Siemens ILE0001 Series AC Motor

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Q:What happens when a motor is spun faster than its rated RPM?
an AC motor is not happy when out of phase with the applied AC, and if you spin it faster than the 1800 RPM is will soon be out of phase with the AC power and the motor will fight to get back into phase with the applied AC power. if you do this speed up of the motor with enough force, you will probably burn out the motor, just as if you put on too high a load on the motor.
Q:Is the 380V single-phase AC motor the same as that of the 220V AC motor?
The single-phase motor has two windings, that is, the starting winding and the running winding. The two windings are 90 degrees apart in space. On a starting winding connected in series with a large capacity capacitor, when running and starting winding winding by single-phase alternating current, because the capacitor make the starting current in the winding in time than the current running winding advance angle of 90 degrees, the first to reach the maximum.
Q:I have an electric grandfather clock that the motor broke.. I am having trouble finding a motor..?
You should be able to find a replacement AC motor (110V, 60 Hz for use in the US) at an electrical supply store, a clock shop, a hobby supply shop, or on-line. You could even go to a major retailer like Walmart and just get a regular (cheap) AC-operated mantle clock or something similar, and then use the guts of that to replace the defective one in your grandfather clock. Make sure the old grandfather clock hands fit on the new movement, or just replace the hands when you replace the movement. As far as using a DC (battery operated) movement goes, certainly you can do that. Again, go to a hobby supply store or a major retailer and buy a battery-operated clock. Remove the DC motorized movement and put it in your grandfather clock. The required battery size is specified by the movement itself. Typically a medium to large DC clock movement requires one AA or C battery, although some movements may require 2 each AA batteries or even a special battery, such as a Type N. Either way (replacing the AC motor with another similar type AC motor, or replacing the whole AC movement with a DC one), you should be fine.
Q:Can having a different Amp on the AC fan motor trip my circuit?
make sure he installed a new fan capacitor when he installed the new fan motor. The tech sounds like a hack if he replaced the motor with a different amps.
Q:Is it possible to have an AC current applied to a DC motor ? How about an AC motor with DC current?
AC voltage to DC motor. the motor will just vibrate back and forth and not rotate. It may burn out if the voltage is too high. DC voltage to AC motor, the motor will move to one phase and then draw too much current and get hot or burn out. There is a type of motor called a universal motor that can run on AC or DC. It is like a DC motor, but the field winding is switched by the commutator just like the main winding.
Q:Likely source of AC motor trouble (diagnosis)?
There are many case for non operation of ac machine.This trouble shoot will help to find the answer 1.Find the air circulation holes block age 2.Find the carbon brush position and condition. The second point may be the Solution for your problem
Q:I have a GE AC motor. I want to determine which are the hot leads from the 3 available. Colors are bl, w, ye
Your best bet would be to get a voltmeter and use it before you wire it wrong and ruin the motor.
Q:The direction of the flow in the pump with DC/AC motor?
what is your question? It turns the same way the motor turns.
Q:what are the factors to be considered while designing the AC universal motor.?
Money, money, and money. How much are you willing to spend?
Q:ANYONE know how to SIZE a SINGLE PHASE MOTOR to lift up vertically 150kg?
Depends on how fast you want to lift it. With the right gears a tiny motor will do the job, although it may take hours.

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