Siemens ILE0001 Series AC Motor

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Q:How can I power this motor?
Although most AC motors will not operate on DC, many motors in small household appliances are universal motors that will run on either AC or DC. Vacuum cleaners usually have universal motors. If you can see inside the motor and see a commutator and brushes, you will know for sure that it is a universal motor. Universal motors run a little better on DC than on AC and will run well at a reduced voltage. At 12 volts DC, a 120 volt universal motor may run, but will not be very powerful. I ran a 120 volt, 6 amp vacuum motor from a 12 volt DC computer power supply. It took 1 amp. If you run a universal motor at full voltage without a load, it may run fast enough to come apart.
Q:Is it technicaly necesary to put resistor parallel to ac capaci2r when conected to motor compresor or ac motr?
The resistor is there to discharge the capacitor after disconnecting the power. It usually has a large resistance (470kΩ or 1MΩ are common values) and its effect is negligible in comparison to the reactance of the capacitor. It's necessary if there is a plug and socket connection anywhere in the circuit, because there would be a current path through the windings of the motor to the pins of the plug -- which could potentially be touched, giving someone a nasty surprise. And it's polite to fit it even if there isn't a plug and socket connection, because anyone working on the installation might think it OK to touch the motor terminals if they were isolated from the supply.
Q:How do I wire a 5-wire AC motor?
You are correct Black and white are you power. The other 3 are fan speeds. I believe blue will be high, brown will be med, orange will be low. Not 100% sure (units can vary) but play around with them and you can tell which is which.
Q:How does the PLC control the speed of the motor?
See what you choose the motor, the general AC motor does not need PLC, you can use the frequency converter speed, how much speed you can change the frequency of inverter output current. If it is a stepping motor or a private server, a drive is needed, and a PLC is used to send a pulse control drive to drive the motor. PLC each sends a pulse, the motor turns an angle.
Q:can 3VDC operate induction motor single phase AC?
no, it cannot. Most induction motors require either 120 volts AC 60Hz, or 220-240 VAC 50Hz. In theory you can use an inverter to convert 3 VDC to that AC voltage, but in practice, the only invertes you will be able to buy will require 12 VDC. .
check the fire wall to see if the blower motor is . it is easy to replace
Q:Why would my fan motor on my ac stop working?
You didn't say what kind of car you have but you could have a bad resistor in the fan circuit. An easy fix.
Q:Can any 220V AC motors be reversible?
Many single-phase motors now have only three lines. This motor is the factory, when the factory, will start winding and main winding, an end directly connected to the internal. If the motor is not modified, it can not be reversed by external means.
Q:Just got a replacement blower motor for my furnace/AC. It is a 3 speed but Id like it to be 1 speed. How?
It will only be one speed unless your furnace is wired for a multi-speed fan it's hooked up to a thermostat that has several fan speed options. A multi-speed fan is more efficient - you may want to rethink your question check and see if the furnace is set up for multiple speeds.
Q:Does over spinning a shaded pole AC motor make it a generator?
Nonsense , AC motor could not generate a drop of AC power no matter how hard you spin it.

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