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Q:If a permanent magnet motor is used as a generator will it produce ac or dc?
If it has a commutator, it will produce DC. If it does not have a commutator, it will produce AC, but internal electronic circuitry pay prevent the motor from acting as a generator.
Q:4.5amp ac motor-120volt-60hz:how much of rpm produced?
Agreed. Get a 240->120 converter that can handle that current unless you like blue flashes and lots of smoke :)
Q:How to choose the AC motor?
The motor is nothing more than the source of mechanical power and speed. The speed and power required for the operation of the equipment can be calculated and the model can be selected.
Q:How to synchronize two ordinary AC motors?
I'm afraid it's not easy. Ordinary AC motors are asynchronous motors. Two identical motors, when the load is exactly the same, and at the same time, it is possible to synchronize, but this synchronization is prone to damage. Personal view, for reference only.
Q:2005 Chevy Trailblazer AC blower motor help?
This is what I have run into on those vehicles. The wiring at the blower motor resistor pack has overheated at the connector. If you find the blower motor under the right side of the dash, you'll see 2 wires going to the blower motor. Those wires come from the motor resistor pack. There is a connector at the blower motor resistor pack with something like 7 or 8 pretty big wires. Disconnect this connector from the resistor pack and you will probably find a burned wire. If that's the case, you will have to replace the resistor pack and the connector. Both are available from a Chevy dealer.
Q:What voltage would I need to run a 100kW thee phase AC motor?
It shows that info on the motor nameplate...I think you need to add a factor to the FLA for the fuse size...
Q:Explain how using a commutator rather than slip rings allows dc rather then ac to be used to drive a motor.?
A coil rotating past a magnetic field generates Alternating Current (AC), so when DC (unidirectional current) is required, it has to be rectified in some way. Slip rings are used to extract electrical power from the armature when the armature is the rotor. There may be 2 for a single phase generator, and 3 or 6 for three phases. A brush makes the stationary contact with the rotating slip ring. Slip rings are a continuous connection between the stationary and the rotating parts of the machine. The alternating voltage from the armature is the output, but this can be converted to DC by using rectifier diodes. Slip rings are also used to feed DC to a rotating field in either an AC or a DC machine. A commutator, like slip rings, provides a connection between the fixed and rotating parts of the machine and is used to extract electrical power from the armature when the armature is the rotor. However the commutator is broken up into segments, so that it can act as a rotating switch. It is arranged so that as the rotor rotates, the connections to the armature coils are reversed just as the voltage being generated is reversed. It is a mechanical rectifier. The AC voltage with current in both directions is converted to DC voltage with current in one direction through the circuit.
Q:Hertz difference still matter with universal motor?
A 60 Hz motor will operate on a 50 Hz supply, but not at rated speed and capacity. A 50 Hz motor will operate on a 60 Hz supply, but the rpm will be higher than specified. What are you operating and what is it worth to you to stay within specifications?
Q:how could i conect my 120 volt ac dimmer switch to my 24 volt dc motor?
you need a 120V ac to 24V dc transformer connect the dimmer switch to the transformer power IN supply, why you want to do this is another Q ;/
Q:blower motor works on fan only and heat but not on ac?
Take your car in to have it looked at. There could be a problem with one of four things. A. Blower motor. B. Blower motor resistor. C. HVAC controls. or D. Electrical wiring.

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