Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:if a ac supply is given to dc motor why the motor coil burned?
That's why it`s called ac - alternating current. The voltage goes back and forth along the 2 wires, whereas in a dc - direct current the voltage only flows in one direction along the wires, in one way and out the other.Guess you need to get another motor. Look below to better understand what went wrong
Q:What kind of motor do i need to hook a pure sine wave inverter to in order to make a wind turbine?
A changed wave inverter breaks down the tooth insulation on AC automobiles, it relatively is the reason of inverter rated automobiles. Many contraptions are plagued via a changed sine wave, including television's, clocks, and something with automobiles. the reason it relatively is each so often unacceptable is by technique of the triggered substitute of the present wave. something different than a ideal sine wave will finally end up with a changed cutting-edge wave in any device with a non-ideal power ingredient. Battery chargers isn't as affected because of the fact they are rectifying the wave to dc besides even nevertheless it will enhance the ripple of the dc output. maximum organic-sine wave inverters do actually use SCR's to supply the wave. changed wave is acceptable for many purposes yet something commercial or large scale commercial place self belief in authentic sine wave inversion.
Q:ac fan motor runs when outside temp is 'cooler' ,what is causing condenser motor not to run?
Of course blown fuse or blown fan motor. Loose wiring connection also will makes it not to run. Hope this help!
Q:How do you change the speed of a 115v AC single phase motor?
This Site Might Help You. RE: How do you change the speed of a 115v AC single phase motor? I have a 1/4hp, 4.5amp AC motor. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a speed control. Having scoured the internet for an answer to this question, I've become pretty lost. I understand enough about electricity to stay alive but don't get much of the technical jargon. Is there...
Q:Please! What is the correlation between slip (speed and frequency) and an electric motor?
The synchronous speed of an ac motor is determined by the number of poles a motor is wound for and the frequency of the current. RPM = Frequency x 60 x number of poles. AC motors must run a little less than synchronous speed. The difference in synchronous speed and actual no load speed is called slip.Some ac motors are made for speed control by externally changing the number of poles. Get the right hp motor and type for the application.
Q:Alternating current motor commutation
When the AC input is turned back, it is equivalent to the original voltage +180, just to make the original super front late and late lead, because the 360 is a cycle, so when the AC input turns back, the motor reversesYou should know that the motors will stay at the 0 torque in only 1 groups. The other set of 90 degrees difference is just at the maximum torque. This torque causes him to start
Q:How can you turn a simple DC electric motor into an AC motor (the simplest way)?
Because of the different ways they work, the best way would be to rectify the AC power to DC. An AC motor has a much different rotor than and DC.
Q:Applications of AC and DC generator?
DC generators 1. Best for charging batteries for electric vehicles and rechargeable batteries in all portable devices. 2. Used to run electric drive motors in industrial machinery because DC motors have easier and more precise speed control than AC motors 3. DC generators used to run traction motors in diesel locomotives. 4. Used to run DC welders for specific kind of welding 5. Used to run electrolysis and electrowinning of metals from solutions. --------------------- AC generators --------------------- 1. Used to generate all of the electricity we use in households and businesses. AC has a lot less line losses than DC so is universally used worldwide to supply electricity 2 Used to run transformers which allow the stepping up or down of voltage and current. DC can't do this. 3. Used to run three phase electric motors which are much cheaper than DC motors and provide more available horsepower per pound of motor over DC. 4. Cheaper per kilowatt-hr and delivery charge of power than DC.
Q:is it really possible for a 3 hp motor that runs on 120 ac to turn 36000 rpm?
It's entirely possible. A super high RPM motor has to be -very- well engineered. There's a fine line between power and weight, so the wire in the rotor coils might be aluminum to help achieve these high speeds. I wasn't able to find specifics on the motor in this brand of blender, but I'd wager it's geared up. Normally, a little blender motor spins a bit under 20,000 RPM on it's own, but these omni blender motors may simply have more coils in the stator and rotor than a regular blender motor. They may also have a rather sophisticated power-delivery system instead of a commutator. I don't know... After a quick google search, I found these things seem to run on roughly 1000 watts of power. With house electricity the voltage doesn't change, so for greater power needs, current goes up. At 120V, 1000 watts means the current can be measured at roughly 8.333 amps. Of course, the higher the RPM, the more power will be needed.
Q:Why are DC motors more powerful than AC motors of the same power?
Because the motor armature circuit resistance and inductance are small, and the rotating body has certain mechanical inertia, so when the motor is switched on, starting the beginning of the armature speed and anti electromotive force of the corresponding small starting current, large. Up to 15~20 times the rated current. This current will disturb the power grid, the unit will be subjected to mechanical shocks, and the commutator will spark. Therefore, the direct closing start is only applicable to motors with power not greater than 4 kW (starting current is 6~8 times the rated current).

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