YTSR(RCS) Woundrotor three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane

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This serial products consist of wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor,centrifugal fan and break-type electromagnetic brake. The
rmistors are embeded in stator winding
The motor brake is connected with shaft by spline. It is equipped with manual release device,which relieves the brake in the case of power
failure, so that it is easy to install and commission the motor or set down the heavy objects in the condition of failure
This type motor rotors are specially designed. Referencing the French technology, the shaft ends are closed by new-type hermetically
sealed construction, and the vriginative electromagnetic brake extends the life of motor airtight. When throwback is activated, the mechanical
and current impacts are smail,and also the vabration and noise are small. The comprehensive performance of this serial motors is greatly
This type motors can be used to substitute those imported from France.

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Q:How to test an AC motor ?
If you want to bypass the switch, then put another one in line. Go ahead and connect the wire going into and out of the switch together. Just use a twist-lock for testing purposes. Then get a normal 79 cent household light switch and use that between the plug and the motor. Use some electrical tape to cover the screws so you don't shock yourself. You might also tie the motor to the workbench so the start-up torque doesn't cause the thing to jump off the bench.
Q:What is the influence on the motor when AC motor is connected to direct current?.
1200W 1000W with the inductive load inverter to drive the inverter to the protection of course; if you can be satisfied with the speed of 48V, then open 1-2 minutes to see the motor temperature, if the temperature is not high for a 4-5 minutes, if 4 minutes motor is hot, it shows that in 48V under the condition of Soybean Milk machine you can only open 4 minutes.
Q:Motor choosing for screw lift scissor lift?
Scissor Lift Motor
Q:Wire Placement In An AC Motor/Generator?
pass to the areas shop and get a Chilton's! That way you're turning out to be pictures appropriate in front of you to tournament up your application. They value approximately $15! the superb $15 you will ever spend. appropriate now you may have all your wires back on and not dropping time right here with idiots which will extra advantageous than probably furnish you with the incorrect answer besides!
Q:Can you use a light dimmer with any ac motor?
No, you cannot. Motor speed is determined by the 60 cycle frequency of the ac voltage. Dimmers control the voltage, not the frequency. Changing the voltage on the motor will not adjust the speed.
Q:What happens to DC motors when they are connected to AC current?
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
Three phase asynchronous motor speed formula is: n=60f/p (1-s) 1, do not change the synchronous speed control method. Winding motor speed control, chopper speed regulation, cascade speed regulation, and application of electromagnetic slip clutch, hydraulic coupling, oil film clutch and so on. 2. Change the speed regulation method of synchronous speed. Change the stator pole count of multi speed motor, change the stator voltage and frequency variable frequency speed regulation, there can be no commutation motor speed regulation, etc..
Q:electricity coming from electric motor which is taken from rc toy car is it ac or dc?
If it operates on batteries, then the power to the motor is DC and it is a DC motor. It probably has a commutator. Electricity is flowing from the battery to the motor, it is NOT coming from the motor.
Q:Which good reputation is synchronous synchronous motor?
Wuxi city base metal products factory is located in Luoshe Town Hongming village. Strict quality management is the decisive factor for enterprises to survive and develop on the basis of fierce market competition. Add metal adhere to the "credibility oriented, public service" service tenet. We will be down-to-earth, daring to struggle, dare to innovate, to our service, experience and technology to provide better quality to each customer.
Q:STC microcontroller through the relay control AC motor, in the motor start and stop the moment will be interrupted multiple times
You've taken some of the usual anti jamming measures, but the key issues haven't been solved.1, the relay is isolated, without individual power supply, the photoelectric coupler input, if need to power (such as 6N137), must be separate power supply.Signal 2, optocoupler out, if it is low speed optocoupler, decreased along with gentle, easy to false triggering, you can add a Schmitt trigger in optocoupler after. It should solve your problem.3, SCM procedures can also do some anti disturbance processing, for example, some of the microcontroller's external interrupt, anti disturbance processing, you can open. If not, you can use the query operation, for example, each 10uS query IO once, 5 times continuously high, think that it is effective to obtain a high level, high level, set a mark, marked effective, inquiry into the 5 consecutive low level (if the middle high level again just count) is deemed effective falling edge.

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