• 304 Stainless Steel T model Head Bolt M4-M36 System 1
  • 304 Stainless Steel T model Head Bolt M4-M36 System 2
304 Stainless Steel T model Head Bolt M4-M36

304 Stainless Steel T model Head Bolt M4-M36

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Item specifice

Stainless Steel
Power Supply:
AC Power,DC Power,Gasoline,Diesel
Surface Treatment:

1.Key Specifications/Special Features:

1)Stainless steel Coach bolt with thick shank; Material: Customized

2)T head model bolt according to its head support surface size and installation position size

divided into large hexagonal head and hexagonal head; According to manufacturing quality and

product grade, it is divided into A, B, C three kinds.


The T head bolt, which is convenient for the wrench to be stuck or to rely on other parts to start and stop. It can also be used in parts with t-slots to adjust bolt position. Class C square head bolts are often used on rough structures. Square head bolt and hexagonal bolt are the same, but the square head size of this kind of bolt is larger, the surface of force is larger, often used in the rougher structure, also can be used in the parts with T groove, in order to adjust the bolt position.

3) High strength T bolts are made of different materials from ordinary bolts. High strength bolts

are generally used for permanent connections.


T-bolts have a variety of uses: for solar supports, for paper machines to secure the bottom of the machine, for wind power fans and so on. Where other T-bolts are needed. T bolts are usually made of stainless steel and carbon steel.


2. Detail information:

304 Stainless Steel T model Head Bolt M4-M36

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