YZTD changing- poles multi -speed three-phase motor for tower crane

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 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:        Within 20 days after30% deposit

  1. Prompt Quotation, Competitive Price

  2. 100%tested, Guaranteed Quality, 100% copper wire,  Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 

  3. Good performance. 

  4. Energy saving ,Long working life .

  5. motor with ISO9002-2000, CCC, CE

YZTD Series is specially developed for tower crane and other construction machinery electric drives. It is up to the demand of  national standard GB755-87"the bisic technology demand of rotary electric motor"and industrial standard"YZTD variable poles multi speed three-phase motor for tower crane". the product's features are high speed ratio, low starting current, high starting torque, strong overload capacity, simply operation and convenient maintennance,etc.

 Detailed information:

  • Power range: 0.5-315kw.

  • Poles: 4//16/24.

  • Protecting level: IP44/IP54

  • Cooling way: IC411.

  • Installation way: B3 or customization.

  • Rated voltage: 380v / 440v.

  • Rated frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz.

  • working method: high speed, medium speed S3-40%, low speed S3-25%.

  • Working temperature: F:-20°c to 40°c, H:  -20°c to 60°c .

  • Altitude:  lower than 1000m. 

  • Addition: Can be made according to your requirements


  • High efficiency and low energy consumption.

  • Low noise and vibrate.

  • Simple operation.

  • Easy maintenance.

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Q:What is the starting method of ac motor?
The starting method of ac motor is mainly: direct start-up, star delta start-up, auto-de-voltage start, soft start and frequency converter start-up.
Q:Is permanent magnet synchronous linear motor is ac motor or dc motor?
Permanent magnet motor, general is small dc motor, and ac motor, generally do not have dc small, the excitation that USES is line excitation also. It's not permanent magnetism. Like some razor, small motor is permanent magnet dc motor, some dc output of the generator, is also a permanent magnet, some also dc generator output, but it was all in after a dc generator output, and is not directly the output direct current.
Q:The difference between dc motor and ac motor
Ac motor is only the stator winding and rotor cage shape is commonly, when during a stator winding in three-phase alternating current (ac), to produce a rotating magnetic field, rotor cutting lines of magnetic force movement, the induced electromotive force and induced magnetic fields, are produced by the interaction of two magnetic field drive motor rotation. Dc motors have two windings, a stator winding, a rotor winding, the stator zhongtong with direct current, a fixed magnetic field generated, passing a current in the rotor is, based on the function of electric conductor in magnetic field by force, and the effect of the rotor after electrify force, so that it rolls up, adjust the size of the current in the rotor, can change the speed of the motor, dc motor speed smooth, can realize stepless speed regulation. Now frequency conversion technology is mature, so use more and more frequency control of motor speed, dc motor without the answer
Q:Control the power ac motor with thyristor or relay?
Direct starting? Pay more attention on get a molded case circuit breaker with motor protection remote control words that do with contactor control circuit breaker short circuit protection Although a bit bad Make the correct choice is capacity
Q:Can ac motors be used to speed control?
Only the frequency converter motor can be used to adjust the speed of the transducer, and the ordinary motor can not be adjusted by the transducer. But it's ok to start ac motors with a frequency converter. Because when the speed is low, the ventilation of the electric motors deteriorates, and the fever is severe enough to keep working.
Q:The three-phase ac motor can be divided into which classes
Three phase asynchronous motors with different power supply: Can be divided into dc motor and ac motor, dc motor: dc motor, permanent magnet dc linear dc motor, brushless dc motor, ac motor can be divided into asynchronous motor, ac servo motor, ac torque motor, synchronous motor, ac motor. Second, classify the starting and running mode Motor can be divided by starting and running in a different way, capacitor start type single-phase asynchronous motor, capacitor operation type single-phase asynchronous WEG, capacitor start motor operated single-phase asynchronous motor and split-phase single-phase asynchronous motor.
Q:Current ac motor has completely replaced dc motor
Definitely not. The performance of dc motor speed system is better, the advantage is that it can achieve smooth and economical speed adjustment, high precision and wide application. The speed adjustment of dc motor does not require the cooperation of other equipments, but by changing the voltage/current of the input, or the excitation voltage/current to speed the adjustment.
Q:There is a difference between ac frequency conversion and dc frequency conversion
Ac frequency conversion speed regulation than dc speed regulation is widely used because of ac motor, is not a principle of frequency control of motor speed has the superiority, frequency control of motor speed can only be applied to speed regulation, and to control the torque is unable to be precise, the reason is very simple, dc speed control of the armature and the coupling of the excitation is not, is separate, so to the armature current and exciting current to achieve precise control. And ac speed regulation, armature current and exciting current are coupled, is unable to achieve accurate control, while the current vector control, frequency control of motor speed has also is using the modern control theory, by the vector transformation, the ac motor in the coupling of the armature current and exciting current, thus carries on the control, the principle of dc speed regulating is simulation. But it is difficult to control the dc speed control. Therefore, in mill, paper and so on, the torque demand is very high, dc speed adjustment is also widely used. For speed control only, current frequency conversion speed is the characteristic of realistic dc speed adjustment, because the advantage of ac motor is that dc motors cannot.
Q:Single phase capacitor ac motor speed regulation why does not have corresponding frequency converter
Single-phase ac motor from principle is converted by the three-phase ac motor, is just one of the phase is generated by capacitance mobile phase 90 degrees, if meet with frequency conversion governor drive the work by the capacitance of the problem. The variable frequency governor has the input single phase 220v, the output three-phase 220v variety, only choose star/Angle 380v / 220v three phase motor to work.
Q:The speed regulation performance of dc motor is very good. Why need ac motor?
One is that the dc motor needs a powerful dc power supply, while the ac motor is not needed. Second, the electric brush system of dc motor is mechanical friction, which requires constant maintenance (changing the brush, cleaning commutator), ac motor without it. Third, the spark of a carbon brush can cause electromagnetic interference in a large number of electronic systems. Four is that the volume of dc motors with power is larger than the ac motor. Five is that the current frequency converter is mature enough to meet most of the speed adjustment requirements.

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