Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality

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Product Description:

Product description:

It is the modified epoxy vinyl ester resin with good water resistance properties which is designed to produce GRP/FRP Piping system used for seawater desalination and sewage water.

Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality


Excellent anti-corrosion performance and weatherability

Good adhesion with all kinds of metal and cement

Excellent resistance to water

Good acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance properties , can be resistant 98% 

sulfuric acid under 100 ℃

Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality


Mixing ratio:base/curing agent=100/2/1

Standard film thickness: Dry film thickness :100μm  Wet:  :165μm

Academic spreading rate:0.28kg/m2/100μm           0.197L/m2/100μm

Solid contents: 71.2%

Humidity requirement: below 85%

Specific gravity:1.42

Modified Vinyl Ester Resin with Best Price and Top Quality


Mainly used in petroleum chemical industry equipment, pipelines, etc subjected by  the 

atmospheric corrosion 

 also be used in the storage tanks and other chemical equipment with acid, alkali, salt 


 be used with reservoir, water tank, sewage pool and other facilities need to be waterproof


with 20L plastic/metal bucket or at your option

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we are the direct manufacturer for many years

2.Can you send me the samples for testing ?

yes ,we can send you the free sample for your testing.

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Q:What's the reason for the aging of epoxy resin?
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It really depends on how much you want to spend. You can find decent resin at the craft store for as little as 10$. You will need the resin, plastic molds and your decorative item. My best resin jewelry sellers are bracelets and necklaces. I have plastic candy molds in all kinds of shapes and sizes that I bought at yard sales. I use found objects like lego blocks, cool looking leaves I find on the ground, monopoly pieces, neat pieces off of old earrings etc. The number of things you can suspend in resin is limitless! Right now I am having a ball with dead japanese beetles that killed off my holly hocks and roses. So to answer your original question, you can get started on less than 20$ good luck and have fun!
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Yes resin does produce heat as it cures. (It's an -exothermic- reaction). Sometimes the instructions will give you a choice of putting in a little of the catalyst so it cures slowly, or a lot so it cures more quickly. The less you use, the slower it cures, and the less heat it it generates. As for dissolving the resin, I'm pretty sure anything strong enough to dissolve the resin is also strong enough to dissolve plastic beads. So I wouldn't see the process as reversible. 8^)
Q:What kind of material is the resin made of?
Resin classification:1, according to resin synthesis reaction classificationAccording to this method, resins can be divided into polymers and condensation polymers. Polymers are polymers made by addition polymerization, and their chain structures are chemically identical to those of monomers, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, and polytetrafluoroethylene.Condensation polymer is a polymer prepared by condensation polymerization. Its structural unit is chemically different from that of monomer, such as phenolic resin, polyester resin, polyamide resin and so on.2, according to resin molecular backbone composition classificationAccording to this method, resins can be classified into carbon chain polymers, hetero chain polymers, and elemental organic polymers.A carbon chain polymer is a polymer composed of carbon atoms of the backbone, such as polyethylene, polystyrene, etc..A chain polymer is a polymer consisting of atoms of two or more elements, such as carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sulfur, etc., such as POM, polyamide, polysulfone and polyether. Organic polymer refers to the main chain does not necessarily contain carbon atoms, mainly by silicon, oxygen, aluminum, titanium, boron, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements of the atoms, such as organic silicon.
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Polyester resins are thermosetting (a prepolymer in a soft solid or viscous state that changes irreversibly into an infusible, insoluble polymer network by curing). Like all resins, they cure exothermically (a chemical reaction that releases energy in the form of heat).
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I recommend all resin 7 decks, they're made from the same stuff, almost and blind resin decks are the only ones i've used personally but enjoi makes good decks. If you have a habbit of breaking boards then don't worry about it when you buy resin 7 they're super strong. if you have any board that breaks from the first ollie then i'd return it because then there was a flaw in the wood or lam.

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