Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Mopping function #CNRB702

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Product Description:

Model: CNRB702

Quick Details

Type: Ultra Fine Air Filter 

Bag Or Bagless: Bagless 

Function: Dry 

Certification: CE, EMC, EMF, GS, RoHS 

Power (W): 25 Voltage (V): 14.4  

Brand Name: OEM 

Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China (Mainland) 

Input: AC100-240V 

Dustbin Capacity: 0.14L 

Charging Time: 8hrs 

Working Time: 30/70mins 

Battery: 800/1500mAh NI-MH battery 

Packaging Details:


GB size: 34*34*14.5cm 

Carton size(4pc/ctn): 56.5 *36.5*37cm Container 

loading: 20ft": 1488pcs; 40ft": 2850pcs, 40HQ:3580pcs

Delivery Detail:30 days

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Is it best to go for a more powerful vacuum cleaner?

The power of a vacuum cleaner’s motor is measured in Watts. The higher the Wattage the better it will clean, as long as the machine is well designed with good air flow and suction power too. However, the higher the wattage, the noisier the machine will be. With upright vacuum cleaners. you don’t need to have so much wattage or suction power as you do with a cylinder cleaner as the dirt has less distance to travel before it reaches the bag or dust container. The type of brushes are more of an important consideration with uprights than the power. You don’t always want to have a vacuum cleaner operating at full power for example, when cleaning upholstery or curtains, so it’s useful to be able to adjust the power level yourself.

Which attachments should I look out for?

Most vacuum cleaners come with three attachments, a crevice tool, upholstery and dusting brushes and a small head which is best for vacuuming stairs. You can also get additional turbo brushes which have their own motor for extra suction which are useful for cleaning deep-pile carpets or a power cleaning head which has electrically powered rotating brushes. A hard-floor or parquet brush is useful for wooden or tiled floors. Some cleaners have extendable tubes which are useful for hard to reach areas like cobwebs in the corners of ceilings.

I have a large house? What should I look out for?

Look for a cleaner with a large cleaning head – this will help cut down the amount of time it takes to vacuum a room. Also get as long a lead as you can get to cut down on the number of times you have to unplug the lead and plug it in again. You may also want to consider getting a model with a large capacity dust collector or bag so that you don’t have to empty it as frequently. If you have a lot of stairs, you may want to get a cylinder model with a long stretchy stair-cleaning hose.

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Q:What brands of vacuum cleaners are the best and not too expensive?
I have gone through numerous sweepers to find the best one for pet hair and the best one is the Oreck. It is expensive though, about 300.00 but worth every penny.
Q:Who has owned and recommends Electrolux vacuum cleaners?
I bought a Guardian Aerus Electrolux. The Electrolux at Sears is a Fancy Kenmore with the Electrolux label. The true Electrolux has to have the Aerus Logo. Check with dealers. At first I loved mine but then it started losing suction. I had it serviced but it was never the same. I would recommend the SEBO it is a hospital grade vacuum and I like it SOOO much better! I have three kids with allergies and a dog... I had to have a good vacuum and I have owned Kirbie's, Electrolux, Stand up traded it up right away, for the Guardian, after a few years hated it it was bulky and lost suction, traded up for a Sebo and WOW I love it... And it is a stand up. But the suction is just as good as a canister.. Usually Canisters have more suction.... My mother also loves her Sebo and she has 4 dogs. We are corky and one day bored we argued over who had the better vacuum... Needless to say she won... I used the Guardian and then she went over the same spot with the Sebo and I was impressed on how much stuff she was able to pick up!!!
Q:Why did Soviets use that aquamarine blue color everywhere?
It's just a cultural illusion ie. the color 'blue' is popular in Russia<and many countries including the USA but you are just seeing its use in another cultural context. Russian airborne troops were called 'Blue Berets'. Early NKVD/Cheka forces in the early Stalin era wore blue berets... There's a blue/camo used by troops in Russia...BUT it's only noticable really because one is comparing one culture to another ie. why do US police wear dark blue? Why are there so many green uniforms and green berets? Look more closely into Russian things ie. there's a great variety of colors...but blue is a popular color! I hear RED has been popular too. LOL
Q:are dirt devil vacuum cleaners evil?
Cover the word devil with duct tape and replace it by writing vacuum with a sharpie on the tape.
Q:Can other cleaners be used in rug doctor cleaning vacuum?
Sure,I have used bleach and water as one pster suggested.I have also used mean green and water,fantastic and water.You can also use laundry soap and water.OR any store bought cleaners for steam cleaners.
Q:Whats the best Hardwood floor vacuum?
I use an Oreck vacuum on my hardwood floors. I've had many vacuum cleaners in my life and now only use and Oreck, its the best IMO. It's lightweight so you don't feel like you're hauling a monster around, easy maneuverable, suction power is fantastic, the service is great too. Just an excellent cleaner.
Q:What are the top vacuum cleaners reported by Consumer Reports this year?
I'm impressed with Dyson. It's not too heavy to drag around and it has no bags to empty. You just remove the top section and chuck out the dust. It does a brilliant job.
Q:Greatest air watt suction, in a bagless vacuum cleaner?,?
Dyson Air Watts
Q:Need help buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hair?
I own the Bissell. I have a Siberian Husky and Shepard mix. The vacuum does good with picking up hair and the attachments make it good for getting hair off my black comforter. My only complaint is that the container that holds all the hair and dirt is too small. It fills up after just one room. So I'm constantly having to empty it. It can also overfill so you have to be careful of that. You just have to pull hair out of the filters. Also, it's gets really dirty for some reason (the outside). So I have to wipe it down ever few months. (I feel like Monica on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. vacuuming the vacuum!) Which is about when I clean out the filters too. Just read the reviews on all the vacuums! The Bissell does have a lot of good reviews. Good luck!
Q:Oreck Vacuum Cleaners
I have a cheap ole Hoover from Wal Mart but if I were to spend the money, I'd seriously be looking at the Dyson vacuum with the ball. Yes Oreck is top of the line and so is Dyson, I like the idea of the maneuverability the ball on the Dyson gives.

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