Siemens 1PQ High Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:Replace a 1998 Cadillac Deville AC Blower Motor?
discover the blower motor and unplug the electric connection. clean any rust from the area and reconnect. that could shelter it. I purely did that with my daughter's chevrolet final month here in Michigan. If it makes an unusual noise like a screech, that usually shows the around plastic piece that the motor turns is wiped out and desires changing. That expenses approximately $20.
Q:How does a 3 phase AC induction motor act as a generator?
The answer is that you need a field. Just how that field is generated varies. In some cases, remanence is used to initiate the magnetizing current. In others, external sources are used.
Q:ac motor tripping on single phase cause?
This is probably a split phase capacitor start motor where all or part of the capacitance used in starting is switched out once it is running, and that would be the first place I would have looked as you have done. The rcd rating is about 12 times the full load current and this would not protect it against an overload, so it sounds like there is a fault in the motor or the feed to the motor and the only way to find it is to take the circuit apart and do insulation checks on each bit. Intermittent faults like this are hard to find as when a test is carried out the fault doesn't always show.
Q:speed of a six pole a.c motor?
n=120f/p =120(50)/6 =1000 slip speed=0.06(1000) = 60 Actual speed= 1000-60 =940 rpm
Q:how a universal motor works both in dc and ac?
Q:can I wire two 220 v,14 amp ac motors to one 30 amp compressor switch?
Assuming both these compressors are supplying the same reservoir, you can use a common pressure switch. But starting current will be well in excess of your 30A. contacts. A better way would be to have the pressure switch supply a heavier current rated contactor, and use the contactor to switch the motors.
Q:What is the difference between synchronous and asynchronous motor?
I really like teressa's answer - very long and complete. In short synchronous motor's run in lock step with the rotating magnetic field produced by the AC field winding. There may be a phase difference - lead or lag, however the frequency with which the rotor spins is locked to the frequency of the AC power. Asynchronous motors run at a frequency not locked to the AC power, either faster or slower depending on whether power is being generated or used.
Q:02 Dodge Durango AC Blower Motor resistor burns?
Another possibility is the blower motor could be drawing too much power, causing frequent resistor trouble.
Q:My oscillating fan starts up super slow then after a few minutes starts working normally?
It could well be clogged with crud. Try spinning the blades by hand before you turn it on and see if that helps. If so, you can spray a cleaner (electronic cleaners or isopropol alcohol) into the motor housing and then let it run awhile.
Q:I have an AC 3-Phase Motor that is drawing current above it's rated value. What is the cause?
I assume that when you say that the motor is tripped, you are referring to the electronic overcurrent trip function of the VFD. You can probably increase the trip point to 150% of rated output current unless the VFD is rated only for use with centrifugal pump and fan loads. In that case, it is not expected to be capable of providing rated motor torque below full speed. You need to read and understand the VFD manual. There may be several adjustments and/or a tuning procedure that needs to be performed. It is also possible that the VFD is defective, the motor is defective, or there is a fault in the wiring between the VFD and motor. What is the brand and model of the VFD?

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