Electrofusion Welding Machine

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Electrofusion Welding Machine

1.automatically changed and stored 

2.universal fusion resistor, barcode and manual

3.check by Korea gas safety corporation


Universal electro fusion processor 

Electro Fusion Fitting system is electrically fusion jointing method that the gap between fitting and PE pipe is heated and melted by the means of resistance wires which are placed in the socket in the fitting. Each EF Sockets are controlled automatically by micro-processor and RMS value.



  • All functions are designed for ease of operation.

  • The display is equipped with back-lighting. This will enable operator to work in poor lighting and at night

  • Depending on site, fusion number is automatically changed and stored (up to 10 site names). Inputting site name can continuously connect fusion number and perform work even when moving from site to site.

  • You can see fusion content using view function without printing. (Black mark at abnormal part)

  • The built-in printer uses thermal paper (safe for 5 years). Outputting 1 fusion result takes about 1.5 seconds.

  • Change quantity of output current per hour is divided into 10 sections for output, so that reliability on fused material may be enhanced.

  • Output capacity is designed as 3600W (@220Vac) in order to supply stable output.

  • The machine is equipped with a bar code reader of convenient CCD type, which can read at once.

  • Stable fusion becomes possible thru accurate control of output voltage (8-50±0.2Vac) at the input voltage even with high voltage jumps.




Operating voltage 


AC86 to 264V


Fusion voltage


AC170 to 250V


Output voltage


AC8 to 50V ±0.2V


Operating Temperature


-23°C to 49°C










Power consumed




Output current




Fusion data storage


200 Times


Fusion time


10sec to 5999sec


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Q:Who knows the working principle of the 150 pair welding machine? The kind that melts and welds by heating the workpiece port with a high current.
UN butt welding machine is a series of resistance welding machines! The normal output no-load voltage is 3-8V, which is the working principle of high current generated by low voltage, welding the reinforcement! The welding machine often appears the breakdown is the contact is not good, but the welding is not firm. You can sell it with our universal butt welder in Shanghai, all copper! The failure rate is very low!
Q:Ask the frame beam longitudinal force, steel bar using E55 electrode, the power of the welding machine requirements?
E43 * * type is used for the connection between grade HPB235 steel bars and grade HPB235 and grade HRB335 steel bars.E50 * * type is used for the connection between grade HRB335 steel bars and grade HRB335 and grade HRB400 steel bars.E55 * * type is used for HRB400 grade steel barsThe reinforced material should be consistent with existing national standards, "the reinforcement of concrete hot rolled round bar" GB13013, "the reinforcement of concrete hot rolled ribbed bar" the provisions of GB1499, welding connection reinforced in the formal welding must according to the construction conditions of welding, welding process and quality according to the current standard of "national specification for welding and acceptance" JGJ182003 execution. Cold rolled ribbed steel bars are forbidden to be welded. All steels and bars shall be certified by the factory or qualified reports, and shall be checked and accepted according to the relevant national standards.
Q:What type of flash butt welding machine is used for rail welding?
Model YHG-1200TH, developed by Institute of metal and chemistry, Chinese Academy of Railway Sciences, has many types such as fixed type and movable type
Q:The welder is used when the current bottom can not spark is anything to cause
1, the use of welding machine, the current does not hit the end of the spark because of loose joints, there is poor contact place.2, welding machine is also called current welder or resistance touch welding machine. By using the resistance between the two workpieces' contact surfaces, the contact surfaces of two mutually butted metal can be instantly heated, melted and fused instantaneously through a low voltage and high current.3. Welding is suitable for wide range. The metal material which can be forged in principle can be welded by flash butt welding. For example, low carbon steel, high carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metals and alloys can be welded by flash butt welding. Welding section area is large, generally from tens to tens of thousands of mm2 cross sectional area can be welded. Flash butt welding is widely used in welding various kinds of plate, pipe fittings, profile, solid parts, cutting tools and so on. It is widely used and is an economical and efficient welding method.
Q:When the welding machine works, the contactor sends out a big arc. What is the cause of the main power supply trip?
When the welder is started, the current is relatively large, and the rated current of the total switch may be smaller than the starting current of the welding machine
Q:What is the use of electroslag pressure welding machines, alternating current welding machines and flash butt welding machines?
Agree with the upstairs, as well as mechanical connections, mechanical connections, more than 18 of the province's steel, reasonable price, can be used for Liang Jizhu, foundation and other components
Q:Is the spot welding machine good or DC?
AC welding machine is the wire package step-down transformer using welding rod, this machine, old technology, power consumption, copper consumption.The DC welding machine includes thyristor, inverter (MOS tube, IGBT single tube and IGBT module), and the technology is more and more advanced.The inverter is a new technology that has appeared in the last 10 years, saving more than 35%. Because there is no large transformer, a great deal of copper is saved, and the transformer consumption is also reduced a lot. The disadvantage of DC is that the magnetic deviation blows, and the other is all advantages. Arc stability, weld formation is good, and there is welding rod, general acid welding rod is AC and DC can use, alkaline welding rod recommend DC, cellulose electrode, seems to only dc.
Q:What is commonly used in welding excavator bucket machine good
Auto welding can be, I do is to use the auto welding machine, which is cheap and durable,
Q:UN1-125 type butt welding machine working principle, who knows, I encountered the problem is welding power, but can not work, who can give I I answer?
Now domestic welding machine number is quite confusing. First of all, would you like to tell me whether it's pneumatic or manual?. Separately, it is simply that the machine uses no compressed air as the source of air.Then, the problem you describe is relatively simple, and the welder doesn't work on power. What you mean by "electrify" means that the control box has electricity or other display power is on. Or is there a connection between the two electrodes, and there is no electricity through the work room? You can explain it in detail so that I can explain it to you.
Q:How many coarse copper core cables should be used for the butt welding machine for 100kW?
The temporary load rate of the welding machine is very short, although the power is short and the power is large, the current is:I = P/U = 100/0.38 = 263 (A)Because of its load rate of less than 10%, the transient overload of the wire will not be a problem, the experience data from the 16 square copper core wire can be loaded (in experience).
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