Robot Cleaner/Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for Household

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Product Description:

Product Description

Smart Robotic
Wireless with remote control
Home charging base

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Industry minimum MOQ.
The longest testing times of this product.
The mature production line, skilled production workers.
Thirty years of experience in industrial design and production.
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Vacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for HouseholdVacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for HouseholdVacuum Cleaner, Robot Cleaner for Household
Product Description
Auto Charging
Sonic wall (Virtual wall)
Anti-falling Sensor
RF Remote control
Non-collided and Soft-touched
80 minute variable cleaning time
2 Rolling brush by triangle allocation.
2 Side brush.
UV Light
Noise Max. 55dB
(Brushless Suction Motor)
Battery Type Ni MH 2800mAH
Fast charging Time Max 2.6hrs

 Product Dimensions 13 (Diameter)X 3.15 Inches(H)
 Weigh 3.9kg
 Suction Power Speed 1.2meters Per Second, 11500rmp Vacuum Motor
 Fast Adapter/ Charger Output 20VDC 1000mA Input: 100-240V 50-60Hz
 Battery Ni-MH 14.4V, 2.5ah Rechargeable, 2.6 Hours of Char
 Noise 55dbat Distance of 1m (3ft)
 Lift Time of UV Ray 6000hours Continuously
 Capacity of Dust Bin 0.32 Liter
 Moving Speed of Machine 18.5-20.5cm/Sec
 Types of Movement 5 Types: Spot Spiral, Special Bounce, Along Wall,

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Q:Vacuum will not turn off?
since you pulled it out of the bottom i would look for a wire to the switch that might have been pulled off
Q:I have a math question if anyone would like to help me. Please tell me how to slove it then give me the answer?
He must sell $8000 because if he kept one eighth of it, he would have $1000
Q:Can you list all the companies that ever made vacuum cleaners and the names of the vacuum cleaners?
No. Hoover, Eureka, Kirby, Dyson, Oreck, Dirt Devel ... that's all I got.
Q:Hi Aussies, is my wage fair? (sales job) Should I quit?
tell your boss to get screwed!!! thats so low its not funny!!!!
Q:Do Vacuum Cleaners Cause Some Dust To Go Into The Air?
Most cleaners have filters in them that are replaceable that stop dust being put back into the air, but some small amount is bound to get in the air. if you have some sort of allergy check what sort of filtration you can get with cleaners.Some are better than others.
Q:Cats and vacuum cleaners?
We've only had one cat who liked vacuum cleaners lol It was one of those cylinder ones and from being a kitten he would sit on it and ride around the floor as we used it.We had it on a circuit breaker for safety as he loved it so much.
Q:Which vacuum is best for people with allergies?
A house vac, called a central vac is a great idea but they are expensive to have installed. If it is really that important to you, you should look into it. They are also kind of a pain. I own a cleaning business and I would say 75% of my customers have allergies of some sort. I have three Oreck vacuums now. They are great! I use them in multiple houses and allergies are not being bothered at all. These vacs are light, have amazing suction and they have fabric bags that pull allergens and dust mites out of the air as well as off the floors. They switch from carpet to harwood with no foot work. I bought my first one new from Oreck (expensive), then I realized I could get them in near new condition off craigslist so that is what I do now. I bring them to my local Oreck store, have them cleaned and tuned up and they are good to go. I have tried Kenmore, Eureka, Dyson, I had issues with all if them. The nice thing about the Oreck is when you pull the bag out of the vac, it closes while you pull so there are no dust clouds choking you like bag-less. Hope this helps!
Q:What's the best way to make a vacuum stronger?
I don't think the seal between the impeller blades and the side of the enclosure is very good. This is a toy, after all. It looks like air is sucked into the middle and pushed outwards. You may be able to do something with some caulk. It looks like it uses 2 C or D cells now for 3 volts, you could up it to 3 cells for 4.5 volts. The motor may burn out. .
Q:What do you call the type of person who buys a vacuum cleaner to use it once and then returns it?
The predator.
Q:I need help in choosing a vacuum?
i have had all different vacuums the one i have is the best i have ever had,oreck,it has great suction and very light weight i have upright and the cylander they are easy push pic dog hair up and get right into the pile to both great i have had it years but they still sell them,i also kept my old dyson the dco1 because all the other dysons seem to go wrong,the handles break the motor dosnt last 2 minutes you dont hve that problem with o1,but i would definitly recomend the oreck good luck hope you get sorted

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