Siemens 1PQ Series AC Motor

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Q:Which motor has a great torque when the motor is under DC at the same power?
If the DC / AC motors operate under the rated 800W output power, there is no doubt that, as long as their speed is the same, the output torque is the same, which is a static consideration.
Q:what can i use to control the speed of an ac motor?
1. Use the parts called Triac to control AC motor speed. 2. Use a variable frequency power source. 3. Use a variable power transformer.
Q:Confusion about AC motor?
The speed of an induction motor is almost independent of the torque, and in a synchronous motor it is totally independent of torque. So if a motor is loaded at a constant torque and the voltage changes the power remains almost the same and the current goes up. This means the motor acts like a constant power machine under these conditions.
Q:Name two different types of ac motors?
Shaded pole: Very simple, fractional horse power, The fan motor in your refrigerator Permanent split phase:Two sepearte coil windings help generate a good amount of torque,( poor man's 3 phase motor} Horesepower usually under 3 H.P. Air conditioning compressors, conveyor belts Three phase induction motor:Most commercial motors: Three seperate copper coil windings. Definitely commercial due to the fact that it requires Three phase electric power. Average Horse power from 3 to 200 H.P. Very efficient motor , but you must have that three phase electric service. Fan motors , Air conditioning compressors,Pump motors and elevator motors in office buildings and commercial buildings
Q:How do you modify an AC motor to run like a generator?
it depends on type of ac motor but running it backwards does not make it a generator. you need to run it FASTER than synchronous speed if the rated speed is about 1720 rpm then synch speed will be 1800 rpm ( this is the value for a 4 pole motor and a system frequency of 60 Hz). The slip speed (in this case 80 rpm) is related to the load driven by the motor. you want to drive the motor so you need a negative slip and thus a speed of say 1900 rpm.
Q:Panasonic servo motor A4 series, AC synchronous motor or AC asynchronous motor?
AC synchronous motor.Servo motor now basically divided into two kinds: brushless DC and AC servo, this type of motor drive waveform is brushless DC motor, is trapezoidal wave, brushless DC motor can also be called permanent magnet brushless synchronous motor.Servo motor (servo motor) refers to the servo system to control the operation of mechanical components of the engine, is a kind of auxiliary motor indirect transmission device.
Q:what happens to a 3-phase AC motor when its connected at DC Source?
3ph AC connected to DC: It will get hot and smoke, it won't rotate. DC motor to AC source: It will get hot, smoke and vibrate - it also won't rotate.
Q:After puting in a new fan motor in the condenser unit on my ac.. The motor is seizing up.?
Yes it could be a bad motor, even fresh out of the carton.... BUT also check your wiring-connected properly, is fan spinning freely by hand when power is off, are all wires and connections tight and intact, and how is the capacitor. Is there a seperate capacitor for the fan? Also, saw this once-are any of the fan blades hitting the inside of the consenser coils. Loook for gouges on INSIDE of the condenser coils. Good Luck
Q:How many rpms does a vacuum cleaner motor run?
Most AC electric motor are designed to turn at 1760 RPM on 60 cycle. Washing machine motors are usually 2 speed of 1760 and 1140 for 60 Hz systems. 50Hz run a little slower. Other common speeds are 3520. I would go ahead and build your lathe and use it as a learning experiment. The turning speed for a lathe is slower than the 1760 common speeds so small drive pulley on the motor and 4 times larger should slow the lathe head to around 400 RPM.
Q:Can you please explain how a magnetic DC Motor ( with a commutator ) and a Magnetic AC Generator works ?
The rotor does indeed spin continuously in both. This is necessary because the interactions between rotor and stator are because of the difference between their magnetic field orientations. Slip rings let stationary contacts on the motor frame to transfer power to/from the rotor even while the rotor spins. hth.

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