YZP2(IPW54) Special frequency-changing three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane

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5.5-hundreds KW


     YZPE2 variable-frequency three-phase asynchronous motor for lifting and metallurgy purposes is developed according to the characteristics of the
available tower crane, based on almost 10 years of experience in R&D of primary hoisting motor brake for the tower crane and metallurgy variable-frequency
motor. Lt is mainly used as a lifting mechanism of the tower crane, and also a trolley mechanism of heavy-duty crane


A variable一frequency special motor is equipped, available with a wide range offrequency conversion, small starting current and big starting torque;
A thermal protection component is buried into the winding, and can be wired into motor temperature control& protection system, making the motor
operation more secure and reliable;
Strengthened inter-turn insulation is adopted in the stator winding, so the insulation reliability is higher;
Equipped with axial一flow fan or centrifugal fan, with good cooling effect and lower motor temperature rise;
Special bearing is adopted for variable一frequency motor, so it's more suitable for variable一frequency operating environment;
The rotating shaft is subject to alloy steel heat treatment, showing better mechanical strength;
The brake (fitted with special manual release device) is a de-energized brake type (national utility model patent, Patent No. ZL201120188124.9), with big
braking torque and short response time


A rotary encoder can be set at the end ofthe motor as per the user demands, so a speed closed-loop control system isformed to make adjustment more reliable and accurate. The encoder model isconfirmed by the users when signing the contract

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Q:When the AC motor is burnt out, is the stator burnt out or the rotor? What about DC motors?
Normally, the AC motor burns out is the stator coil, and the DC motor burns out is the rotor coil. Because the stator coil of the AC motor is armature, the rotor of the direct current motor is armature. The fluctuation of the load and the fluctuation of the supply voltage directly affect the armature coil. Of course, there are exceptions to the special case of motors.
Q:Anyone know where to buy a 480 volt motor?
OKorder has a few 480 volt motors, but right now, only 1 HP, 10HP, and a few fractional HP. But keep an eye there, it changes frequently. The first reference also has a bunch. search google for 3 phase, 2 hp, 480 volt AC motor buy and you will find lots. .
Q:what could cause ac unit to freeze up and motor to continue running?
The outside of the evaporator froze up. The evaporator is the part in the HVAC plenum under your dash. If you were to see it, it would look like a small radiator. Warm air from the outside passes through the evaporator which is chilled from the refridgerant (probably R-134A) running from your AC compressor. If you keep the AC on long enough, humidity from the outside air will start freezing to the outside of the evaporator. Eventually enough humidity could freeze and block the flow of air through the evaporator. The ice is of course on the outside of the AC system, so the refridgerant can still flow. since the refriderant is still flowing normally, Your AC compressor continues to function normally I assume the motor you mention is your AC compressor If you mean your blower motor, then the AC freezing would have no effect on the blower motor because cars arent wired that way. Not only does your car have no idea that your AC is frozen, but it would have no way of telling the blower motor to turn off because of that.
Q:I have a Ruud Achiever 9 ac unit. I replaced the fan motor and capacitor and still not working properly?
you will desire to have the capability to take heed to the comressor run. It makes a different sound. you additionally must hear a hissing noise from the evaporator coil (interior the homestead on the furnace blower) That noise is the equipment pressuring up. the lines additionally must be distinctive temps. the better line would desire to be cool and the small line heat. If thats no longer the case call a restore guy. a sparkling condenser will value around 900$ to 1200$ put in gazing the scale performance or maybe in the experience that your evaporator is compatable.
Q:DC motors vs AC Motors?
Hi. AC motors are designed and built differently than DC motors. AC motors take advantage of the 60 hertz clock of a power line (or 50Hz in other countries) - this means the power line changes phases 60 times a second - to rotate, while DC motors are designed with the voltage level applied. You can control them both, but with different means. The easiest to control is the DC motor (change the potential (the voltage) and it turns slower or faster.
Q:Where can I find advice on troubleshooting ac induction motors?
Induction motors are about as simple as they get. Pretty much just a couple of coils of wire. If it runs okay and has trouble starting, it pretty much has to be the cap. That being said, some have a switch contact inside that closes when stopped to place the cap in circuit and opens when revs pick up taking the cap out of the circuit. Usually it will be a spring loaded contactor. If you have one, just inspect and clean as needed.
Q:Is there normally a way to grease the bearings in the main motor on an AC?
LOL contactor?..women (shaking head). Sounds like this is your indoor blower motor. If its on the pulley you could grease in the center where it connects to the shaft. Other than that use wd40 like you did. If the bearings bad you're gonna have to get a new blower motor eventually. I say this because they don't sell the pulley/bearing seperate from the motor. Few hundred $ installed by ac tech. Only other thing it could be is where the motor mounts up. Could be vibrating. Wd40 would help or it may have vibrated loose over time needs to be tightened down. Sounds like the blower motor pulley from what you explained...
Q:What is the neutral point of an alternating current motor? How to determine whether the neutral point leads to?
There are mainly two kinds of motor connection, star connection and angle connection two kinds. - star connection is 3 at the end of the three-phase coil motor connected together as a common, common end is neutral.Angle connection -- is to each phase of the three-phase motor through the coil ends are orderly connected with the connection.      Three phase winding motor is completely into the end cover is connected, the end cover has six heads, three heads below together, the above three heads respectively leads to the three line is the star connection; the upper and lower two head vertical connection, respectively leads to the three line is connected with the triangle.
Q:what is Contnous rating of an AC motor?
The load at which it runs continuously without getting overheated
Q:Can I wire a single phase AC Motor to a standard 120V outlet?
If the motor is still good, it will definitely run.

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