Color coated sheet for home electrical appliances

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Hot Rolled

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electric control cabinet,refreigerators,washing machine,air conditioner and hi-fi-equipment

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High-strength Steel Plate





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zinc coated color steel coils

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Packaging Detail:Standard export packaging
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Color Coated Steel Coil 
it has beauatiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion

Electrical household appliances painting steel is based on hot dipped galvanized steel and cold rolled steel , ithis PPGI steel sheet has beautiful outlook and is flexible and anti-corrosion ,it can meets the requirements of high-precise processing equipments and is mainly used on producing refrigerators ,washing machines ,air conditioner and hi-fi equipment.

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Q:What is a straight cold refrigerator?
The direct cold air mixing refrigeration room adopts direct cooling, the freezing room adopts air cooling, the most comprehensive technology, the effect is also the best, but the structure is too complex, high cost, production of manufacturers is not too much. The so-called mini refrigerator usually refers to the insulation box about 20 liters, because of the semiconductor refrigeration device, thus can refrigeration heating, refrigeration temperature range but belongs to the refrigeration range, reach below freezing temperature, for more medical car refrigerator, refrigerator.
Q:Can the refrigerator stop for a long time?
If the refrigerator is disabled, you should pay attention to the following points:1. Unplug the refrigerator and unplug all the things in the fridge. Open the door of refrigerator for frost thawing, please don't pay attention to defrost the weapon, the evaporator is easy Chuo aluminum leakage. Clean the fridge from inside to outside with a clean cloth. There must be no water.
Q:The refrigerator and the adjusting knob number is more cold or more small cold?
There is a 0-7 stall in the refrigerator of the refrigerator, which can adjust the temperature. But most users do not know the role of this gear and how to use it. Today, I will briefly introduce the function and usage of refrigerators, refrigerators and stalls:The refrigerator of the mechanical temperature control refrigerator is provided with a gear position, which is actually a temperature controller. This refrigerator temperature control knob is marked with 0-7 numbers. These figures do not mean the specific temperature of the refrigerator. It represents the range of temperature control in the refrigerator and the temperature range of the control. Adjust the temperature controller of the refrigerator properly to reduce the power consumption. So what's the function of the thermostat mark number?
Q:What is the reason that the refrigerator has not been able to stop for several hours?,
2, reason two:It will lead to the refrigerator does not stop refrigerator thermostat failure, this generally are in hot weather, this is mainly refrigerator thermostat temperature sensing head can not feel the temperature change and the control circuit board inside the refrigerator fails.Resolvent:The temperature controller of the refrigerator is out of order. If you can not check the cause of the malfunction of the thermostat or the fault can not be ruled out, you can only replace the thermostat of the refrigerator.
Q:Refrigerator refrigeration has 7 stalls, and now the winter is very cold, you need to transfer to a few stalls ah!
Temperature control stalls should be adjusted according to seasonal changes in temperature, winter tune in the 4-5 stalls, the spring and autumn season in 3 stalls, summer regulation in 1-2 stalls can be, the 0 gear is stall, and the 7 file is forced refrigeration.
Q:Common sense in refrigerators: the difference between computer control and mechanical control
Computer temperature control refrigerator defects:The main drawback is the complexity of the circuit, is not conducive to maintenance, and higher prices.If you just need to store food to meet the daily storage requirements, mechanical temperature control refrigerator is the first choice. If some friends are very strict with the food requirements of freshness and nutrition, they should choose the refrigerator with computer temperature control. In addition, machinery used in simple, low cost and refrigerator, computer temperature control, can simultaneously accept multiple sensor information, according to the location of each different temperature to make a comprehensive judgment, more conducive to saving energy, but the cost and cost will be expensive, suitable for use in high-grade large refrigerator.Now the temperature control technology is very mature, as long as the quality of the parts, whether mechanical or electronic temperature control, can be used to live, no mechanical love bad to say, is that the product quality is inferior with the original!
Q:What should I pay attention to when using the refrigerator?
Considerations for using the new refrigeratorThe power used for household refrigerator 220V, AC single-phase 50Hz power supply, normal operation, the voltage fluctuation allowed between 187-242V, if large fluctuations or fluctuated, will affect the normal work of the compressor, the compressor will even burn. The refrigerator should be used in single-phase three hole socket, single connection. Users without grounding devices shall be provided with ground wire to prevent induction. Set the ground, can not be used tap water and gas pipelines do not ground, received a telephone line and a lightning rod. Pay attention to the protection of power line insulation layer shall not arbitrarily change the weight of the wire, or extended power line. After check, the refrigerator should be placed for 2 to 6 hours after the start, in order to avoid oil fault (refrigerator after handling), the power supply is switched on, listen to the voice in the startup and operation of the compressor is normal, whether there is a pipeline strike against each other's voice, if the noise is too large, check whether the product is placed smoothly, each pipe is contacted, and make corresponding adjustment. If there is a loud abnormal sound, the power should be cut off immediately and contact the professional repair personnel.
Q:Do you save more energy or less electricity in the fridge?
Eight minutes of food storage is more suitable. When the food in the fridge is too small, the heat capacity will become smaller, and the refrigerator door will accelerate the release of the air conditioner. The compressor will start frequently and the power consumption will be increased. When the stored food is full, it is not conducive to the circulation of cold air, and the ice in the refrigerator is easy to freeze. The running time of the compressor will be increased, and the power consumption will be increased. Therefore, 80% of the volume of food stored inside the refrigerator is appropriate.
Q:What's the icing on the back wall of the fridge?
In order to reduce the appearance of frost this situation, suggested that users should pay attention to in the use of the refrigerator: the refrigerator door and open the door to reduce the number of time; the refrigerator door must be closed to prevent leakage; the refrigerating chamber for placing food to have a certain gap, try not to close to the refrigerator interior biliary wall, it is best to use plastic wrap seal placed food water the note; the water drain is dirty is blocked, if blocked, to timely dredging.
Q:How many gears is the refrigerator going to now?
Adjust the temperature controller, gear or temperature according to the change of temperature. Generally, winter is adjusted to 5-7 gears (temperature 2-4 degrees Celsius), summer is 1-3 gears (temperature 6-8 degrees Celsius). There's frost in the freezer, and it's probably because the temperature is too high. Because the summer temperature is relatively high, so if the temperature stalls too high, the refrigerator temperature is difficult to achieve, so it led to the boot time is too long, resulting in increased power consumption. If the ambient temperature at 38 degrees, it will cause the refrigerator does not stop completely

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