YZTDE(PC)(IPW24) Multispeed three-phase asynchronous motorfor tower crane

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YZTDE series motor is a mufti-speed three-phase asynchronous motor with special brakes attached to its tail, which is exclusively designed for the tower crane and other similar lifting
mechanisms (with national utility model paten)


Big speed regulation ration, ideal ultimate ratio, high efficiency and big lifting torque;
Small starting current, simple and convenient control with high reliability
Athermal protection component is buried into the winding, which can be wired to motor temperature control& protection system, so the motor operation is more secure and reliable;
'the brake (fitted with special manual release device) is a de-energized brake type (with national utility model patent, Patient Iho. GL201120188124.9. LL201120188123.4)一it has big
braking torque and short response time. Due to very small mechanical noise during switching, it enables quick braking and accurate positioning
Made of a novel structure at the shaft end, it has good seal effect and long service life up to 3000h;
Compact structure, small volume and lightweight

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The user may select the motor with or without speed sensor where necessary. This is confirmed by the user when signing the contract

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Q:How to run 220V AC Aquarium Motor with 12V 7Amps DC Dry Cell Battery? Tell low budget and simple something?
Battery power would not last long enough.You would need 2, one on charge. Cheaper using mains power.
Q:Motor is old craftmen garage door opener, I quess AC electric?
Two are for the AC power and one is for the ground, Im guessing. If they are very light guage wire it could be for some sort of remote, but since its old who knows. Any pics?
Q:Comparison of AC motor and direct current motor
Disadvantages of AC motor1. the starting and regulating speed of AC motor is poorAlternating current motor can be divided into synchronous motor and asynchronous motor according to speed.
Q:I have a AC motor with a encoder on the end of the motor.?
The purpose for an encoder is to know where the motor is by revolutions the motor makes. Example: If you are opening a garage door with an encoded motor the encoder can tell if the door is closed or half open by the revolutions the motor makes. Hope this helps
Q:The difference between a direct current motor and an alternating current motor
As the name suggests, the direct current motor uses DC as the power supply. AC motors use alternating current as power source. Structurally, the principle of the direct current motor is relatively simple, but the structure is complex, and it is not easy to maintain.
Q:What's main different between induction and sycronies motor ?
A synchronous motor is an AC motor that runs at a speed fixed to a fraction of the power supply frequency, and an asynchronous motor is an AC motor, usually an induction motor, whose speed slows with increasing torque to slightly less than synchronous speed. An asynchronous motor requires slip - relative movement between the magnetic field (generated by the stator) and a winding set (the rotor) to induce current in the rotor by mutual inductance. The most ubiquitous example of asynchronous motors is the common AC induction motor which must slip to generate torque. In the synchronous types, induction (or slip) is not a requisite for magnetic field or current production (e.g. permanent magnet motors, synchronous brush-less wound-rotor doubly fed electric machine).
Q:What are the speed regulating methods of AC motors? Detailed point
(1) rotor circuit series resistance: used in AC winding asynchronous motors. The range of speed regulation is small, the resistance consumes power, and the motor efficiency is low. Used of cranes.(2) change the speed of power supply voltage, the speed range is small, the torque decreases greatly with the voltage drop, and the three-phase motor is usually not used. Used for single-phase motor speed regulation, such as fan.(3) cascade speed regulation, in essence, is the introduction of additional rotor electromotive force, change its size to speed. It is also only used in wound motors, but the efficiency is improved.(4) electromagnetic speed regulation. Used only for slip motors. By changing the exciting coil current, stepless smooth speed regulation, the mechanism is simple, but the control power is smaller. Not suitable for long term low speed operation.
Q:Is there normally a way to grease the bearings in the main motor on an AC?
Get a tube of lithum grease and just pop off the black end cap and use your finger to pack the bearings. Or look for a zute near the bearing housing. Zutes are for grease guns and looks like a clit with a bearing in the middle.
Q:what is equivalent ac motor bhp for 130 bhp dc motor?
A horsepower is a horsepower. It is defined as 550 foot-pounds per second, exactly equal to 746 watts. A bhp is a horsepower. Nobody has any idea where the 'b' came from or what it means. Back in 1962 I witnessed an argument that went on for over an hour in a college dorm, one side saying it stood for brake horsepower and the other insisting it meant blown horsepower, and neither side knowing exactly what those terms meant either.
Q:Why is an AC motor more popular than a direct current motor? System description, thank you.
When it comes to AC motor, said first alternating current, alternating current is often used in our daily life, low price, wide use, AC Alternating Current AC motor can adapt to any electrical equipment, is no exception, the reason is the three-phase alternating current of each phase is 120 degrees, 360 degrees, this is just a three-phase AC motor is welcome to good, so the AC motor will be popularized

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