Smart Vacuum Cleaner for Swimming Pool

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Swimming pool robot vacuum cleaner

- Comes complete with 10m hose, deflector ring, skimmer elbow and mouth set.
- Great cleaning on all pool surfaces. 


Galaxy Pool Cleaner

The Automatic Pool Cleaner cleans all pool surfaces, concrete, fibreglass and vinyl lined pools.

Its rapid, comprehensive cycle maximises water circulation making your pool hygienic and sparkling



The Galaxy cleans all pool areas including steps and corners with its advanced computerised steering,

the unit is high speed, high suction and operates silently. The hose connectors swivel 360 and has a

streamlined rudder.


The Pool Cleaner is fitted with Smart, 2 way gyro wheels that ensure smooth manoeuvrability.

It also comes with 4 easily changeable nozzles for compatibility with existing filter systems. The nozzle

removes easily for cleaning of debris.


The  pool cleaner saves you money on chemicals and electricity and operates unsupervised.


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Q:What is the development status of vacuum cleaners?
Since the late 1990s, sales of vacuum cleaners in China have risen at an annual rate of 38%
Q:Is there a term for phobia of vacuum cleaners?
vacuum phobia vacuum cleaner phobia dust-free phobia? suction phobia? dysonphobia? !*you can come up with your own*! ;)
Q:How many Psi/Atm needed for a low pressure and a high pressure vacuum cleaners such as the Kreepy Krauler ones?
You can never have more than 1 atm in a vacuum system. Obviously the more vacuum you generate, the better it will clean. Most vacuum cleaners probably produce between 50-80 inches of water vacuum.
Q:Anyone have a Hepa Air Cleaners?
I have one and the people in my house who have allergies don't seem to react...
Q:Is it true that if you accidentally vacuum metal, that can cause a fire?
Its possible, but about as likely as winning the lottery twice in a day. The material you pick up is irrelevant anything that jams the motor can cause the motor to overhaet and if you just stare at it for a while there is the remote possibility that the motor will heat up enough to combust the material around it. Ie flammable dust, lint, etc...
Q:Vacuum Sales?
Poor sales
Q:What should I do when my story for an anime or manga is about to crumble?
Long story short: 1.) Give up and start a new one. 2.) Come up with some ideas for how to continue the story. This paragraph is missing a topic sentence, so I have no Idea what the point of it was, I know I have a lot of ideas, but I have also thought about using other peoples characters. Example: Empress Zara and her harem from Jushin Liger. Since I maybe a first anime and manga writer. Would I need experience for that and how much of it? I thought of using Hoover vacuum cleaners other vacuum cleaners for scenes when a character(s) is doing housekeeping or apart of a household. I have also came up with my own originals. I thought of the name Leviathan for a character or two. But my main genre is magical fantasy. I just want some advice.
Q:Which American Idol contestant once sold vacuum cleaners door to door?
That was kelly Clarkson... ALMOST POSITIVE!! :-)
Q:How to repair the vacuum cleaner fan?
Clean the blade and base of the fan with a damp cloth. Check that the blade is damaged by inhalation of solid
Q:What is the deal with dogs and vacuum cleaners?
It is crazy! One dog just hides with the cats-yea! The other used to bark at and try to attack the vacuum and the broom or rake and the leaf blower! I started out just removing the animals when I did these things. Now, when I get out the vacuum, I let them see it and leave space for the hiding one to run to his crate and I tell the other dog to go downstairs, if I'm upstairs, or ask her if she wants to go out. And I did do the teaching not to be fearful of noises, etc., the person quoting Dog Whisperer and all training books describe. But, my goal was to keep them out from underfoot for this, so allowing them to think the vacuum's powers are to be awed, and keep your distance from, was a good thing. I just turned the lunging behavior into one of getting away from me.

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