Siemens EX Series AC Motor

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Q:My 1996 Dodge Dakota AC blower motor shuts down after it's been running for about one half hour. It will start
sounds like its over heating somehow but i wouldnt really know which directiong to point you in as far as fixing the problem..sorry
Q:How can I change the alternating current welding machine into a DC welder?
This is: ZXG series silicon rectifier (dead silicon) arc welding machine, AC arc welding machine itself power factor is lower, plus rectifier loss will be lower. The power consumption is too large and uneconomical. It has belonged to the sort of our welder.
Q:Are dc motors more common than ac motors?
Difficult to answer. One would need to know what type of motor was in every single motorized object. Wild guess? DC. Could be wrong...
Q:Why is the rotor of an AC motor neither magnetic nor can it rotate?
The question is not entirely good.What you call an alternating current motor is an alternating current asynchronous motor, also known as an induction motor. Its working principle is: the stator current, will form a rotating magnetic field; the magnetic field and the rotor bar cutting the magnetic field; because the rotor is a closed loop, thus forming the current; so there is a movement with conductor in a magnetic field. This is the action of electromagnetic induction.
Q:How do you modify an AC motor to run like a generator?
A motor that is capacitor assist is a three phase motor, cap simulate s third leg, so with that bein said just swop one of your line wires with your cap wire and use the cap wire for one of your line wires, this can only be done with acap assisted motor that is generally 220 volt single phase.
Q:New AC to DC idea, but will it work?
actually, to change AC to DC, u can use a electronic components called rectifier which is formed by some diodes (component which allows current to flow from one side to another and forbid it to flow to opposite direction). see this picture for more details:
Q:The direction of alternating current keeps changing. How about the direction of AC motor?
There are many ways to generate rotating magnetic field, such as three-phase winding method, single-phase phase-shifting method, short-circuit loop method, pulse commutation method, and so on.
Q:Where is the resister card (blower motor) located on a 1999 Dodge Caravan 3.3 liter with ac?
It's located behind your glove box underneath by where the passenger feet go you ll see the blower motor wiring going to it it has two 5/16 screws that hold it on.
Q:can a turbine be used with an ac motor to generate electricity?
this only works with certain types of motors.
Q:What is a Squirrel Cage Motor?
The standard every-day induction motor is a squirrel cage motor. The term originates from the placement of rotor bars equally around the rotor, and then shrting the ends of the bars together with a conductive ring of some form. This makes it look like a squirrel wheel or hamster wheel. It is one of many different types of machines built by electric motor/generator manufacturers (others include wound-rotor induction machines, synchronous machines, permanent magnet machines, and direct current machines, and linear machines). It is by far the most commonly seen version of an electric motor in the world; it has been used historically for processes that require high starting torque, single speed, and relatively high stall capability. Also, since the majority of the world's utilities generate AC power, it uses the available power directly (unlike a DC machine). With the increased popularity of power electronics and the development of frequency converters, the induction machine is now used in processes that require variable speed as well. Typical processes include all those that are 'flow' specific; compressors for refrigerant and coolant, fans for airflow, water (or other liquid) pumps, high-speed drills (like oil rigs), and so on.

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