11KW YZTDseries for tower crane changing- poles multi -speed three-phase motor for tower crane

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Product Description:

 Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:   Carton/ Wooden box or according to customer's requirement

Delivery Detail:        Within 20 days after30% deposit

  1. Prompt Quotation, Competitive Price

  2. 100%tested, Guaranteed Quality, 100% copper wire,  Cold-rolled silicon steel sheet 

  3. Good performance. 

  4. Energy saving ,Long working life .

  5. motor with ISO9002-2000, CCC

YZTD Series is specially developed for tower crane and other construction machinery electric drives. It is up to the demand of  national standard GB755-87"the bisic technology demand of rotary electric motor"and industrial standard"YZTD variable poles multi speed three-phase motor for tower crane". the product's features are high speed ratio, low starting current, high starting torque, strong overload capacity, simply operation and convenient maintennance,etc.

 Detailed information:

  • Power range: 0.5-315kw.

  • Poles: 4//16/24.

  • Protecting level: IP44/IP54

  • Cooling way: IC411.

  • Installation way: B3 or customization.

  • Rated voltage: 380v / 440v.

  • Rated frequency: 50Hz/ 60Hz.

  • working method: high speed, medium speed S3-40%, low speed S3-25%.

  • Working temperature: F:-20°c to 40°c, H:  -20°c to 60°c .

  • Altitude:  lower than 1000m. 

  • Addition: Can be made according to your requirements


  • High efficiency and low energy consumption.

  • Low noise and vibrate.

  • Simple operation.

  • Easy maintenance.

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Q:Three-phase ac asynchronous motor load start and start up with airload start current who small, why?
Load start current is large, and load start consists of idle start current and load current.
Q:What is the normal current of the three-phase motor of 3KW
Normal ac motor, including FM motor, is not allowed to be plugged. By the external characteristic curve of ac motor, the ac motor will generate a "subversive current" burning machine when plugging. At this time the converter, if the vector is controlled, the motor is plugged and the torque current is not controllable. I've done this experiment. If the speed of more than 5 hz, can control the torque current (size can be smooth adjustment), and, using the encoder feedback is better than not using encoder feedback.
Q:What is the regulation method of ac motor? What are the different features
Regulating speed, speed range is limited speed regulating pole change motor is rarely used, internal connection mode change motor speed, speed is a great speed according to the setting of motor factory brand speed regulation of frequency conversion speed adjustment, change the motor input frequency speed regulation, belong to the infinite speed adjustment is popular now
Q:How does ac servo motor change direction?
Change the servo motor parameters, such as the mitsubishi j3-a column, the PA_14 parameter
Q:What is the effect of the ac motor on the connection of direct current
In the home soybean milk machine circuit has a rectifier circuit, the motor is not a pure ac motor. The 48-v inverter means the conversion of 48V direct current to 220V ac. It's just that your inverter is driven by the emotional load, which is more than double the nominal power. Because domestic soybean milk machine work time is very short (beating), generally within 3 minutes, so the motor temperature rise is higher, can give it a try 2 48 v battery series up to 96 v try, however, for the first time must be careful have a look at the rise of temperature of the motor.
Q:Can two phase ac motor not be able to install governor?
Small power can, high power (with centrifugal switch) not ok.A resistance governor can be installed
Q:Which is better for a dc treadmill or an ac treadmill?
On electricity to run the market at present is dc motor, but the dc motor is ac motor, durable, safe, that is to say, market exchange treadmill will be dominant in the future. Running on electricity, suggest buying a running machine. If commercial electricity runs in clubs for a long time, then you have to buy an ac treadmill.
Q:How does dc motor change ac motor
You have to know that electrical motors and motors, generators and motors can be interchangeable, whether dc or ac,
Q:The type of speed adjustment of ac motor and the difference between them
Variable frequency adjustable speed -- -- -- -- - this is by far the most common way of speed regulation, can achieve stepless speed regulation, after semiconductor converter circuit (or) change the frequency of the motor power supply, the mains frequency (= 50 hz) change as needed to achieve the purpose of speed regulation, frequency or the above formula: ac motor synchronous speed = 60 f/pole logarithm, th
Q:What does the motor center of the three-phase ac motor mean
Center height refers to the height of the motor shaft to the base Angle of the seat. The length of the machine is used in the international letter of the letters: the "S" - the short stand, the M - the engine seat, the L - the long machine seat, is usually determined according to the length of the stator iron core. The "H" of 80 is 80mm.

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