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1) what happens to the gold leaf in an electroscope if it is given a negative charge?2) How would you use the charged electroscope to find out whether a rod had a posititve or negative charge, or no charge at all?Thanks.
Yes i laugh at random things aren't i amazing my dear?
IE: Which element would Fire signs best be suited for? What about Air signs? And water signs? How about earth signs?
what do you mean by lines? if you meant flux !!! there wont be any real and reasonable device for that.
Thursday night, while I was sleeping, someone rang the door bell franctically, and then tried to go thru the window, and our sliding glass door. They couldnt open anything, so they couldnt get in. I thought it was my imagination, until they rung the door bell again, and tried to get thru the window I was looking thru! I have 2 kids, so I was scared for their safety.. Ya sure, the cops came, but I leave like every single light on now! I am trying to fall asleep now, but I am scared to sleep because I keep hearing banging and what not.. Should I just forget about it, try to fall asleep, or what? Please help! This is also a 4 point easy question! BUT HONEST ANSWERS PLEASE! My fiance doesn't get home until 12am or so I haven't been to sleep yet!
your install is ******, you have more important things to think about (like backing up your data) than accsessing system tools. on topic, if i understand you correctly, you should be able to use run.
When I was 12 my mother brother and I discovered a fire outside a building we saw a fire alarm how was it my mother asked me if I wanted to pull it as opposed to my brother or mother? We were in no real danger and at the time we had no cellphone. Furthermore how was it that my mother helped me to make sure that I pulled the alarm correctly? Was it normal to ask if I was doing this right? There was glass so my mother told me how to kick it. Was it normal for my mother to give me instructions so I wouldn't have a doubt on how to do it. She knew I was capable so was it normal to give me advice so I could do it as quick as possible. What do you think my brother was thinking when I was pulling the alarm. After the alarm was going off my mother said good job and hugged me. How did she let me do it when she could have done it herself? Was this because she trusted me and wanted me to feel like a hero?Please answer with honesty if it was your son would you do the same like my mother?
Why? Is this even a serious question? I would rather live in a country where a government I voted into office runs my country than my country being in the HANDS of private corporations. A country should be run by its government, not by multinational conglomerates. A market should be controlled by the government, not by greedy megacorps and stock brokers driving the economy up and down on their whim. Yes a government isn't perfect, yes there are corrupt, lying politicians, but do you even know how much worse private firms are? You have ZERO influence there, they bring their own higher ups into power and dont give a flying f*** about the people. At least the government tries to take care of its people because it wants to be elected again.
The difference between gum and resin
Commonly used gums are: Arabia gum. Mainly Arabia gum Senegal (Acacia tree) secretions. Pale yellow to tan solid, brittle and lustrous.
They both just curl the bottom of my hair and just straighten the top. Am I doing something wrong?
Hold (click on MASKS You can write to me via my e-mail address through Yahoo by clicking on my profile, since I'm unlikely to see whatever you write in reponse to my Answer. Diane B.
Light cured resin filling stepsDoes the light curing dental procedures!
The basic steps of composite resin bonding repair1. colorimetric choiceFirst determine the teeth with composite resin, and can achieve a satisfactory result, the colorimetric before the repair according to the restoration of teeth and the adjacent tooth color suitable resin. Note colorimetric should be carried out under natural light, but also to keep the teeth moist, dry teeth will make the color change shallow.2., repair cavity repair, shape, preparation featuresIn order to achieve good results, the two aspects of enamel and dentin should be taken into consideration, especially the high bonding strength of enamel
How can the resin lenses be repaired?
Although the surface of resin lenses specially hardened, but compared to glass or slightly inferior, so to avoid friction and hard material. Try not to wear it while swimming at the beach.