Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Hand Lay Up,Filament Winding

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Product Description:

Product description of unsaturated polyester resins


UPR191is a common unsaturated polyester resin with medium viscosity and high reactivity,applicable to the manufacture of common steel glass products, cooling columns, containers of dilute acid etc.

Excellent appliication properties,short application time,good fiber wet,higher fiber content


Specification of FRP Grating

2.General pupose resin
3.Good impregnation to glass fiber and mechanical property

Technical Indexes of Liquid Resin






Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid


Acid Value








Gel Time








Thermal Stabilityility



GB7193 .5-87



Filament Winding Application Unsaturated Polyester Resin





Performance Indexes of Resin Casting Substance





Barcol hardness  ≥




Tensile strength  ≥




Tensile modulus ≥




Elongation at break≥




Flexural strength ≥




Flexural modulus≥




Impact strength ≥




H.D.T ≥




Note: Environmental Temperature for Experiment: 23±2°C; relative humidity: 50±5%


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Q:Can softening resins scale off?
Boil the kettle and remove the potatoes in the new kettle,Put a half kettle over the potato, fill up the water, cooked the potatoes, and then boil the water, it will not be dirty water. But pay attention to the kettle boiled potatoes, the walls do not scrub, otherwise it will lose the role of descaling. For the old kettle full of scale, after boiling one or two times with the above method, not only the original scale will gradually fall off, but also play a role in preventing fouling.
Q:What is the difference between PVC material and resin?
PVC scientific name is polyvinyl chloride, PVC industrial products are generally divided into soft wood and hard wood, such as PVC film, hose, plates, profiles, pipes and so on. The resin is a traditional name, such as plastic resin classification, the PE PVC PP and so on, generally soft PVC film used in the shower curtain, decorative wallpaper, wallpaper, ceiling floor film, film and so on, soft PVC are volatile toxic plasticizer, PE or PU film with non-toxic advice. Hard PVC such as floors, doors and windows and other small pollution, basically negligible, pay attention to ventilation can be.
Q:Is EVA resin harmful to human body?
The characteristics of EVA resin with good flexibility, rubber like elasticity, at -50 degrees still can have good flexibility, transparency and good surface gloss, good chemical stability, anti aging and ozone resistance, good strength, non-toxic. With the filler of good mixing, coloring and molding processing good.
Q:Can the resin glasses break?
The advantage of glasses in resin materials lies in:1, light quality, comfortable wearing.2, material elasticity is good, not easy to cause destructive deformation (for example, put on a chair, a butt sit up? Most resins, frames, glasses, and the possibility of continued use.3, the lens in the high impact of fragmentation, resulting in small hardness, edge than glass crystal debris sharpness is small, reducing the damage to the eye. High standard resin goggles are the standard safety protection equipment for foreign labor protection and shooting training. (some shooting goggles can withstand 6 mm gun shot front)4, lens grinding processing convenient, reduces the time of glasses.5, resin film adhesion performance is superior, so that ultraviolet radiation, radiation, glare, dizziness, film and dyeing (wearing sunglasses), greatly reducing the cost, is to promote and become popular.
Q:Does phoenix brand 6101 and EP hardener mix with fever? What type of epoxy resin has a strong adhesion on PVC?
Phoenix brand 6101 epoxy resin, that is bisphenol A epoxy resin E44. When the epoxy resin matches with the curing agent, it will definitely release heat, and the heat is divided into mixed heat and reaction heat.
Q:What are synthetic resin curtain wall decorative coatings?
The paint film can be made into a metallic luster finish or a matt finish, and all of which have special decorative effect, and belong to decorative wall coating.
Q:Why pretreatment of resins?
A resin is loaded into a container, the container for backwashing resin with small flow operation, to remove residual impurities mixed material and manufacturing process of the reaction did not participate in the resin production process in the backwashing drainage to clear.B, soak the resin with 5% HCI solution for 4 hours, then rinse the water to neutral. The purpose of acid treatment is to remove inorganic impurities in the resin.C, take temporary take over method, the Yang bed pretreatment into the alkali pipe connection, with 2% NaOH solution soak resin for 4 hours, release the lye, wash the resin to the drainage, close to neutral. The alkali treatment is mainly to get rid of the organic matter in the resin.D, after the above treatment, the original regeneration system will be recovered, and the normal regeneration of the bed should be carried out by the large backwashing and regeneration dose, and then it can be put into operation.Precautions for pretreatment:A and new resin should be prevented from dehydration before pretreatment, or they can not be treated directly. The new resin without normal dehydration can be washed directly with water until the water is colorless and hardness free.B, the volume of soaking liquid generally take 2 times the volume of resin, in order to fully soak the resin.C, for a small amount of resin replacement, can be carried out in the external anti-corrosion containers, should avoid the pretreatment of new resin directly filled in the exchanger.D, for the new resin pretreatment of the exchanger, before regeneration must be large backwash, and large backwash before should be small backwash.
Q:The resin is broken. What can stick together?
Room temperature (25 DEG C) A glue and B by visual 1:1 in a proportion of overlapping coating or glued parts coated with A glue, another piece glued with B glue, and then stick together, and do 2-3 run in fixed 5-10 minutes.
Q:Which trees can produce resin?
Gum, in short, is actually a kind of secretion of trees. When the trees are injured, the wound secretes a thick gum fluid that promotes healing. Gum gradually dry in the air, will form a solid shape, crisp, transparent or translucent, with water swelling or plastic melting into a viscous colloidal solution, in ethanol or most organic solvents are not dissolved, very difficult to clean up. And almost all trees produce gum, which is inevitable.
Q:What is the density of unsaturated resins?
The density is 1.4-2.2g/cm3Unsaturated polyester resin is a thermosetting resin. When it is heated or initiated, it can be solidified into a insoluble, insoluble polymer network. But the mechanical strength of the polymer is very low, can not meet the use requirements, when reinforced with glass fiber can become a kind of composite material, commonly known as "steel and glass" (English Fiber Reinforced Plastics referred to as FRP). Compared with resin casting, the mechanical strength of glass fiber reinforced plastics has been greatly improved.

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