Borosilicate 3.3 Heat-resistant Glass(Optical lens)

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Inorganic silicate: High borosilicate glass

Product Description:

Product introduction:

Borosilicate glass 3.3 is a type of glass that has become increasingly popular in recent years, due to its excellent thermal and chemical resistance properties. It is composed mainly of silica, boric oxide, aluminum oxide, sodium oxide, and other oxides. This specific combination makes it ideal for use in optical lenses as well as various types of laboratory equipment. Borosilicate 3.3 glass can be used as optical lens for cameras and other equipment.At the same time, its wear resistance is also very prominent.

Borosilicate Glass Optical Lenses are used for a variety of applications such as microscopy and telescopes. The combination of the borosilicate glass material with the precision-made optics allows for superior performance when compared to standard plastic or acrylic lenses. Additionally, Borosilicate Glass Optical Lenses provide increased clarity and color fidelity which helps reduce eye fatigue during extended viewing sessions. 

The composition of Borosilicate Glass 3.3 makes it particularly suitable for high temperature use without compromising on strength or durability; this property can be beneficial when creating optical lenses which require higher temperatures during production processes than what traditional glasses can handle without cracking or melting under pressure. 

Technical Data

Thickness Range:2mm-20mm

Color: ultra-clear, transmittance 92%

Thermal properties

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion (C.T.E) α (20°C~300°C): 3.3×10-6 K-1

Specific heat capacity cƤ (20-100°C) :0.83kJ/(kg·K)

Thermal conductivity λ (90°C):1.2 W/(M·K)

Heat shock temperature:240°C

Annealing Point:560°C

Strain Point: 510°C

Optical data

Optical index of refraction:1.48

Mechanical properties

Density ρ (25°C) :2.23ɡ/cm3

Young's Modulus E (according to DIN 13316):64 kN/mm2

Poisson's Ratio μ (according to DIN 13316):0.2


High borosilicate 3.3 glass is high-temperature resistant glass, heat-resistant glass and temperature difference resistant glass. The linear expansion coefficient is 3.3 ± 0.1 × 10-6 / K, is a glass with sodium oxide (Na2O), boron oxide (b2o2) and silicon dioxide (SiO2) as the basic components. The content of boron and silicon in the glass composition is relatively high, namely, boron: 12.5 ~ 13.5%, silicon: 78 ~ 80%.

The expansion coefficient will affect the stability of glass. The expansion coefficient of borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass is 0.4 times that of ordinary glass. Therefore, at high temperature, borosilicate 3.3 heat-resistant glass still maintains excellent stability and will not crack or break.


Borosilicate Glass 3:3 offers many advantages regarding its usage when making complex optical lenses such as microscopes or telescope components; not only does it have excellent properties against heat distortion but also provides exceptional clarity & colour fidelity necessary when viewing objects at either microscopic level or great distances away respectively - offering users much better visual experiences than many other materials out there today regardless if they’re using them recreationally through hobbyist activities like astronomy/birdwatching etc., professionally through medical research etc.


Pre-cut formats, edge processing, tempering,drilling, coating, etc

 Our company has passed the SGS certification 、SISO9001:2015 certification, and we have also passed the Certificate China National Compulsory Product Certification.Our company has obtained more than 20 national patents,and fireproof glass test report.


Company Introduction

                                                                  China Yaohua Glass Group Co., Ltd.

founded in 1922, china yaohua glass group co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "yaohua group”) is a second-tier subsidiary of triumph science&technology co. ,ltd. it is the first manufacturer in asia to continuously produce flat glass by machine,and is known as “the cradle of chinese glass industry”.

yaohua group, as the core platform of triumph science & technology group for high-quality float and special glass, now has 14independent legal entity enterprises, with assets of over 10-billion-yuan, annual revenue of more than 5 billion yuan and total annual profit of more than 1 billion yuan. the group covers 10 prefecture-level cities in six provinces including heilongjiang, hebei, shandong., henan, anhui and sichuan, with 4000 employees. 

it has three sectors float glass, special glass and deep-processing glass. the special glass unties composed of engyang triumph silicon materials co., ltd. qinhuangdao scinan specialty glass co., ltd.triumph bnegbu glass co., ltd. and cnbm(puyang) photoelectric materials co., ltd.

                                                          Qinhuangdao Scinan Specialty Glass Co., Ltd.

Company Introduction

Founded in 2009 with 65.47 million registered capital and 162 employees, Qinhuangdao Scinan Specialty Glass Co.,Ltd. formerly known as “Qinhuangdao Yaohua Special Glass Co., Ltd.”. The company’s leading products borosilicate flat glass, the annual production capacity of 16425 tons, the products to 3.3 borosilicate flat glass based.


Qinhuangdao Scinan Specialty Glass Co.,Ltd. has researched and developed borosilicate glass products for about 20 years, and has a technical team with excellent professional knowledge and rich experience.


Located in Funing District, Qinhuangdao, the new park is expected to have an annual production capacity of 17,520 tons. It plans to produce 2.6 borosilicate and 3.3 borosilicate glass for household appliances and 4.0 borosilicate fire-resistant glass. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 23 years.




Our service

We provide high-quality services throughout the process:

Before sales, we provide professional product introduction

In sales, we provide high-quality products

After sales, we have a perfect after-sales system

Our advantage

It is the first high-tech enterprise in China to produce borosilicate flat glass products by full electrofusion technology. At present, the domestic market share industry ranks first. The core technology of the production line is self-developed, the key equipment is the most advanced industrial products, the company set borosilicate flat glass production, processing, sales and service as one, sales network has been spread throughout the country and many countries and regions of the world.

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