Tubular motor for rolling windows, doors, blinds, screens and rolling shutters 28mm

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·         Product Description 
Tubular Motor with Manual 
Durable, Safe and convenient. Operation convenience. Brief design and convenient installation, supported by the govenment 
Designed by international advanced technology, 
high techniques, stable and reliable


The ideal tubular motor for automatic window and garage door, roller shutter and awning etc, with TUV, CE, ISO9001-2008 certificates, Low noise, efficient, energie saving, high Efficiency, long time life 


Features Tubular Motor : 
1) Voltage: 230V/50Hz 
2) Input power: 117W/ 215W 
3) Current: 0.49A /0.92A 
4) Speed: 12/16/25rpm 
5) Torque: 10/15/20/30/40/50N. M 
6) Working duration: ≥ 4min 
7) Insulation classification: B 
8) Protection classification: IP44 
9) Certification: CE, TUV, CCC, ISO9001-2008 ROHS,

Outer packing Tubular Motor : 
6pcs/carton with foam in it



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Q:What is the classification of ac motor?
The three-phase asynchronous motor is the most widely used in the two kinds of rat cage and winding type according to the different rotor structure.
Q:The electric fan is a dc motor, or the ac motor is good, why?
Alternating current (ac). Direct Current, or DC, is a Current that does not make periodic changes in direction and time. AC (alternating current, AC) for short. A current in which the magnitude and direction of a periodic change are made periodically. Alternating current (ac) is to use ac generator, in the process of power generation, more uniform distribution of magnetic pole is according to certain Angle on a circle, make the power generation process, each coil is cutting lines, with much of the poles, each of the lines of magnetic force produced by magnetic pole was cut of voltage and current are change by string pattern, so can continuously produce stable current. Domestic ac frequency is 50 hz, namely change 50 times per second. In some countries, the frequency of the alternating current (ac) is 60 hz, namely changes 60 times per second. Of course there are other frequency. Such as electronic circuit of square wave, triangle, etc., but these waveforms of alternating current (ac) is not a conductor cutting lines, but a capacitor charging and discharging, switch transistor work.
Q:Ac motor speed control method
Disadvantages: A series of cast-iron resistance can only be adjusted for the stage. If the liquid resistance is used for stepless speed adjustment, the maintenance and maintenance requirements are higher. The addition of the transfer power in the speed adjustment process is converted into the loss of the series resistance heat, and the efficiency is low. The range of speed regulation is not big. To sum up, the most ideal speed regulating method of communication should be to change the frequency of electric power supply of the motor, which is the variable frequency speed adjustment. With the rapid development of electric power electronic technology, the performance index of variable frequency speed adjustment can meet even more than dc motor speed regulating system.
Q:Ac motor 110KW how much current
If 380V motors, the rated current is 220A and a kilowatt is about 2 amperes. For other voltage grade, if you use power divided by the voltage (KV), the divided by the square root of 3, divided by the motor power factor, is the rated current of the motor. You look at
Q:What are the main parts of alternators?
2) of the stator and the armature, the main function is to produce three phase alternating current (ac). It consists of a core and three phase winding. Insulation of stator core consists of five phase within the circle of the grooved ring silicon steel sheet pile, the stator slot around the three-phase symmetric winding, as a star connection. x0d
Q:How to control ac motor speed
The ha-inverter and the rest are not economical at your speed The best way to do this is to add a gearbox
Q:Brushless dc motor, is it ac motor or dc motor? Why is that?
Brushless dc motors and traditional brushless dc motors are all dc, but instead of the brush and commutator with commutator circuit. The rotor is a magnetic pole, the stator is an armature, and the actuator causes the current to change in the stator winding, similar to the ac induction motor. Ac motor is ac power, speed and power frequency are related, differentiation step and synchronization. Is the difference between brushless dc motor and ac motor rotor magnetic pole, the stator is the armature, stator rotating magnetic field of the former is only generated by the sensor and the driving circuit, a is produced by the alternating current (ac). That's a lot of it, but one of the nice things about a brushless dc motor is that it's a little bit more linear with dc motors. If you want to really understand it, check it out.
Q:Current ac motor has completely replaced dc motor
Definitely not. The performance of dc motor speed system is better, the advantage is that it can achieve smooth and economical speed adjustment, high precision and wide application. The speed adjustment of dc motor does not require the cooperation of other equipments, but by changing the voltage/current of the input, or the excitation voltage/current to speed the adjustment.
Q:How does the current transformer in ac motor work?
The differential protection of ac motor is in the three-phase power supply (cabinet) of the motor, which is equipped with three current transformer: A1, B1, C1. At the end of the three-phase winding of the motor, there are three current transformers: A2, B2 and C2, before being linked to "neutral". The six current transformers are the same, and the secondary winding receives the differential protection relay. When the motor is working, A1, A2 is equal to zero, the difference is zero, and the differential protection relay has no output. (B1, B2, C1, C2) The proposal: still seek a book to see, as the electrical design personnel, should have more in-depth understanding, the Internet is difficult to get.
Q:Why is a single phase ac motor that can be adjusted by voltage
Synchronous motor torque = motor power/(2 * PI * RPM / 60) N · m. 2, the frequency of the alternating current (ac) of 50 hz, synthesis of the synchronous speed of the magnetic field of 50 r/s, which is 3000 r/min, if motor more than a pair of poles, further analysis can also get synchronous speed. 3, 4 pole synchronous speed is 1500r/min, 6 pole synchronous speed is 1000r/min, 8 pole synchronous speed is 750r/min. The asynchronous motor speed = (60 * frequency/logarithmic) times the error rate. 5, the synchronous motor stator voltage is reduced, according to article 1, motor torque, asynchronous motor, conforms to article 4 formula, slip is less than 1, motor speed down. If the torque of the motor is in balance with the external resistance torque, the slip rate is stable, the speed is stable and the motor is successful. After the 5th and 6th, the stator voltage of the motor is improved, and the process is reversed. The voltage regulation is implemented in this way.

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