Unsaturated Plyester resin for Glass Fiber,FRP Products

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Product description of unsaturated polyester resins(196)


Unsaturated Resin is suitable for production of crystal lamp, candle holder, crystal crafts, crystal gifts, crystal trophy,crystal vase, crystal model building mode, crystal perfume bottles, crystal ashtray, crystal vase, hotel supplies, crystal stationery cards Taiwan, crystal ball, crystal key button, crystal animal, flower and so on transparent products.


Specification of FRP Grating


2.Good impregnation to glass fiber and mechanical property

Technical Indexes of Liquid Resin






Transparent Sticky Thick Liquid


Acid Value








Gel Time








Thermal Stabilityility



GB7193 .5-87






High Quality Unsurated Polyester Resin for Buttons




Performance Indexes of Resin Casting Substance





Barcol hardness  ≥




Tensile strength  ≥




Tensile modulus ≥




Elongation at break≥




Flexural strength ≥




Flexural modulus≥




Impact strength ≥




H.D.T ≥




Note: Environmental Temperature for Experiment: 23±2°C; relative humidity: 50±5%


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CNBM is a stated own company, provide the guarantee for the best quality, best service and safety business.

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a, ISO 9001-2008 quality control system;

b, Strict and regular quality control in production;

c, Inspeciation when loading into container before shippment;

d, Sample stock for one year for quality tracing and record.

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Our MOQ is one pallet.

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Yes, samples are in stock. we can offer free sample for you.

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Q:EVA material is plastic or rubber?
EVA resin is a copolymer of ethylene vinyl acetate, ethylene vinyl acetate (VA) content in 5% ~ 40%. compared with polyethylene, EVA in molecular chain was introduced in vinyl acetate monomer, thereby reducing the high crystallinity, improved flexibility, impact resistance, filler compatibility and heat sealing performance, is widely used in the foaming shoes material, functional films, packaging film, hot melt adhesive, wire and cable and toys and other fields.
Q:The difference between gum and resin
Many trees secrete their body fluids to protect and heal wounds when their bark is injured. This body fluid can be divided into two broad categories, one is hydrophilic colloid, such as Arabia gum, gum and many other gum. The other one is hydrophobic colloid gum, such as dammar resin and rosin. The former is usually acidic macromolecules, polysaccharides, soluble in or swelling in water; while the latter is a high polymer, generally soluble only in organic solvents.
Q:What kind of structural adhesive tiles? Epoxy resin structural adhesive (AB) or other?
You said the structural adhesive is also called AB, this adhesive is characterized by the initial bond strength is very high, but the drawback is that the aging resistance performance is poor, about 5 years will be a problem, it will urge the rubber aging, easy problems, comparison hall is so high. The suggestion is either a steel hanger or a tough ceramic tile. Strong and tough ceramic tile contains cement, so it has good aging resistance.
Q:Using unsaturated resin to make glass fiber reinforced plastic products, without adding accelerant, only curing agent, can I? What is the function of accelerant?
The curing reaction of unsaturated polyester resin is free radical polymerization, and its curing agent is actually an initiator, usually organic peroxide.
Q:Epoxy flooring construction program has several steps
Stir。 The raw materials must be through mixing this step can be used in the construction process will use epoxy primer, epoxy paint, putty powder, epoxy mortar and their corresponding curing agent, these products are needed for mixing to use. For example, the mixing ratio between epoxy primers, finishes and between paint and curing agent is 4:1, especially in the summer, more attention should be paid to their mixing ratio. In summer, a small amount of curing agent should be added, and the mixture ratio is roughly 5:1. In quartz mortar, the mixing of quartz sand and water, mixing and mixing between putty powder and water, all of them should be mix and stir in the corresponding process.
Q:How can the resin lenses be repaired?
Although the surface of resin lenses specially hardened, but compared to glass or slightly inferior, so to avoid friction and hard material. Try not to wear it while swimming at the beach.
Q:Presbyopic glasses and glass lens resin lens which is better?
Resin film advantages: light weight, not broken, impact resistance, low hardness, easy to be worn flowers.Disadvantages of resin sheet: thicker than the same degree of glass, not high temperature, small density, easy to yellow, high refractive index of the lens prices are high.
Q:What's the difference between plastic and resin?
Resin: refers to the raw materials, such as polyethylene resin, polypropylene resin, polyester resin, etc., but in general, plastic and resin two terms can be common.
Q:Would you buy an ipod or back to school clothes if you had $200 dollars?
I-dressup.com Remember you can always read a book or even just doodle around. Also, music is great too.
Q:Is it harmful to human beings to drink water with resin?
Acrylic pigments are popular with painters. It has the following characteristics:(1) water can be used for washing.(2) quick drying. The pigment in the pen after a few minutes to dry, do not have to wait a few months to finish to be like painting as glazing. Painters who prefer slow drying pigments can use retarders to retard the drying time of pigments.(3) the coloring layer will lose its solubility rapidly after drying, and form a tough, elastic film without water seepage. This film is similar to rubber.(4) full color, dense, fresh and smooth, no matter how to reconcile, there will be no "dirty", "gray" feeling. The coloring layer will never be contaminated by oil absorption.(5) the permanence of the works is longer. Oil painting in the film for a long time, easy to oxidize, yellow, hardened, easy to cause cracks in the picture. The acrylic film will never be brittle in theory and will never turn yellow.(6) the biggest difference between acrylic pigment and oil painting is the operation characteristic of general water pigment, which can be used as watercolour and gouache.(7) the acrylic molding ointment contains granules, with coarse particles and fine particles, which is convenient for making skin texture.(8) acrylic paint non-toxic, harmful to the human body.

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