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These are quite obvious questions, but I'm just checking :) This is for my Science homework. This will hhelp to to add any details that I have missed out :)So why do you need goggles? (in a lab)Why do you need gloves?Why do you need lab coat?Why do you need visor?Why do you need safety screen?and why do you need fume board?
Some resins can actually burst into flames when too much catalyst is used. Best to use the least catalyst you can use. It just takes a little longer for the resin to setup when you use a lesser amount of catalyst. A good rule of thumb is to always err on the side of less rather than more, where catalyst is concerned. Just be sure to mix the catalyst thoroughly into the resin so you don't end up with soft spots.
i watched a low rider car lose a muffler on a speed bump. What is the deal why people like them so much?
Amen, Amen, Amen. My thought has always been if Paint was to call itself anything else but a color breed, then if both parents are registered as Paints, then the baby should be a Paint. Period. Spots or not. Thoroughbreds are of this mind set. TB x TB TB. Not matter the color. And since AQHA has done away with the white rule, then Paint needs to do away with the minimum white rule. Right now the only difference between Paint and Pinto is the Pinto will take other types and Paints only take the Quarter Horse type. I have never owned a breeding stock, but I have always argued that they should be allowed the same status as their colored counterparts. And should be allowed to compete in the same classes. Color is just icing on the cake. Thanks for letting me vent. This is one of my biggest pet peeves in the horse world.
what license would i need and im only 16 and would i need lessons etc could you please help thanks.
how /search?
I am working for a project and i want to calculate the savings in energy in terms of reduction in AC consumption when reflective materials are applied on houses.These reflective materials lower the temperature of the room .
While in many places the color of the cap on a hydrant will be one of four colors (black, white, green and yellow) to indicate the flow rate according to a national standard, the hydrants currently in use in NYC are all of two general types. While the flow rate between varies somewhat, as do the connections, they differ enough in appearance that it's obvious which is which. Additionally, the Smith hydrants the ones that have the larger cap on them have a number on the barrel that indicates the size of the main that's feeding the hydrant. If the number is underlined, it's a dead end main, being fed from only one direction so will have lower flow than normal. (As usual, there's an exception to the rule: a different type of hydrant used only in the part of the city served by the Jamaica Water Company, but those are being phased out and replaced.) So the point is that basically the city or FDNY could paint them any way they want to. Most likely the black enamel is the cheapest to apply and maintain.
Would you buy an ipod or back to school clothes if you had $200 dollars?
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G3ibook needs tiger 10.4, will i need anything else to get access to my os control panel? got it used ?
LED tube lights are designed with the latest LED lighting technology and high efficient LEDs, and they are supposed to replace conventional CFLs which are widely used for commercial lighting and residential lighting. Why LED tube lights can replace conventional CFLs? What are the advantages of LED tube lights? LED tube lights feature many advantages when compared to CFLs. LEDs are high efficiency light sources. White LEDs with efficacies of 25 lm/W and up are commercially available, exceeding the performance of incandescent and some fluorescent sources. The directional nature of light produced by LEDs allows the design of luminaires with higher overall efficiency.
Do they sell gas caps with locks as a spare part for a 99 Ford Escort Sport.?
If it is leaking around the glued joint then no you can not fix it with out replacing the joint. No glue or compound on the outside of the glued joint will hold the water pressure from leaking when the water is turned on. It needs to be replaced.
How can I insulate / heat a metal or wooden shed during winter with no electricity?
Go In the search type resin and you should get information on the 'how to' . But be careful craftster is very addicting!