Industrial Vacuum Cleaner High Suction Efficiency

Ref Price:
$110.00 / pc
Loading Port:
Taichung Port, Taiwan
Payment Terms:
Min Order Qty:
210 Pieces pc
Supply Capability:
10000 Pieces per Month pc/month

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Product Description:

Features Of Our Products : 


1. Wet And Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
2. High Quality With Ametek Motor
3. 100% Made In Taiwan
4. Professional OEM ability

5. Consecutively operate 200 hours non stop     
6. Low noise 68 dB, High suction efficiency   
7. Excellent reputation since 15 years marketing in Japan as good quality products         

8. For commercial use,for Industrial application,Hardware field and car using

9. New Waterproof Material HEPA Filter Be Used


Product Description:




1. Industrial wet and dry vacuum cleaner


2. Accessories: standard

     -Master nozzle

     -Flat nozzle

     -Floor nozzle

     -Brush nozzle

     -Pipe set

     -Joint handle

     -Hose (2.5m )

 3. With Ametek Motor



100V / 110V

Body (tank material)

PE (plastic)


1200W, 2 stage


13.2Amp / 12Amp

Max. Air Flow

3.5 (m3/min)

Max. Vacuum Pressure

25 Kpa



Capacity of Dust container



406*433*633 mm



Gross weight


Motor power

Two-stage adjustable

High : 1200W  Low : 650W

Box size




Price(F.O.B Taiwan)






Products Rangs : 

Industrial vacuum cleaner

Wet / dry vacuum cleaner

Water filter vacuum cleaner
Central vacuum cleaner
Kitchen Range Hood
Pond vacuum cleaner



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Q:How many of you prefer a portable over a central vac and why?
I've never owned a house with a suitable location for a central vac. I have worked in houses that had them, and if you were anywhere in the vicinity of the central unit while it was in use, it was as loud as a jet taking off. You wouldn't want to be there without ear protection. I'd want to put it in its own soundproof room. I have used central vacs quite a bit, since I was a housecleaner for 6 years, and they didn't particularly impress me.
Q:Where do they sell hepa vacuum cleaners? $129.95 for vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter
Q:Vacuum cleaners: Dyson 24 or shark Navigator-which would be easier for a wheelchair user to use?
The new dyson dc24 with the ball is super duper light weight and easy to push and turn. I don't know anything about a shark. The dyson is nice because the hose is so easy to pop out, and it has a handle so one could easily clean crevices and corners. The switches are on the main part of the vacuum, right below the handle and above the canister. It would work very well in a small room because it is a small vacuum.
Q:is there a place that will let you rent vacuum cleaners for like a few hours or a day?
I think so.I know at Publix, they rent out steam cleaners for the carpet.Google and ask people in your area.I am sure someone knows.They sell cheap $20 vacs at Walmart though.It is probably cheaper.
Q:Is it ok to get vacuum cleaners filters wet?
you can actually rinse these with water to remove dirt, but then let dry before reusing
Q:Cost to get vacuum fixed?
This may sound silly, but it happened to me. Our vacuum brush roller stopped working, too. Turned out that the sliding switch that gave the bare floor/carpet option wasn't fully engaged. If you have a switch like that, check it. Also, if you still have the manual for it you may want to check under the troubleshooting section or look on their website. At any rate, I take my vacuum cleaners to Sears for repairs. It usually runs me $60.00 - $80.00, depending on the problem. You may want to shop around. Ask people in your area who they go to. Sears is more expensive, but they're reputable and stand behind their work. Hope this helps!
Q:Is there such a thing as a quiet vacuum cleaner?
Hi Tessa, I haven't come across one yet. Some are quieter than others though. Have the sales person plug it in before you buy a new one. Check several before you make your decision. I make the salesperson dismantle the brush roller, put on a new belt ,if it has one, you name it. I'm very sensitive to fighting a vacuum just to change a belt, or to clean the brushes! I guess I'm just plain old mean. Bye
Q:Where are vacuums manufactured?
Home vacuum cleaners? Try different brands. Oreck, for instance. Just google their name. In fact, I think they still make their vacuum cleaners in the US. Most other brands probably manufacture in China although their corporate headquarters could be in the US. To find other names, just google something like vacuum cleaners buy You'll get a list of companies. Then google the companies' names to find their headquarters. Or go down to KMart etc. and look for the origin of manufacture on the machines. Look for the word China.
Q:does anyone own a refurbished Dyson vacuum cleaner? do they work well or break down within months?
Personally I would stay well away from ANY Dyson vacuum cleaner refurbished or not! I had one and it was the worst cleaner I've ever had. Dyson's 'no loss of suction' claim is just not true, it got easily clogged up and I was forever taking mine apart to get it to suck properly. There were so many bits of pipe you had to unclip to do this it was a real chore. It also had a sponge filter which would affect the suction when it had the smallest amount of dust in it. The motor went in mine after 2 years, it cost £80 to replace but it never really worked properly afterwards. I threw it out eventually and bought a Henry which is really simple to use and sucks like a demon all the time.
Q:My vacuum cleaner isnt working???? HELP!?

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