Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Powder

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This product is a new type of polycarboxylate ether superplasticizer powder. A small amount of auxiliary agent was added into the superplasticizer and the mixture became powder with high fluidity after centrifugal spraying and drying, featuring uniform particles, low water content and good solubility.


Suitable for casting concrete used in hydro projects, electricity projects, railways, marine projects, highways, civil constructions, etc. It is mainly used in various dry mortars, grouting materials, plaster products, and ceramic products.


1. Wide application, not only for cement matrix composite but also for plaster materials. It has good adaptability with different kinds of organic admixtures, such as water-soluble high polymers. Re-dispersible emulsion powder has very little effect on this product.

2. High water reducing rate. This product can reduce the usage of water in mortar by more than 20%. When the same amount of water is used in mortar, this product can greatly improve its fluidity.

3. Early strength and high strength. It could improve the early strength and ultimate strength of mortar and could be the best candidate for fast setting requirements.

4. High durability. It could reduce the water-binder ratio of mortar, improve durability, reduce shrinkage and creep loss, and decrease mortar shrinkage and cracking at the later stage of setting.

5. Environmentally friendly. No pollution to the environment during the production process; in line with ISO14000 environmental management system standards.

Usage and precautions

1. Recommended usage amount: 0.1%-0.4%. Please determine the most suitable usage amount through tests.

2. Powdery products require longer stirring time.

3. Fully mix the product with cement or plaster first, before adding water and stirring it; if it is dissolved directly, slowly put the product into the water to prevent coagulating, which slows the dissolution rate.

4. Avoid putting heavy things on the product during storage to avoid agglomeration. The storage temperature should be lower than 40.

5. After unpacking the product, seal it instantly to prevent clumping due to dampness.

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