Tubular motors CE, TUV, RoHS, CCC, ISO9001 certificated

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Tubular motor


Tubular motor for roller shutter, electric awning, motorized blind, Roma shade; 

 Used for rolling windows, doors, blinds, screens and rolling shutters.
Projection screen, skylight shade, sunshade, sun protection, rolling door drive, security shutter operator. 

CE, TUV, RoHS, CCC, ISO9001 certificated
Safety, Energy saving, High efficiency, Long life time, 
Low noise, Low temperature increasing, Low maintenance cost. 


 Features Tubular motor
1) Voltage: 230V/50Hz 
2) Input power: 117W/ 215W 
3) Current: 0.49A /0.92A 
4) Speed: 12/16/25rpm 
5) Torque: 10/15/20/30/40/50N. M 
6) Working duration: ≥ 4min 
7) Insulation classification: B 
8) Protection classification: IP44 
9) Certification: CE, TUV, CCC, ISO9001-2008 ROHS, 

Outer packing Tubular motor
6pcs/carton with foam in it


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Q:What's the total number of ac motor governor?
Ac motor is the most ideal speed regulation in the current mode of speed adjustment, in other ways, it can be controlled by electromagnetic speed, variable speed and speed adjustment
Q:Dc motor power 13KW for ac motor
The dc motor and ac motor are not allowed to be exchanged for each other. This is because the external properties of dc motors and ac motors are very different, and the relative information will be known. If direct substitution is used, it will directly affect the mechanical properties and the life of the motor. But as a technical reform project, there are also successful cases. The first priority is to give the torque to the mechanical requirement, and to match the power, check the manual and check it out.
Q:The armature windings of large and medium-sized ac motors are often double-spaced
A C D short distance can reduce the high frequency harmonic potential, which can also reduce the harmonic current and the magnetic field, because of the double layer, the cost increases
Q:What is the normal current of the three-phase motor of 3KW
The electric current formula of the motor Three-phase motor power 1 kw per phase 2 (ampere) current (ampere) = power (kilowatt) watts) * 1000/1.73 * force rate * efficiency Remark: power rate: 0.85; Efficiency: the rated current of 0.853 kilowatt motor is 6 times.
Q:The difference between dc motor and ac motor
The speed adjustment method is different: The reason that the stator magnetic field is rotating is the three-phase symmetric alternating current which is 120 degrees behind each other, and the stator field is changed by alternating current. By changing the speed of alternating current changes, the speed of the motor can be changed. Dc power supply, dc motor is the same constant voltage, and the coil connected to the actual location change of formation, and connected to the coil of the actual location of the change only associated with the speed of the rotor rotation; As long as the speed of the rotor is changed, the rotor speed is proportional to the voltage, and the change of voltage can change the speed, which is the speed adjustment.
Q:The difference between dc motor speed and ac motor speed regulation
Ac motor speed control: by changing the ac motor speed control of ac motor power supply frequency, a logarithmic and slip electrical parameters, such as to realize the speed regulation technology.
Q:What are the main parts of alternators?
 ends of the generator is aluminum alloy die casting, after the end cover with brush holder. Silicon diode rectifier is used will have a three-phase alternating current generator, rectifier dc. It is composed of six diode, respectively, pressure plate and the rear end cover in aluminum alloy component, a three-phase bridge rectifier circuit. x0d generator of the cathode by iron, perfectly on the back end cover three diode cathode tube, its shell is positive, three diode shell together become a generator of the cathode, the center for pipe cathode lead; In a component on a board of three diode as the anode tube, its shell is negative, the three diode shell meet together for the anode, the center lead to the anode of the pipe.
Q:Is the motor for general electric tools ac motor or dc motor?
Portable single-phase electric tool machine is series motor, more general application for alternating current (ac), but also runs on direct current series motor, the direct current (dc) will run according to the power supply is negative connection it is also different.
Q:60W regular ac motor needs to be fast and slow before stopping, how to control?
The thyristor is used to adjust the voltage, and the PID controls the SSD control signal from the thyristor, which is only a deceleration system, and the rest is controlled by the time relay and the contactor
Q:What is the regulation method of ac motor? What are the different features
The larger the resistance, the lower the speed of the motor. This method is simple and easy to control, but the switching power is used in the form of heating. It is a kind of speed adjustment, and the mechanical properties are softer. Control method: change the stator voltage of the motor to achieve different speeds. Because the torque of the motor is proportional to the square of the voltage, the maximum torque decreases a lot, and its speed limit is small, which makes the general cage motor difficult to apply. In order to extend the range of speed adjustment, the speed adjustment speed adjustment should adopt the cage motor with large rotor resistance value,

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