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Induction Motor
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electric motor,the motors have high efficiency , beautiful modeling ,compact structure, low noise, large starting torque ,et

1.3-phase asynchronous motors
2.IEC standard
4.Voltage:50HZ &60HZ;380V&415V
5.Protection class: IP54 IP55

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Q:Why does the motor need capacitance when the machine starts?
In the picture, a positive reverse circuit is shown, and the switch hits the "positive" in the upper part of the circuit. The switch hits the bottom "inversion" to connect the capacitor to the upper one. There is no need to think about capacitance charges.
Q:There are several methods for alternating current motor
Other answer Ac asynchronous motor reverse connect braking has two forms: 1) the power brake, reverse connect braking - the electric motor of the three-phase power exchange of two lines, make access to the motor phase sequence, on the other hand, a rotating magnetic field inversion (in contrast to the rotor turning), the electromagnetic torque is a braking torque, motor soon stopped, must stop the motor when power off, otherwise will reverse starting; 2) pour la reverse connect braking - motor work normally when the load torque pulling reverse rotation, at this time of the electromagnetic torque is a braking torque, the braking torque motor reverse speed is not fast, but will not stop the motor;
Q:The electric fan is a dc motor, or the ac motor is good, why?
Direct current is not changed over time. It is usually divided into pulsed direct current and steady current. Pulsating direct current has ac components, such as the voltage of about 300 volts in the power circuit in the color TV, which is the component of the pulsating direct current that can be removed by capacitance. The steady current is ideal, the magnitude and the direction are constant.
Q:What is the connection of ac motor
Triangle: the above three terminals to answer the three phase line of three-phase power supply, the following three should pay attention to connect the terminals, U that U2 with wires and V at the end of phase head end V1 nipple, V phase V2 with wires and W at the end of phase head end W1 nipple, W phase W2 with wires and U at the end of phase head end U1 short answer.
Q:About 100W ac motor is better than dc motor
For ac generator, it can realize the energy of the "direct" back to the grid (but must ensure that the four conditions: the same voltage amplitude, phase, phase sequence, same same frequency); But dc generator power inverter is required (convert alternating current to direct current (dc) according to the process of rectification, the process of convert dc to ac inverter), to feedback to the grid. So it also needs to increase the power inverter.
Q:What is the difference between alternating current motors and dc motors?
1 similarities (1) structure on the same ac generator and dc motor structure is composed of stator, rotor, iron core, coil, magnetic pole, brush, etc. (2) the application of electromagnetic applications is the same as electro-magnetic and magnetoelectric phenomena. (3) the transformation using the same Asynchronous motor, as long as the prime mover drag (such as turbine, diesel engine, etc.), the rotor rotating speed n higher than that of rotating magnetic field of synchronous speed n1, even if the slip S = negative, plus the exciting current, becomes the ac asynchronous generator; Dc motor, if the part of the change of its power to external power rotation, it's on the end of the armature winding and field winding is dc voltage, which means dc motor can also be used as dc generator. (4) to maintain the same operation In the operation of all needs to check its operation, sound and vibration is normal, the ventilation is good, bearing oil, adequacy of stator winding and the temperature of each part is normal, the rotor brush on the presence of abnormal spark, voltage and current is within the scope of the rating, chassis ground zero are in good condition and etc. 2 the difference
Q:Which is better for a dc treadmill or an ac treadmill?
Depending on what you're using, if the home must be a dc motor: It is recommended that you consult the physical store before purchasing
Q:The rated speed of ac motor
The rotation principle of the three-phase asynchronous motor Three-phase asynchronous motor to spin the prerequisite is to have a rotating magnetic field, three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding is used to produce a rotating magnetic field. We know that, but the phase of phase to phase voltage is in phase difference of 120 degrees, three of the three-phase asynchronous motor stator winding on the spatial orientation also sent 120 degrees, so, when during a stator winding into the three-phase power supply, the stator windings creates a rotating magnetic field, current every change is a cycle, a rotating magnetic field in a week, i.e., the change of the rotation of the rotating magnetic field and electric current is synchronized. The rotational speed of the rotating field is: n = 60f/P, f is the power frequency, P is the magnetic pole of the magnetic field, and the unit of n is: revolutions per minute. According to this formula, the speed of the motor is related to the number of poles and the frequency of the power supply. In general, the actual rotational speed of the motor lags the rotation of the magnetic field. For this we call the three-phase motor as the asynchronous motor.
Q:60W regular ac motor needs to be fast and slow before stopping, how to control?
2 l talk nonsense, what do you do to show me, let me explain, first, to see what is your motor under common law, if the three phase is much more easy, can also be single phase, three-phase can use frequency converter, the acceleration and deceleration, such as 2 s up to full speed, 50 seconds to slow down to 0, no inverter single-phase, individual can be addressed by transformer, time relay, contactor, such as a startup, you give him a full voltage, stops, you give him 80% of the voltage, at 70%, to 60%, so cut down slowly, variable voltage, through the transformer to solve, to a number of different levels of transformer, or more output voltage transformer, as well as by PID controller and SCR, thyristor can adjust voltage, and can also use the sliding resistor to solve, or sliding transformer, or resistance, change the voltage, to reduce the speed, way to many oh
Q:The calculation method of the weight of copper wire used for ac motor
It is usually a cable-like cable which is twisted by several or several sets of wires (at least two of each set), which is insulated from each other

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