YTLEJ(IPW23)Torque Three一Phase Asynchronous Motor for Tower Crane Amplitude Mechanism

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This series motor adopts modular design. It consists of four parts: torque motor, eddy current regulator, electromagnetic brake and fan, which can be flexibly configured to
meet different customer demands. With introduction of a new special brake, it can cater for outdoor and high-altitude operations. The product has reached the international
advanced level with the patent for utility model. It is mainly used as a trolley speed-change gear for tower crane as well as other mechanical equipments requiring for
constant power and stepless speed regulation.

FeaturesConstant tension and linear speed, stepless speed regulation, frequent starting;
Special eddy current regulator for the motor realizes smooth startup or stop;
New special brake (national utility model ZL201120188173.2, ZL2011201881643). This ensures fast braking and accurate positioning with higher safety and reliability
Besides, manual release is possible;
The rotor is made of copper alloy with better mechanical properties and mechanical bearing capacity in the domestic industry;
Spindle is hot forged by alloy structural steel,with good overall mechanical perlormancc;
A thermal protection component is buried into the in stator winding, making motor more safer and reliable;
Compact structure, small volume, lightweight as well as high reliability, so itfeatures easy maintenance and repair.

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It is not easy, but the AC blower motor should be accessible without removing the dashboard. You may have to stand on your head to do, it, but work at it until you get the old AC blower out.
Q:How to tell if the AC Unit is bad or just the fan motor?
Contact the local HVAC service center and have them do a service on the unit. If it is just a fan motor problem the diagnosis should take less than an hour then the RR will depend on the parts needed. Without the training to do the work you are just using AWAG about the system and it's problems.
Q:Why does increasing the number of poles in an AC synchronus motor decrease speed?
During one cycle of the power waveform, a fixed point on the rotor moves past one pair of poles. Frequency, hertz, is the same as cycles per second. Speed is revolutions per minute. You need to multiply by 60 to convert from cycles per second (units 1/s) to revolutions per minute (units 1/m). You also need to multiply by 2 because there are 2 poles in a pair of poles. Therefore 120 = 60 minutes per second X 2 poles per pair.
Q:slowing down an ac electric motor?
you could try a adding a second smaller motor that drove a dedicated fan. Direct the air flow from that through the main motor and the flow of cooling air is independent of the main motors rpm. I don't know how fixed your design is. If design can be changed, worm drives can achieve fairy high speed step down ratios in small spaces.
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What is a current transmitter?
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Generally used in Brushless DC generator excitation, AC motor is brushless, there is also a brush, brush motor are generally small motor, because of the need to address the short-circuit current commutation time, so the exchange of brush motor is not too large, think like DC motor, DC motor there are also problems of DC motor reversing, so don't do too much! Brushless DC motor is actually an AC motor, which is usually used in the excitation system of the generator!
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look on the metal plate on side of motor or a sticker based on the simple and vague info thats all i can suggest

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