Multi Cyclone Vacuum cleaner

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Multi Cyclone Type
Soft start
High suction power

Multi Cyclone Type

Soft start 7 stage filtration


High suction power

Hose swivel 360 degree rotation

Power consumption:1200

Voltage: 220V/240V

Noise:<80 db


Dust capacity:2.0L

Cable length:4.8M

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Q:Why do shop vacuum cleaners have a ball (sphere of plastic) in the frame that is covered by the filter?
Shop vacs are designed to suck up liquids and when the tank fills the ball will float and eventually plug the air suction opening to the blower. The ball is there to prevent liquid from the tank from being sprayed out of the vacuum and to protect the motor from that liquid.
Q:The polynomial 56.69x + 66.74z describes the revenue a company generates from the sale of three different handheld vaccum cleaners. The?
Profit = revenue - cost = 56.69X + ??y + 66.74z - (49.94x + 27.77y + 25.82z) = (56.69X - 49.94X) + (??Y - 27.77Y) + (66.74z - 25.82z) = 6.75X + ((??Y - 27.77Y) + 40.92 you did not give us the revenue for the 'y' units.
Q:What is the best vacuum cleaner in the $100-$150 range for thick carpet and pets?
I work in a vacuum repair/sales shop and I have a few suggestions... first, in my opinion, if pet hair carpet 'fur' is am issuse, do no go bagless. The filters tend to clog up and the suction then drops off. As for the claims of brands that they do not clog, I would need to see it to believe it. 60% of all repairs I do are clogs in one form or another. the biggest problem with the Dysan is that the parts are very hard to get. therefore, expensive to fix. Dirt Devil makes a good machine, but for my mone, Panasonic is the way to go. I personally own two. Your other choice is a canister vac. They are a little more money, but are easier to move around.
Q:How hard is it to replace a power cord to a Kenmore vacuum?
Kenmore Progressive With Direct Drive
Q:I have a math question if anyone would like to help me. Please tell me how to slove it then give me the answer?
He must sell $8000 because if he kept one eighth of it, he would have $1000
Q:Do you think the spiders and moths are dead?
If you just sucked them up with the vacuume and you didn't squish them, they're still alive. The spiders may be able to make it out, but not sure about the moth. They have powders on their wings and if it's rubbed off they're unable to fly, so if it gets out, it'll probably be walking.
Q:Do vacuum cleaners cause dirt particles to go through the air? Please answer:(?
Q:best small vacuum cleaner?
Q:best multiple wet and dry commercial vacuum cleaner in the world?
Kirby vacuum cleaners, they are expensive but worth it.
Q:What are the features of the full automatic pulsator washing machine?
Washing uneven clothing, clothing wear rate is high, these twin cylinder washing machine shortcomings, it also has

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