YTPEZ (1P54) Three一Phase Asynchronous Motor for Travel Mechanism of Tower Crane

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The motor is a variable-
mechanisms in very harsh
,three-phase asynchronous motor exclusively designed for tower cranes and other similar travel mechanisms. It is applied to the travel
conditions such as construction site or open pit quarry


Introduction of a spline drive shaft, with excellent mechanical bearing capacity;
Variable-frequency speed regulation in a broad range with high efficiency, small starting current, big starting torque and strong overload capability;

Duc to compact structure, small size, lightweight, high reliability, it can be quickly braked and accurately located, suitable for frequent starling and braking;

Introduction of a new brake (national utility model patent. Patent No. ZL201120188173.2, ZL2011201881643). It can buffer the startup to mitigate the impact on the
tower crane. In addition, the motor has very high security and reliability, and can reduce the maintenance time, and cut down the maintenance cost;

A thermal protection component is buried into Lhe stator winding, so the motor operation is more secure and reliable

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Q:ohm's law and motor question?
The resistance of the motor can be looked at as R = E/I = 110/8 = 14 ohms. But that is not a constant, the motor draws current depending on the RPM and on the load, so the resistance varies over a wide range. But leaving all that aside... to drop the power in half, you need an equal value resistor, that is, 14 ohms. Power in the resistor is 55²/14 = 220 watts, so you need a 400 watt resistor, very expensive (you should always double the wattage). But that value of resistance may not allow the motor to operate at all. First of all, the starting current is 3-5 times more than the operating current, but the resistor limits the current to 8 amps. Your best bet is to get a light dimmer type control. Get one that is rated for 20 amps and for motor load.
Q:electric car coversion not hybred any experince ?
Q:How can I change the alternating current welding machine into a DC welder?
This is: ZXG series silicon rectifier (dead silicon) arc welding machine, AC arc welding machine itself power factor is lower, plus rectifier loss will be lower. The power consumption is too large and uneconomical. It has belonged to the sort of our welder.
Q:Window unit AC motor runs sporadically when unit is off?
What is running intermittently? The compressor or the fan motor? Some have energy saver features that cause the fan to come on every so often to check the room temp to see if it needs to cycle the unit on. Possibly the energy save feature is malfunctioning? Have you tried unplugging it for awhile then replugging it to see if it stops doing it? Might reset something? Electronics can do weird things sometimes that a reboot takes care of. *update* Easy way to tell whats running when you first plugged it in did you feel air blowing out or did it just make noise?
Q:Does an AC electric motors' torque vary with the amount of voltage?
It varies a lot with the voltage. A neat way around this is to use an electronic box called a drive. A drive gives pulses of electricity to the motor, keeps same torque all the way down to very slow speeds. It also keeps the motor from drawing excessive current when stalled. An inexpensive drive for a 3 horse motor is about $300.
Q:I have an AC treadmill motor and want to use for a Wind generator, pls will it work??? THANKS!!?
No. The motor does not contain magnets with which to generate current through rotating the shaft. However, if you don't believe that you can always experiment. Put a voltmeter on a a pair of wires and spin the shaft. It always fascinates me that many of you don't just experiment. You just as easily try it instead of asking others to tell you if it will work. You can learn a lot by experimenting, taking things apart, playing with them.
Q:What is the reason that the single phase AC motor is turned on and off?
The first type of split start type, shown in Figure 1, is assisted starting by the auxiliary starting winding, with little starting torque. The operating rate is approximately constant. Mainly used in electric fans, air conditioners, fans, motors, washing machines and other motors.Second, the starting winding does not participate in the operation, while the motor to run the winding coil continue to act, as shown in figure 2.Third, motor static centrifugal switch is connected to the power, to start after starting work in the capacitor, when the rotor speed reaches the rated value of 70% to 80% when the centrifugal switch will automatically jump, starting capacitor to complete the task, and disconnected. The running capacitor is connected to the starting winding to participate in the operation. This method is generally used in air compressors, cutting machines, woodworking machines and other heavy load and unstable place.
Q:I recently had my central ac blower motor and squirrel cage replaced by a professional?
If your old one had mercury switch you need to replace with same type. If new one is digital wont work properly.
Q:electric motors?
Q1. a DC motor only has one coil of wire, and a left and right magnet. (Single Phased) An Ac motor can be two or three phase. so the AC motor has more than one coil of wire. Q2. power = amps x voltage.... the voltage applied times the amps applied would give your power in watts. amperage can be measure with an amp meter. Q3. The force that moves the motor comes from electromagnetism. There are magnets and coils in the motors. When the coils are energized with they become magnetise and the opposed the magnets forcing the rotor (in which usually the coils of wire are) to turn For more info read on wikipedia
Q:How do single AC phrase motors work Please answer !?
will answer it better than anyone here most likely

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