Satinless steel Hexagon Socket-head cap Bolts OEM Customized

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Item specifice:

Material: Carbon Steel,Stainless Steel Standard: ANSI,BS,DIN,GB,ISO,JIS Power Supply: AC Power,DC Power,Gasoline,Diesel,Shipping industry
Customized: Customized,Non-Customized Surface Treatment: Polishing,Zinc Plated,Nickel Plated,Copper Plated,Chrome Plated

Product Description:

1.Key Specifications/Special Features:

1)Stainless steel Thick shank Hexagon socket bolt

Material: 304, 316, 316L.etc.

2)Hexagonal bolt: according to its head support surface size and installation position size

divided into large hexagonal head and hexagonal head; According to manufacturing quality and

product grade, it is divided into A, B, C three kinds.

Class A bolts are called refined bolts, and Class B bolts are called semi-refined bolts. Class A

and B are suitable for the installation of disassembled structures or important structures whose

connecting parts need to transfer large shear force.

Class C bolts are commonly known as rough bolts and are made by pressing an unfinished round

rod. Suitable for temporary fixation of steel structure installation, or only bearing friction

resistance between steel plates. For important connections, special supports (ox leg or shear

plate) must be added to bear shear force when using coarse bolt connections.


3) High strength bolts are made of different materials from ordinary bolts. High strength bolts

are generally used for permanent connections. M10 to M24 are commonly used. Large specifications

of high strength bolt performance is not stable, should be used carefully.


4) Hexagon socket screws are often used in machinery, mainly for fastening, disassembly, not easy to slip Angle and other advantages. The inner hexagon wrench is generally a 90° bend, the bend end is long and the other side is short. When using the short side to beat the screw, holding the long side can save a lot of force and better fastening the screw. The long end has a round head (hexagonal cylinder similar to a sphere) and a flat head, which can be easily inserted into the screw hole and easily disassembled. The manufacturing cost of the outer hexagonal is much lower than the inner hexagonal, and its advantage is that the screw head (wrench force position) is thinner than the inner hexagonal, and some places are not the inner hexagonal can be replaced. In addition, the cost is low, the dynamic strength is small, the precision requirements of the machine using hexagon screw is much less than the outer hexagon.

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