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The wall panel is made of light color steel sandwich panel, the light color steel sheet as the upper and the lower, the core can be used by polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam or rock wool


Safty and reliable light steel flexible structural system

Easy to assemble and disassemble, repetitive to use

Doors, windows and indoor partition can be located at any position, stairs is outside

Light steel structure treated by anti-corrosive spray handling for long use

Strictly sealing, thermal insulation, water-, fire- and moisture-resistant

Any dimension and customized design are available

Attractive appearance:

The building overall looks attractive. The internal is covered by color steel plate. The structure and color are matched coordinately

Long service life:

The normal service life is longer than 10 years. The transportation is convenient; Assembling and disassembling are easy, suitable for cycled temporary operation. It is environment friendly and economic


It is widely used as the temporary buildings in field for road, railway, construction projects and the temporary buildings for urban municipal projects, commerce and other projects, such as: Office, meeting room, headquarters, dormitory and shop, school, temporary hospital, car park, exhibition center, maintenance department, power house, gas station and other temporary buildings: Such as military logistics buildings, disaster relief building, sterility laboratory, isolation building, communication and power transformation buildings,

1) Light steel structure modular house with color steel sandwich panel

2) Good ability to assemble and disassemble for several times without damage.

3) Doors, windows and interior partitions can be flexibly fixed

4) The ceiling, floor, eaves, and color steel door are optional for customers.

5) Cost saving and transportation convenient

6) Anti-rust and normally more than 15 years using life

7) Widly used in construction site, office building, dormitory etc

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Q:does a real estate construct their houses?do they have a construction company to contract?are they the ones who design their houses?can their contract construction company design and supply their raw materials?
No, They typically have nothing to do with any of that. They sell houses that people have already built. There are some realtors that are also builders but most are just sellers.
Q:Chris Bowser has a program about real estate where he teaches on how to buy and sell real estate on ebay without seeing the property physically.
There are lot of good courses and books about real estate investing. You will have to check out Cris Bower. As far as investing with no money down there is a number of great ways to start out. Here is two I like. If you have a good understanding about real estate (or can learn ) you can get a joint venture partner with the down payment for your investment property. You supply the legwork and team and your JV Investor supplies the $$. This works for Investors who would like to own property but have no time or just do not what to bother with the day to day running of the property. The other one I like is vendor financing. This is where the seller uses their equity to give you a mortgage. Some sellers may not have any investment to invest in once they get their money form the house. The investor can offer them a better rate of interest then they can get anywhere else. Some sellers may not be able to sell their home in todays market. Again this is a good why for them to move on. There are other great whys to go into investing with no money down. You just have to do your research . Always try and make it a win win for all. Don't take advantage of people.
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Real estate developers are entrepreneurs who obtain land, prepare it for development and manage the construction process. They may also spend time negotiating projects and participating in public hearings.
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adequate, that is my PERSONAL opinion. right here is going: i could propose going for the bachelors. the revenue you have got now isn't terrible, however you might do SO MUCH BETTER with a 4 yr measure. and i am not announcing you must preserve schooling with masters or reputable reports- simply the bachelors measure. and you are going to be capable to avoid wasting up a lot more with the money you're making accordingly of your longer schooling. you are going to be capable to find the money for a good greater condo than you're on account that buying now. believe me- getting the bachelors is an high-quality notion.
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Being is a successful realtor is very difficult. For most realtors it takes many years of hard work. Time away from friends and family. And working odd hours. Early, late, Sundays, holidays. The many who fail refuse to put in (not just the hours) the (effective) work.
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Q:Can I buy real estate in Australian while being a Russian Citizen and can I travel back and forth and what Visa do I need?
This is what I was told when checking on property myself. Thank you for your enquiry through Real Estate.Com in regards to the above property. If you are an Australian citizen or resident you are able to bid at Auction in Australia. If you are a non resident you may need permission to purchase a property in Australia from the Foreign Investment review board. You will need to pay a 10% deposit and the settlement is scheduled for 30 days from the day of the auction. You will be signing an unconditional contract which means that once signed and the deposit paid there is no pulling out or you will lose the deposit.

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