Robot Cleaner/Cleanmate QQ2-LTV Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description:

Product Description


  • A rolling brush on the bottom, a side brush for cleaning along walls and other objects,

  • An ultraviolet light to help with disinfection, even has a compartment for adding fragrance to the air as it cleans

  • Cleaning floor: Wooden floor, ceramic tile, Stone floor, carpet, Linoleum, etc.

  • 5 kinds of cleaning style: Special Bounce, Spiral, Along Wall,"S" Shape, and Polygonal Spiral

  • LED display, show the work situation of machine on LED SCREEN

  • Time setting: AUTO clean for you in one week if you set it on the station of machine.

  • Sensors at the front and sides of the unit tell the CleanMate QQ2-TV when it comes in contact with a wall or other obstacle, to back up, turn and clean around the object.

  • Compact remote control can easily command it to clean any part of the room.
    The CleanMate QQ2-TV is equipped with a light sensor. When the battery is low, or the cleaning time is completed, the unit will automatically search for the docking station to recharge.

  • Photo sensors on the underside of the front of the unit detect stairs, and other drop offs, to keep it from falling off the edge and damaging the unit or anything else.Sonic Wall will create an invisible barrier that the Clean Mate will not cross

  • Certificate : CE, UL, RoHs and GS

1. Robotic vacuum cleaner QQ2 can clean all kinds of floors.

  2.Transparent Large-capacity trash bin, easy to take,wash and install.

 Cleanmate QQ2-LTV Robot Vacuum Cleaner

3. Unique removable roolling brush can easily help you to remove hair
nd scraps on the brush.

Cleanmate QQ2-LTV Robot Vacuum Cleaner
4. With stronger UV sterilization

5.LCD display , show the work situation of machine on LCD SCREEN

6. Time setting: AUTO clean for you in one week if you set it on the stat   ion of machine.
7. Patent 5 kinds of cleaning style : Special Bounce, Spiral,   Along Wall  "S" Shape, Polygonal Spiral.


Model NO.: QQ2-LTV
Application: Dry
Feature: Without Bag
Classification: Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Type: Cyclone
Certification: CE
Color: White/Green/ Pink / Silver / Black
Diameter :36cm
Dust Bin Capaci t y:0.3 liter
Speed :16.5~18.5 cm/sec
Voltage: DC 14.4V
Power consumption: 25W
Remote controller type :IR
Indicator type :LCD Display
Noise Level: 70dB
Cleaning Algorithms1.  Special Bounce2.  Spiral3.    Along Wall4.    "S" Shape5.   Polygonal Spiral
Charging Time: 2.5hours
Battery : Ni-MH 2500mA
Running Time: Min. 70 minutes
Room coverage :4.8m*4.0 in 30min.
Gift box size55.8*42*13.8cm
Carton Size60*58*46.5cm( 4pcs/CTN)
N.W & G.W per Carton15.7KG/21.0KG
Loading by container640PCS( 1x20' )



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Q:A multiple function vacuum cleaner?
hoover spinbrush---sams club :)
Q:Why does my puppy ............?
she doesn't understand what it is. she's probably scared of it, so she goes to her instincts. try pushing it toward her while it's turned off. or just set it somewhere and coax her to coming to it. let her sniff it and paw it or whatever she does. it'll teach her that it's not going to hurt her.
Q:I want to buy a robotic vacuum for my husband's birthday. Any suggestions?
My mother gave me a Roomba vacuum for Christmas, and I just love it. It's very easy to use, just turn it on and it goes by itself, around furniture and any obstacle and turns around when it gets to the stairs. We have tile and area rugs (like under the dining room table, etc.) and it doesn't do so well on the rugs. For the tile and wood floor, it's great.
Q:Why are Dogs afraid of Vacuum cleaners? ?
Some dogs are some aren't. My dog doesn't mind the vacuum cleaner at all. I'm always telling him to move when I'm cleaning or I'd have to run over him.
Q:why are lights on vacuum cleaners
I think its so you can see when u r cleaning places with little light such as closets with no light and under tables and couches and stuff
Q:Would selling vacuum cleaners for a living suck?
Only if you walked around with it in your mouth.
Q:Are Kirby vacuum cleaners really as good as they say they are?
I own two of for upstairs one for downstairs.They are very good machines.if something breaks,which is rare,it is easily fixed with replacement parts.Now the reason I own two is because they are so darn heavy.(Metal Parts).I used to but a new Hoover every year or two.I have owned Electrolux and Also Phantom.The negative aspects of Kirby are;They are not Bagless ,the hose has to be attached when you need it by taking the machine apart,They are pretty heavy. But I believe they will last forever.The attachments are endless you can order all kinds of things that can be attached to your Kirby.( I have a set of Kirby hair clippers that I use to cut my Boys hair and they are awesome the hair sucks right into the hose)The only other Vacuum I would be interested in Owning is the Dyson.Primarily because I do miss on board attachments ,Not having to buy bags,and a lighter weight machine.But I have had both of my Kirbys for sometime and I just cant seem to break one.
Q:What are hovering vacuums?
I know the ones your asking about. They are actually sweepers and not vacuums. These are the little round units that run around by themselves. They work pretty good, but on carpet you will need to run the vacuum on occasion as stated above because it just sweeps.
Q:Question about my vacuum?
yes it should spin by hand it sounds like a bearing has seized these may be part of the motor itself and non replaceable good sign of this is any grinding noise when trying to turn the motor, or the motor brushes have worn down or cracked and this can jam the motor
Q:how do I get dog hair off of a fabric couch?
This removes fluff from clothes so it will also work on your couch since it is fabric. Good luck

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