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How can the pump be stationary?
Rusty, turn with your hands to see the situation, the two bearings filled with lubricating oil.
What's the meaning of a single-stage pump?
I. meaning:Single stage and multistage refers to the number of impellers. Generally equal lift and flow, multi-stage pump than single stage pump power is low, that is, to save power, and high efficiency, long life.Two, how to distinguish?:Water pump said double suction refers to both sides of the water pump has suction port, and single suction pump only from the side of water absorption, single suction pump flow is small, double suction pump flow larger. The axial flow pump blade is a little like the blade of an electric fan. The axial direction of the axial flow pump is smaller, and the flow rate is relatively large, which is mostly used in the first stage pumping station of the water plant. JC is a deep well pump, with a large lift, but the flow is often not large. Centrifugal pumps are the most widely used at present.
Had a water pump start leaking, when I replaced it with a new one, it leaked even worse (around the gasket and O rings this time). The process I took...I unbolted everything and removed the water pumpI scrapped everything off with a wire brushI coated both sides of the gasket with red gasket siliconI mounted the new one and bolted it down tightening in a cross pattern(kinda difficult to get everything lined up)It leaked real bad the first time so I loosened the bolts and played with the top rubber seal to make it seat better.It leaked a little less the second time... but still WAY too much.I completely removed it the third time and (totally distroying the gasket) gooped it up with gasket sealer again, along with the O rings and tried again... leaked worse.Considering options... go with a white or black high heat siliconPossibly just using the sealer with NO gasketGooping the HECK out of it with JB-weld and pray!Suggestions?Know what I did wrong here?
The first thing I was taught on Volvo water pumps was to use NO sealer. Get yourself a new gasket.Make sure the block is clean. Install the gasket on the two studs. Grease the heater pipe o-ring after installing on the pipe. Grease the hole it fits into. Install the top seal on the water pump and coat the surface with grease. Install the pump on the block and make sure the pipe has entered the pump. Tighten the two nuts until the pump is almost contacting the block but still moves easily. Insert a smaller Phillips head screwdriver into the bottom bolt hole of the pump and into the block. Lift the pump ,using the screwdriver ,until you can start the top bolt.Then use the screwdriver to wiggle the pump to start the left side bolt. Once you have started those two bolts,the bottom one will go right in. Tighten it all up and install the heater pipe bolt and you are done.
What are some good brands of aquarium water pumps? I have had bad experiances with Hydor Seltz (cheapest ones I could find, ugg, I know, you get what you pay for) pumps, failing very quickly, and sounding like plastic gears grinding around inside. What is the best kind to get?I need one that's around 150gph
PowerHead? or Sump Pump? I have used hagen aquaclear powerheads on my saltwater tanks for years 24/7 without a problem. I just purchased 3 MaxiJet 1200 powerheads and a wave timer to see haw they do, 6 months now 24/7 and so far so good. The longest lasting Sump Pump that I have ever owned is made by Ehime, I've had it for 14 years now and it's still going in one of my tanks. I better cross my fingers on that one.LOL
I'm not talking about for a car. Just the standard water pump for you house. Ours won't click on when it's supposed to. First we had to hit the tank itself, and now we have to tap the box on top (I'm assuming some sort of fuse box as there are wires coming out of it). It's getting ridiculous and I'm just ready to buy a new one, but I'm not sure where all you can buy one.
Lowe's Home Depot etc. The question is why in the world are you messing with a connection junction box (ie; electricity) and water when there are professionals out there to do the troubleshooting for you.... heck maybe even save you money in the long run. It may not be the pump, but a short in the electrical.
I need to get my timing belt and water pump replaced, its been 100,000 km , just wondering, what exactly these things do, i want to know more about my car, and just how much this would cost to take care of, my dealership says almost a 1000, including labour, does this seem right.
First, what determined the desire for the timing belt? If this is as a results of get replaced as area of the commonplace upkeep agenda, wonderful. And why do you want a gas pump? If the vehicle runs wonderful because it truly is, i might want to question that. The gas pump is often placed contained in the gas tank that is a discomfort to interchange, so i'm not particular that that complete fee is quite unreasonable. BTW, even as replacing the timing belt, this is consistently stated you replace the water pump at the same time, because this is placed good there, and may want to dodge having to do a similar troublesome artwork lower back between belt replacements. you may also call diverse different shops on your area and get an estimate of what they could fee for a similar service. also, you should use the link presented to locate a mechanic on your area who has strong comments thoughts from purchasers. seek for 'locate a Mechanic and enter your zip code for the information...(you may want to favor to envision out the full web site, for interesting and vehicle information)... wish that permits! EDIT: sure at 110k it truly is going to be due for the T-belt/water pump, now this is merely buying the deal!
The flow of the pump will be reduced, the speed will change, the power of the motor will change?
To be sure, the flow rate decreases and the speed decreases! The change of power depends on the change of the lift! If the flow rate decreases and the head rises, the power is likely to remain unchanged!
Why is the water pump usually used multi-stage pumps, while the circulating pump is usually a single-stage pump?
The circulating pump is usually used in the closed-loop system, circulating pump will be generated when the pump pressure, the pressure is also said, and the suction pump up is in normal pressure system, the outlet of the closed-loop system, when the system pressure is 0.1MPa, the water pump for water system needs higher than 0.1MPa, the difference of pressure difference the greater the water faster, on the contrary, the smaller the slower the pressure difference; so the normal work must want water pump outlet pressure is greater than the system pressure. The replenishment pump is usually multi-stage pumps, and circulating pumps are usually single pump is wrong, as long as the replenishment pressure difference to meet the requirements, multi-stage pumps and single-stage pumps are not affected.(single stage pump and multi-stage pump difference: 1, single-stage pump water level "is a wheel is a level", an impeller, no other brothers and sisters for help; and a plurality of multi-stage pump impeller, there are brothers and sisters for its help, so that his ability to work is high. Just as a man works alone and a lot of people work together, the work is differentTherefore, as long as the design requirements are met, it is not important to select multi-stage pumps and single-stage pumps.