Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality

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Product Description:

Product description:

It is the modified epoxy vinyl ester resin with good water resistance properties which is designed to produce GRP/FRP Piping system used for seawater desalination and sewage water.

Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality


Excellent anti-corrosion performance and weatherability

Good adhesion with all kinds of metal and cement

Excellent resistance to water

Good acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance properties , can be resistant 98% 

sulfuric acid under 100 ℃

Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality


Mixing ratio:base/curing agent=100/2/1

Standard film thickness: Dry film thickness :100μm  Wet:  :165μm

Academic spreading rate:0.28kg/m2/100μm           0.197L/m2/100μm

Solid contents: 71.2%

Humidity requirement: below 85%

Specific gravity:1.42

Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality


Mainly used in petroleum chemical industry equipment, pipelines, etc subjected by  the 

atmospheric corrosion 

 also be used in the storage tanks and other chemical equipment with acid, alkali, salt 


 be used with reservoir, water tank, sewage pool and other facilities need to be waterproof


with 20L plastic/metal bucket or at your option

FAQ: 1.Are you the trading company or manufacturing?

we are the direct manufacturer for many years

2.Can you send me the samples for testing ?

yes ,we can send you the free sample for your testing.

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Q:EVA material is plastic or rubber?
Is a relatively common in bottom material, usually called a foam have buffer action, but this material is very slippery, so the general and hard rubber mixed with EVA, is a kind of common material in many sports shoes are in effect but it is difficult to compete with the AIR.
Q:What kind of material is the resin made of?
Resins are made of natural resins and synthetic resins. Natural resin is an amorphous organic matter from the secretions of plants and animals in nature, such as rosin, shellac, amber, etc.. Resins are resins derived from the synthesis of simple organic compounds by chemical synthesis or by the chemical reaction of certain natural products.
Q:What kind of structural adhesive tiles? Epoxy resin structural adhesive (AB) or other?
You said the structural adhesive is also called AB, this adhesive is characterized by the initial bond strength is very high, but the drawback is that the aging resistance performance is poor, about 5 years will be a problem, it will urge the rubber aging, easy problems, comparison hall is so high. The suggestion is either a steel hanger or a tough ceramic tile. Strong and tough ceramic tile contains cement, so it has good aging resistance.
Q:How can the resin lenses be repaired?
Upkeep:1, glasses should not be placed in the mirror box, do not contact the outer surface of the lens (external surface) and hard objects.2. Rinse the tap before wiping the lens. If there is oil, you can drop some detergent for washing dishes, then rinse with tap water, and then dry the water with a soft paper towel.3, wipe the lens to use special fiber cloth. If the fabric is dirty, it can be washed and then used.4, coating resin sheet or film universe should beware of high temperature, do not wear glasses to wash a hot bath, not wearing glasses to the sauna; don't put the glasses placed in the summer under the unmanned car; do not put hot air blowing blowing directly into the mirror.
Q:What are the characteristics and disadvantages of unsaturated polyester resins?
Unsaturated polyester resin characteristics:A thermosetting resin that can be solidified into a insoluble polymer network polymer when it is heated or initiated.Use, in addition to the use of mixed filler as casting products, but also with the glass fiber infiltration, curing, and become a composite material, commonly known as glass fiber reinforced plastic"
Q:Is there any poison in the resin?
Epoxy resins refer to organic macromolecular compounds containing two or more epoxy groups in the molecule, and their molecular weight is not high except for two. The molecular structure of epoxy resin is characterized by the presence of active epoxy groups in the molecular chain. The epoxy group can be located at the end of the molecular chain, intermediate or ring like structure. Because the molecular structure contains active epoxy groups, they can react with various types of curing agents to form insoluble and non melting polymers with three directions network structure.
Q:The difference between resin sheet and glass sheet
Shortcoming:1., easy to scratch: resin lens resistance to scratch than glass lenses, but can be improved by surface hardening, but the effect is limited.2. thickness than the glass lenses: beauty is human nature, thick lenses are very unsightly, depth myopia is more regarded as a dangerous road. Although it has improved greatly recently, it is still much thicker than glass lenses.The 3. frame is easy to produce deformation: This is due to the plastic lenses because of their low density than the glass lenses.4., not high temperature: Although the resin is thermosetting material, but once coated with multilayer film, then the surface of multilayer film may be caused by high temperature cracks.
Q:What is the difference between thermosetting and thermoplastic?
In thermoplastic resins, the molecular chains of resins are linear or branched, with no chemical bonds between the chains, and soften the flow when heated. The process of cooling hardens is a physical change.
Q:Why does a man still get credit for inventing the automobile, when the car as we know it was incomplete until?
Look for an expiration date.
Q:Is it good for synthetic resin tile or PVC plastic tile? What's the difference between the two?
PVC is generally monochromatic strength is slightly lower than the glass steel, service life and fireproof and waterproof, through special processing after the PVC is slightly better, glass steel in corrosion and refractory slightly almost, as long as the water in water for a long time is not very different, but the glass steel processed almost in production craft, glass steel products generally yield low quality by manual operation, manual control, the general demand for a small amount of procurement, PVC can be automated mass production, suitable for large quantities of demand. As for what kind of good, depends on personal demand, the requirements of beauty, and there is the price.

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