Siemens AC High Low Voltage Motor ILE0001 Series

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:When the AC motor is burnt out, is the stator burnt out or the rotor? What about DC motors?
Normally, the AC motor burns out is the stator coil, and the DC motor burns out is the rotor coil. Because the stator coil of the AC motor is armature, the rotor of the direct current motor is armature. The fluctuation of the load and the fluctuation of the supply voltage directly affect the armature coil.Of course, there are exceptions to the special case of motors.
Q:Help controlling an AC motor?
Your links are cut off so we can't see what motors you're looking at. Any AC induction motor should work fine. However, you'll have to gear it down to hold that kind of force. Maybe you should look for a winch rather than a motor, the winch will have the gearing you need. The faster you want to wind the rope the more powerful the motor must be, but almost any AC motor is capable of pulling that force with the right gearing. The only question is what speed you'll get out of it. As far as controlling the motor, all you need is a mechanical relay. You can energize the relay from a micro controller with a transistor, a resistor and a diode.
Q:How do I demonstrate an item running on AC that is intended to be DC powered?
no longer sufficient information to respond to. Or in different words, it relies upon ... AC motor technologies is so quite stepped forward, it incredibly is often greater value-effective to run than DC. The assessment with the lighting fixtures fixtures won't artwork, it relies upon on the completed capability of the autos and the lighting fixtures fixtures. A 20 watt mini-lathe will value much less to run than a financial organization of one hundred watt lighting fixtures fixtures, and vice versa. And the place are you going to get the DC 220 volt from? I in no way heard of that for a compressor or lathe, are you particular it is DC? Does it say something like 50 Hz or 60 Hz, or does it have unmarried section or 3-section? those are all AC words. maximum DC autos are 12 V or 24 V. those I even have seen for 220 V are very small.
Q:My car's AC blower motor is acting weird...?
provide it a splash time, it may desire to be some thing (a splash bit paper grew to become into in mine) grew to become into caught and you cured it. you're able to be able to place a drop of oil on the motor shaft. If the vibration and noise persist, evaluate changing it.
Q:Braking principle of 220V alternating current motor
AC motor and its controlAC motor is divided into two categories: asynchronous motor and synchronous motor. According to the number of stator phases, asynchronous motors are divided into single induction motors, two-phase asynchronous motors and three-phase asynchronous motors. The three-phase asynchronous motor is widely used in industry and agriculture production because of its advantages of simple structure, reliable operation and low cost.
Q:What makes an AC motor superior to a DC motor?
Probably for the same reason we do not use electric cars with fuel cells. There are a ton of good old DC motors hauling out there. The simplicity of the system makes them work and easy to diagonose and fix. The biggest draw(funny huh) back to DC is the damage that is done to the switching gear turning them on and off due to the arc that is pulled on DC comared to AC. The other trick is that generators by default create AC, which is then turned into DC, which has some loss in the process.
Q:Would an electric car motor use ac or dc current?
Today, AC induction motors are better for almost all applications, as you can use a VFD, variable frequency drive to supply the motor with the proper frequency and voltage for the desired load and speed. And an electric auto can afford the complexity of the VFD. For a school project, a DC motor would be better. .
Q:I want to build an electric generator from an electric motor, how do I do this?
You have already half of the generator equipment, your driver is the 16HP diesel engine all you need is get from a junk yard a generator no larger than 8 KW and a universal joint (check Lovejoy joint) to connect the respective shafts. Depending of what you get, your output will be AC or DC, if it is AC then you have enough power to light a house and feed some domestic artifacts as refrig, water pump, and small ac unit, until you reach the total capacity. If is DC then all you can do is use it as a welder or some similar equipment. Be sure to make a control panel to start, and control performance of the engine, RPM, cooling water temp, oil pressure, etc. also for the generator voltmeter, amperemeter and a battery charger to maintain enough charge to crank the engine, also to include sensors to detect voltage drops as the load is incresed, in order to maintain constant voltage through RPM modulation.
Q:What does permanent magnet brushless motor and brushless DC motor mean?
Permanent magnet brushless motor is usually divided into permanent magnet AC brushless motor and permanent magnet brushless DC motor. Permanent magnet brushless AC motor usually refers to AC synchronous motor. The permanent magnet brushless DC motor can be divided into two kinds of sinusoidal permanent magnet synchronous motor and brushless DC motor.
Q:Electric Motor?
5000 Rpm Electric Motor

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