Siemens Original 1PQ Series AC Motor

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Q:What would cause my AC/ starter motor capacitor to continue to blow?
the motor has to be replaced.. there is a centrifical switch that takes the capicator out of the cirket once the motor reaches a certain rpm.. this swich is not working..
Q:Use AC Motor and Inverter for electric vehicle?
AC motor can't be used because it must be joined with wire to source and ac can't be carried.
Q:ac brushless generator?
An excitation system for a brushless generator having a main generator portion including a field winding disposed on a rotor and an armature winding disposed in a stator includes an exciter portion having a set of polyphase exciter field windings disposed in the stator and an armature winding disposed on the rotor and coupled to the main generator portion field winding.
Q:How to run an ac motor by an alarm clock?
AC motors generally run very accurately because they synchronize with 60Hz power. I don't understand why you need to go to such great lengths to make the motor run on time. Rockstar, I think your question is a little too specific and esoteric for strangers on Yahoo Answers to be able to help. I think you're on your own.
Q:Do household AC motors (mixer, vacuum cleaner, etc) work as electricity generators if used in reverse?
No. a generator requires 'excitation current' to the coils or permanent magnets. You have to have a magnetic field. Just spinning an AC motor won't work. If a wind turbine is your goal, and you're 'lost' in things electrical, an automotive alternator with it's regulator and battery is the way to go. A relatively cheap inverter will give you the 120V. AC . All the electrcial engineering is already done for you, and all you've got to do is spin it at about 1500 - 2000 RPM.
Q:What were people doing (using) before the invention of the AC induction motor?
Animal power. petrol and diesel engines.steam engines etc...
Q:Where can I find advice on troubleshooting ac induction motors?
Yes the capacitor could be faulty or the centrifugal switch or a bad winding or connection. The switch being easy to test as it should be made with the motor stopped. The capacitor probably best to check by changing it. You can do a rough check on the windings with an ohm meter but this may not tell you if an internal fault is shorting some of the windings but if its not the switch or capacitor then the thing's probably junk anyway. You think the load is the same but this is a big motor for single phase and compressors are hard to start so you need to be sure. Single phase motors can be a ***** when they don't work so good luck.
Q:I have three/single phase motor how can I connect it to the single phase source?
1] If you connect the two lines of a single phase power feed to two of the leads on a 3 phase motor it will not run and will burn out. 2] Your ONLY choice is to make 3 phase. 3] You can do that two ways; one is to get a VFD
Q:electric motors?
Q1. a DC motor only has one coil of wire, and a left and right magnet. (Single Phased) An Ac motor can be two or three phase. so the AC motor has more than one coil of wire. Q2. power = amps x voltage.... the voltage applied times the amps applied would give your power in watts. amperage can be measure with an amp meter. Q3. The force that moves the motor comes from electromagnetism. There are magnets and coils in the motors. When the coils are energized with they become magnetise and the opposed the magnets forcing the rotor (in which usually the coils of wire are) to turn For more info read on wikipedia
Q:Is it best to use an AC or DC motor to power a car?
For smaller cars, with a power requirement of only a few dozen kW, it is is more efficient to use DC motors. Advantages: No DC to AC conversion with associated losses needed to run the motors. Wide rpm range. Torque can be controlled either with running the four individual wheel motors in parallel, or 2x2 series or all four in series. Another torque and power control is possible with pulse width control at a frequency of several hundred Hz. For larger vehicles such as trucks with a power requirement of 1 MW or more it would be more efficient to convert the battery DC power to variable frequency three phase power. This would have the following advantages: Lighter motors for the same power. More efficient conversion of DC to var. freq. 3-ph AC power than pulse control of large DC currents

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