks at lowes, home depot , walmart etc. It is worth your peace of mind don't you think ?
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Sounds Or he can see at any site or YouTube where people are making helmets using resin that they're very careful to have sufficient ventilation (or a serious vapor mask) while using those resins and while they're curing..
The resin is broken. What can stick together?
Room temperature (25 DEG C) A glue and B by visual 1:1 ratio using a plastic coated surface rubber sheet is coated on the adhesive to be mixed immediately after the fixed 5-10 minutes basic positioning. (not a large amount of mixed glue).