Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Remote Controller

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$112.00 - 128.00 / set
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500 Sets set
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50000 Sets per Month set/month

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Product Description:


Newest Design Multifunction Robot Vacuum Cleaner  


Work Voltage :14.4 V
Input Voltage:AC 110-240 V
Power:24 W
Dustbin Capacity:0.35 L
Charging Time:5 hours
Noise Level:Less 50dB
Working Time:90-120 minutes after full charging
The Minimum Area One Charge 120-150 Square meter
Battery:2200 Lithium battery
Body Size:330*90 mm
Remote Control Size:126*35.5*10 mm
Color Available:White, Blue, White, Black
Print Logo:Yes

  1) Along wall edges mode


  2) Spot cleaning mode

  3) Preset Working Time

  4) Virtual wall

  5) Mopping function

  6) Alarm function

  7) Auto-recharging 

  8) Anti-fall system

  9) Non-marring bumper 

  10) Touch-sensitive sensor 

  11) With remote controller

  12) Low Noise,less than 45dB 

  13) LED Touch Screen

  14) Can clean mass mess 



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Q:Vacuum cleaners for pet hair?
I have a HOOVER-SAVVY it's under $300 and if you get the extended 3 yr. warranty should still be under $300. I used to go through a vacuum once a year and we didn't even have carpet... They would just die and I'd throw em' out. I got my HOOVER-SAVVY almost 5 yrs. ago as a birthday present and I LOVE it... I have 2 toddler and a large breed dog that sheds... It's NEVER failed me. I clean houses part-time for extra money and I started by using the clients vacuum... One day I brought my own vacuum from hom after I vacuumed the carpets I re-vacuumed with my HOOVER and I was AMAZED at all the stuff it picked up on a carpet that looked clean! So, I was sold! I vacuum EVERYDAY my house as well as 2 others... The vacuum works very, very well. Since I have the warranty I take my vacuum in 2x a yr. I'll usually call the customer service line with my policy number and tell them it's clogged or something weird.. I get a whole clean/check for FREE and it works like new! The vacuum doesn't take belts,bags so it's virtually maintance free. The only down side is the filters can be expensive. I have found them on sale at BEST BUY for under $40 for both... They last with normal use 2 yrs. For me since I have kids/pet and I clean other people's houses with children/pets. I replace mine every yr!... The vacuum isn't completely lightweight... I've tried those and have found they don't have enough horsepower.. This vacuum isn't super-heavy or superlight it's inbetween! It's easy to empty and replace the filters. It also has onboard attachments for furniture and high/hard to reach places. Though I like to use a wet/dry shopvac once a week on my furniture it's faster cuz. the attachments are bigger! Good luck
Q:Do you know anyone who collects vacuum cleaners as a hobby?
As unique and crazy as that sounds, I've never herd of such an activity. If you ask me it sounds rather odd, and pointless. I personally don't like vacuums though, they tend to make a lot of noise pollution and I just can't stand that. But, I guess all people have different things they find to their likings, but this is one thing I'll never understand.
Q:My pitbull is viciously aggressive?
You must understand that bully breeds are extremely strong willed in order to tame her you must take the time out to establish who is the most dominant being in the house. Bully breeds have developed a bad reputation over the years with their highly aggressive behaviors which is not there simply because it is in their genetics but because many of them have had owners who did not know the proper way to handle them. Another reason is because she is still in her puppy years which means it is the best time to perhaps take her to a dog trainer. I did this with my bull terrier 4 years ago who was extremely hyper. The trainer helped alot and gave me alot of advice that put an end to his hardheaded behavior.
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners make so much noise!?
I now but they are hollow so maybe that's why?
Q:Is the an effective way to clean out laptop fans?
I use compressed air and something thin to reach/break apart the bigger pieces. I find it more efficient to pick out the bigger pieces of dust.
Q:How do you milk vacuum cleaners?
I can milk anything with nipples. Since a vacuum doesn't, i'm sorry but it can't be done. Good Luck!
Q:Don't dogs make the best vacuum cleaners.?
Yeah,...dogs suck!
Q:My vacuum cleaner isnt working???? HELP!?
first check the attachments, if you don't have suction, then the machine is clogged, if you have a shop vac or another vacuum you can use its attachments to try and pull the clog back out the way it came in ( sometimes you can use a broom stick to push a clog out but you need to be careful not to tear the hose ). If you have suction and the brush roll doesn't turn than the belt is broken or stretched out ( they should be changed every six months to a year ) consult the owners manual on how to change the belt, or take it to a vacuum shop most can change the belt on the spot for pretty cheap.
Q:Do bad vacuum cleaners suck, or blow?
There's a story for this, but I really think Yahoo would give me a violation for it! Let's just say.... my step dad was an idiot and that the vacuum cleaner was bad. My mom had a hilarious story about it! LOL I think it sucked! Haha!!
Q:Does this vacuum cleaner have a hose?
You type well for being blind. The hose is between the canister and floor wand. That is not an elephant trunk in the picture. Yes, the hose comes off, just like all vacuum cleaners. You also posted in the auto repair category.

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